A/N: One of those nice, sweet moments I just could not resist writing. For LJ community 100wordstories. For canon, I was thinking of X-Men: The End when they finally let the two get married and have kids and be happy. (And then, dump the rest of that storyline, por favor, pronto.)

It's a moment Remy's been looking for his entire life: the moment he knows he belongs.

He almost had it with the Guild; they swore he'd be a Thief forever. He almost had it with Belladonna; she never wanted him to leave. He's almost had it with Rogue a hundred times, but it never lasted, always something else to take it away.

But now, now that they've spent the last five years in each other's arms—married, now that he's holding their son in his arms with Becca staring in wonder at the tiny newborn, he finally knows he belongs.