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August, 2011

"Hamburgers are off the grill!" Puck called from the Hummel's patio, waving a spatula above his head. Kurt winced, watching tiny grease droplets fly everywhere. "Mike? Finn? Blaine?"

"Cheeseburger," Blaine called back. He attempted to get up to go get his plate, but Kurt flattened himself even more against his boyfriend, refusing to budge.

"Kurt, I have to go get my food," Blaine protested half-heartedly, laughing.

"Nope," Kurt insisted, leaning against Blaine's shoulder and nuzzling into his neck (even though really, it was far too hot for that kind of behavior). "Let them bring it over here to you."

Fondness swelled in Blaine's chest, and he draped an arm around Kurt. "I think you're wonderful, you know that?"

"It helps to be reminded every once in a while," Kurt said coyly. He tangled his and Blaine's feet together.

"You know there are two lounge chairs," Quinn pointed out, perching herself on the arm of the second, empty one. "Aren't you both a little big to squeeze into one chair? You look squished."

"We are comfortably suffocated, thank you," Kurt said primly, running his fingers up Blaine's side, under his t-shirt. Blaine squirmed a little.

Jane crossed the yard, carrying Blaine's plate in her hands.

"Be careful," Quinn called, watching her walk with worry in her eyes. "The ground is a little uneven. Don't fall."

Blaine had been the tiniest bit surprised that Quinn had taken on such a maternal role towards Jane. Other than Blaine, she was the most protective of the girl, the most careful around her. While Kurt acted like Jane's best friend, Quinn was more like an over-protective, loving mother. Her eyes watched the tiny girl like a hawk as she drew closer.

"I'm fine, Quinn," Jane laughed as she handed Blaine the plate. "You can't watch out for me forever, you know. Especially when we're all at college next year."

"You're going to college?" Mercedes asked in surprise, from where she was sprawled out on the grass with Sam a few feet away from them.

Jane's entire face glowed. "Layne met with a ton of nurses and doctors and discussed my options with them, then pitched a few ideas to them and my parents. There are all these people who have had OI and have been able to live normal lives- Layne even met one who got married and successfully had a baby. With my test scores, there are colleges that are willing to help me with my specific requirements of living."

"So you get to go to college?" Quinn asked, a small, incredulous smile on her face.

Jane nodded. "Mom and Dad didn't see the point in sending me to high school for my last year- especially after hearing what sort of things went down and after Kurt showed them the scars he has from being shoved into lockers there- but they're willing to let me try college. The doctors said that although it's important for teenagers to have social interaction, which is what high school is for, I'm lucky enough to have a twin brother who has a large group of friends who have accepted me into their midst."

"You're going to end up socially stunted if your only interaction with peers is with us," Kurt said, casting a pointed look at Puck, who was shoving an entire hot dog in his mouth.

"I am so sorry," Blaine said sincerely to his grinning sister.

She shook her head, laughing. "I'd rather be socially stunted by people like you than stay home all my life."

"Puck," Kurt called suddenly. Across the yard, Puck set down an empty bottle of lighter fluid and struck a match. "Don't-"

There was a roaring noise and a burst of flames, and Puck backed away from the grill, waving his hand in front of his face, either laughing or coughing (Blaine couldn't tell which- to be honest, it was probably a combination of both).

"Idiot," Kurt sighed, wriggling out of Blaine's grasp to march over to Puck and tell him off.

"I can't believe we're going to be seniors," Quinn sighed, slipping into the spot beside Blaine that Kurt had just vacated. "Our last year of high school."

Blaine wasn't sure how Kurt and Finn had gotten Burt to agree with it, again- a party of teenagers at the house when he wasn't home. True, this time nobody was drinking (even Puck, which was surprising), but still. A party like this reeked of disaster.

Still, aside from the grill going up in flames (which Kurt was still chewing Puck out for), there had been no real problems. It was just one final hoop-la before the school started up again, and with it, the toughest year they'd have to face in the Lima School District (which actually, wasn't really saying all that much).

He smiled at Quinn to acknowledge that he heard and agreed with her statement, just as his pocket vibrated. He pulled it out and snorted when he saw who it was.

WES: Let me ask this- why does David always get the seat between the hot college girls and I get stuck next to the old women and sweaty men?

Both Wes and David were on a plane on their way to college. In a move that had surprised... well, nobody, they had chosen to go to the same college as each other. They were roommates-they knew they'd work well together, having already shared a room for four years.

Mike wandered over to offer to teach Jane to dance, and Quinn and Blaine were left alone on the chair.

"I almost quit, you know," Quinn said.

"Why?" he asked. He'd never even considered the possibility of the idea of anyone in their group leaving. It would just be... wrong.

"Because after Sam and I broke up, and I messed up Finn and Rachel, I realized that I didn't actually have any friends in the club," she said. "I was a bitch to everyone. Nobody there liked me, and I knew it. So I told myself I'd stay, just for Regionals, and then I'd go. I would quit, because nobody there would miss me."

