I tried to do the thing where you put your playlist on shuffle and write drabbles about a pairing for the duration of each song, but that didn't really work. I cheated too many times. Lol. This was probably not the best way to start writing for a fandom I've never written for before, but hey, you live and learn. These are all about Kyoya and Haruhi, a pairing that I am strangely and suddenly fascinated with. This has references through the end of the manga, so heads up on that.

1: Every Time You Lie- Demi Lovato

Each time you lie...


I see right through it.

That's the thing about you and me: we can read each other. Perhaps a little too well sometimes.

You're lying when you say that you hate your father and brothers.

You're lying when you say that you don't care when Tamaki is upset over something stupid.

And you're lying when you say that you could care less whether or not I was in the Host Club.

You know I'm smart, Kyoya.

Don't pretend that I don't see the truth you try to hide.

2: Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park

I have a habit of being cold to people when I see no benefit in befriending them.

I've always known that I do this. It was a never a problem before.

Until now.

I was cold to her at first. There was nothing she could possibly do for me then.


I was wrong.

Today, when she looked at me long and hard after I offhandedly said something rude, I felt just the slightest bit nervous.

What was she searching for in my eyes? She sees too much...

But I must not be so cold to her.

Because befriending her could end up having a lot more benefit than I initially thought.

3: Chances- Five for Fighting

Tamaki likes me for who I am. That has always meant a lot to me.

But right now, I don't want to be liked for who I am.

I want to change. I want to be liked for who I am when I am a better Kyoya than the one I am now.

I just have never had the chance to change.

She will be my chance.

She, the one who has altered my mode of thinking, will help me become a better person, and hopefully, she will like me for being that person.

A chance is all I need.

4: Comatose- Skillet

He hasn't responded in days.

In my chair, I lean tiredly on the side of the mattress, staring at his face and willing his eyes to open. It is my turn to stay with him.

I haven't slept since Kyoya had his accident.

"Senpai... I don't see what benefit lying around here doing nothing has for you."

His eyes open slightly but then squeeze back shut.

With my heart racing, I brush his hair out of his face with my hand and place his glasses on him.

"Wake up, you idiot," I say harshly. I then weakly add, "Please?"

"Haruhi," he says with a hoarse voice, "Please go shut the door and make sure no one can come in."


"I think I'll find waking up more appealing if you're the only one in the room."

5: Come What May- Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman

"Your father won't approve of me."

"What my father thinks means absolutely nothing to me."

"The others won't accept it, especially Hikaru and Tamaki."

"Not at first they won't, but our friendship is stronger than that."

"What about-"

"What about you, Haruhi? You think about others too much. What do you think? Answer my question."

"This could be detrimental to you in a lot of ways."

"I don't care about any of that. Whatever harm could come would be outweighed by having you."

"Then... my answer is yes."

6: Easier to Run- Linkin Park

After that night at the Nekozawa's beach house, I phoned my father and had him take me home early in the morning before the others woke up. I told him I was sick. And I was, in a way.

It was easier to run away from the situation that had confronted me that night than facing it.

After I figured out that Kyoya was trying to teach me a lesson, I also realized that he had a kindness in him. An endearing kindness that made my heart stick in my throat.

And then Tamaki came, and when he shielded me from the storm, I also became speechless at his kindness.

These two kind people both love me very much. I avoid them both because I don't know how to feel about any of this, about either of them.

7: From Where You Are- Lifehouse

America is far away.

Too far away.

I'm not doing this because I miss him.

Yes, Tamaki is my best friend, but a break from him for a good while would be beneficial to my health.

No, I'm doing this for her.

Whatever this is between us, what I'd venture to call a friendship, cannot stand the test of such a separation at this critical point of development.

"Stop moping around, all of you. Pack your bags. I've already made the arrangements. We'll be taking my family's jet in the morning."

"Where are we going?" the twins and Honey asked in unison.

I pushed my glasses up and said, "To study abroad in America, of course."

8: Haven't Met You Yet- Michael Buble

It's funny; it happened the day after I talked to him about meeting someone special...

Kyoya did not wish to speak to me at first, especially since I was haphazardly attempting to organize his drawers at the time, but I eventually got him to put his books down and talk to his older sister.

"You've looked down lately, Kyoya. What you need is a nice girl to light up that face of yours."

"I don't have time for a nice girl. And my face does not light up. Please stop messing up all of my clothing."

"You say that now, but when the right girl comes along, your opinions will change."

"I doubt that."

The next day when he came home, I could immediately tell.

"Anything new at school?"

"We met the scholarship student today," he said, as if it was nothing exciting.

That's all he had to say. His sister can tell.

I know you will be the one to light up his face, dear scholarship student.

9: Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz

The first time she looked at me with interest, I knew I had to make any feelings dissipate immediately, so I increased her debt, calling her a commoner at least five times in the process.

I had to stop any feelings of affection that might arise within her... and within me, also. There was no place for that here.

I continued week after week to act in the same way toward her, and I watched the interest in her eyes fade away to nothing.

It was better this way.

Better for the club, better for our guests, and better for her in the long run.

I would just end up breaking her heart, anyways.

10: Innocence- Avril Lavigne

He wakes up and realizes he is sitting on a couch in the club room. It is getting dark.

"Ah, Kyoya-senpai, you're finally awake. You fell asleep as soon as the guests left this afternoon. You must have been very tired."

"Haruhi? What are you still doing here?" he asks, slightly embarrassed that he had been asleep for so long.

"I couldn't just leave you alone. I didn't want to wake you, though. You've looked so exhausted lately. I got a lot of quiet studying done, so it was no problem for me to wait for you to wake up."

She sits down on the couch and looks up at the ceiling, tired herself.

He begins, "You should have woken-"

"But you looked so peaceful..." she interrupts.

"Thank you," is all he says, and then a comfortable silence fills the large room as they just take the time to sit there and think, content to stay in the innocence of the quiet.

I hope my first attempt at characterization for this series didn't fail too hard. I know it's hard to make a plausible Kyoya-in-love... as well as a plausible Haruhi-in-love... ha, what a difficult pairing. Anyways, please review. This was fun. Perhaps I shall write another chapter someday.