Hello, lovely people! Happy Valentine's Day, and here is the final chapter. These are long. It's funny how the drabbles get longer with each chapter. Just a heads up, 26 alternates between Kyoya's POV and Haruhi's POV. 29 is in Honey's POV. I picked the last song on purpose to wrap up the "chances" theme. Please enjoy!

26: The Only Exception- Paramore

When I was younger, I saw my parents fall out of love with each other.

When I was little, my mom died. A part of my dad died with her. So did a part of me.

I promised myself then that I wouldn't ever fall in love, because I knew then that love never lasts.

The hurt I saw in my father as well as my own hurt caused me to make a rule for myself that I'd never fall in love, seeing how much it hurts when it is taken away.

I always stayed a comfortable distance away from people. It was safer that way.

When boys asked me out or girls tried to become too close of friends, I would push them away and withdraw further inside myself.

But then I met her, this little commoner girl who was nothing like the airhead girls the host club entertains.

But then I entered the host club and met him, this brooding figure who, unlike the others, refuses to let himself be figured out.

Could I break my promise to myself for her? No, it's too much of a risk...

Rules do have exceptions, don't they? Perhaps they shouldn't...

Then again, I've always been open to a certain amount of risk, if the end result looks beneficial enough.

Maybe this once...

I've always been realistic. It's very possible that it won't last. Then I'll just find a way to return to my current state.

You will be my only exception, and if it doesn't work out, then I'll just keep a straight face and move on like it never happened.

I'll break my promise for you. Hopefully the love I've come to know will break its promise of not lasting.

I can't just let go of this possibility in front of me. Who knows? Maybe you'll lead me on my way to believing in love again.

27: Say Okay- Vanessa Hudgens

I haven't been to school in days.

When I found out that my cousin had died, I didn't know what was worse: the sadness or the guilt.

I'm so selfish.

I hadn't written her or called her since entering Ouran.

I've just been so busy with the host club and studying hard to retain my scholarship...

But that's no excuse.

I told the host club that I was sick. I didn't want them to know about my cousin.

They have all sent me get-well-soon gifts. Everyone but him, that is.

I lied to them, and they sent me these gifts that I can't even look at. I now feel like an even more terrible person.

"Haruhi! I'm home!" Dad's voice proclaims as he bursts through our front door. His joy sounds strained. I know he's trying to be strong for me. "Look who I ran into on the way home, Haruhi!"

I look up from my spot on the floor.

"Kyoya-senpai?" I say quizzically.

"You two have a nice talk while I go start dinner, okay?" Dad says too-happily, disappearing into the kitchen.

Looking down at me with a gaze that goes right through me, Kyoya says, "Ranka-san told me everything."

I want to run or hide or disappear... anything to get me away from the shame I'm feeling. Kyoya-senpai knows how bad of a person I am, how I neglected my cousin, how I lied to the club...

He kneels down beside me and says, "You're not a bad person, Haruhi. Don't let your feelings of sadness at losing your cousin turn into feelings of guilt that destroy you. The loss of communication between the two of you is not equivalent to the loss of love. Your relationship with her will always be there. Don't regret that."

I stare at him, not knowing what to say. Before he can see the tears spill out, I pull him into a hard hug. The Shadow King is rigid, relaxing only slightly when he feels my tears soaking through his shirt.

"It'll be okay," he says tensely, and in the moment, I almost believe him.

I don't deserve any comfort, but since this person who is not the comforting type is kind enough to give it to me, I will accept it.

28: Boston- Augustana

I knew before the others that she was considering studying abroad.

One day amidst the chaos of club activities, as she was walking by me, I said, "Boston, hm?"

She stopped in her tracks. Turning to me, she said, "What?"

As if she didn't know what I was talking about...

As if I didn't know everything about her...

"You are considering studying abroad, Haruhi?" I asked more clearly, as if I didn't know the answer already.

"How did you know, senpai?"

"I have my sources," I said with a content smile.

"Well, if you must know, yes, I'm considering it, but I haven't decided yet."

"You haven't paid off your debt, you know, and seeing how your departure would severely drop the club's profits, I would have to increase your debt all the more, which you would eventually have to pay off upon your return to Ouran."

"Well, I suppose I'd be better off just staying in Boston," she joked.

I didn't laugh.

"Are you running away from something, Haruhi?"

She looked flustered. "It's a great opportunity, senpai. I'm being offered a full scholarship. I can learn about American culture, advance my English studies, meet new people-"

"New people, Haruhi?"

Her eyes were angry and pleading at the same time. "I just need... I need to get away..."

"Get away from what? From Japan? From the host club?" I asked. "From me?"

A flash of shock appeared in her eyes. "You don't know me, Kyoya-senpai. Stop pretending you do. Your sources may tell you trivia about me, but you don't know the real me or my reasons for doing what I do, so just let it rest, please."

"Your defensiveness tells me that I'm at least partially correct."

"Like you care one thing about me, senpai!"

"You want me to deny that, don't you?" I said knowingly.

She turned and walked briskly away.

The next day she announced to the club that she had decided to go to Boston, and I didn't try to stop her.

If she wants to get away from what she wants to get away from that much, then she should go.

It's not like what she feels for me will disappear that easily.

It's not like she won't return to Japan.

It's not like I won't wait for her, like I won't be here when she's worked out her feelings, like I won't accept her when she comes back, like I won't give her her space, like I don't know what she means to me...

No, it's not like that at all.

29: Shadow of the Day- Linkin Park

When she joined our club, she unknowingly brought a new brightness into the third music room.

Haru-chan is a warm stream of sunlight.

Kyo-chan has always been on the darker side.

We do share the same blood type, you know.

Haru-chan dubbed him as the Shadow King, and I'd have to say she was pretty accurate.

Kyo-chan is cold, calm, quiet, and dark, like the night.

But I've always known that Kyo-chan's personality is not just black-and-white.

Even Kyo-chan has his gray areas.

I must admit, though, I never though of the two of them ever getting together.

However, I've concluded that it's cute, and I know what's cute.

Haru-chan is good for him, you know?

You can't have shadows without daylight, can you?

No, and nowadays, you can't have Kyo-chan without Haru-chan.

He is always with her, a step behind.

It's almost as if he has become her shadow, instead of the former unattached, meandering shadow he was.

Kyo-chan has become the shadow of the day, and Haru-chan is sharing her light with him.

And with each passing day, the daylight gets brighter and parts of the shadow fade.

It's a very nice thing to see.

Ah, I feel exhausted from being so deep.

I must take a break.

"Haru-chan! Kyo-chan! Come have some cake with me!"

30: World of Chances- Demi Lovato

She looks up at me and says, "You know, Kyoya-senpai, you've got a face for a smile."

As I look down at her, slightly thrown off by her sudden appearance in front of me and her choice of words, I think, What is that supposed to mean?

"Are you implying that my smile aesthetically suits my face? Or are you informing me of what you think the function of my face is?" I ask.

"I'm saying you should smile more," she says simply.

She then walks away, leaving me to ponder her words.

She is a world.

She's a world that is completely different from mine.

Her world is that of the commoner, the world of not caring what others think, a world of genuineness, of authenticity...

How could I ever understand such a world?

Though... it does make me curious...

Later, I make the effort to catch her eye, and she looks at me from across the room.

She, being perceptive as she is, catches the look of uncertainty in my eyes.

She cocks her head, wondering how she can answer my questions.

The gesture makes me want to laugh.

My stifled laugh becomes a smile, and she cocks an eyebrow.

She then realizes that she has evoked a true smile from me, quite a feat, and she smiles back.

Where did that smile even come from?

How did she get me to do that, to so easily give her such a warm smile?

She just has that affect on me, I guess.

She is a world.

As her world slowly and quietly integrates with mine, the opportunities that she makes possible for me become steadily clearer.

That's what she is.

For me, Haruhi is a world of chances.

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