Blaine opened his mouth to protest, before realizing she was right. Or she had been, at the time. People had already formed their groups of friends and couples-Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Mercedes, Tina and Mike, Finn and Rachel-and even when Rachel wasn't with Finn, she was still liked by people like Puck and Mercedes and later, Kurt. Nobody had been alone.

Except Quinn.

"And then you joined the club," Quinn continued. "And you were somehow different. You cared. You listened, and not because you wanted to get with me. You actually just wanted to be my friend. I actually had a friend in the club, and I can't tell you how much that meant to me." She smiled softly.

He slipped an arm around her, squeezing once before releasing her. "I love you, too, Quinn," he said, in an almost teasing sort of way. "Why don't we go light the fire pit? It's getting dark, and I really don't trust Puck with that task."

She laughed. "I think I'll stay here, actually. I'd like to talk to Rachel. I think... it might be possible for us to be... friends."

Blaine smile was huge, immediate. He stood up as the girl in question approached. "Well, I would hate to be a bother. Excuse me, then."

Kurt intercepted him as he walked across the lawn, having finished telling Puck off; annoyance still rolled off of him in waves.

It was kind of hot.

"It's getting dark," Blaine murmured, crouching down at the edge of the fire pit. "Do you want to light up the pit?"

He felt Kurt crouch down beside him, and a soft pair of lips touched the back of his neck. Goosebumps rose on his skin that had nothing to do with the rapidly cooling dusk air and everything to do with the way Kurt's hand was creeping up under the hem of his shirt and over his stomach.

He still got the same butterflies in his belly as he'd gotten the moment he'd first set eyes on Kurt. He had this funny feeling that he always would.

He let Kurt push him back into one of the wicker chairs by the pit, and sat watching his boyfriend as he scurried around, preparing the fire. He was sort of... checking him out not-so-subtly, letting his eyes wander over Kurt's body, remembering events and occurrences he wouldn't have dared remember had anyone else been around.

A year ago, he didn't know Kurt. He'd spent the summer trying to keep Wes and David in control and away from anything even remotely flammable. A year ago, he'd sat by himself during a few hopeless nights, thinking to himself that he'd never get a boyfriend.

10 months ago, he'd turned around on his way to an impromptu performance in the senior commons at a quiet "excuse me" and his heart had leapt into his throat. He'd made a new friend when he realized this boy was exactly like him, could possibly be the most important person in Blaine's life. He'd been stupid, however, to think that they'd only ever be best friends.

9 months ago, his best friend had yelled at him, told him he was repressed and bipolar and that he needed to start being himself and everything would fall into place. He'd been right.

8 months ago, Blaine had sung a song while strumming a street musician's guitar in an empty park, had looked at Kurt, and realized that there was way more than friendship there.

7 months ago, Jane had begun to change, because of a few choice words spoken to her by Kurt. Kurt had done what nobody else had been able to do-reach down below Jane's homophobia and dig out the real reason for her hatred for Blaine. Jane had begun to feel again, because Kurt knew how to work miracles.

6 months ago, Kurt had shocked him with a confession before an onstage duet. 6 months ago, Blaine had transferred to Kurt's school to stop running and tell Kurt exactly how he felt about him, with a song Blaine found himself that (for once) wasn't top forty.

They'd been together for half a year, and Blaine somehow knew it was no time at all in comparison to the rest of forever they'd have with each other.

Who knows how I've loved you, you know I love you still

Will I wait a lonely lifetime, if you want me to, I will...

Gradually, he came to realize that Kurt was humming to himself, singing words softly under his breath as he moved around, arranging wood and leaves and twigs.

For if I ever saw you, I didn't catch your name

but it never really mattered, I will always feel the same

Love you forever, and forever, love you with all my heart

Love you whenever we're together, love you when we're apart...

He'd only told Kurt once or twice before exactly how much he loved hearing Kurt sing- how much he loved his voice and the way his eyes lit up. How much he loved it when Kurt sang to him-because then Blaine knew that that voice, that face, those eyes... were just for him.

And when at last I find you, your song will fill the air

Sing it loud so I can hear you, make it easy to be near you

For the things you do endear you to me, oh, you know, I will

I will...

Sometimes, at seemingly the most random of times, it would hit Blaine exactly how much he loved Kurt Hummel. The feeling would grab him unexpectedly around the heart, knocking the breath out of him, reminding him that yes, it was possible to find it at the age of sixteen.

He knew he was a teenager. He knew Kurt was his first boyfriend.

In his mind, that didn't really change anything at all.

Kurt stood up, having successfully started the fire, and turned around so quickly it caught Blaine completely by surprise; He was unable to drag his eyes up to Kurt's face in time.

Kurt's cheeks were a lovely pink color, though whether it was from the lingering heat of the summer's day or embarrassment, Blaine couldn't tell. He let himself admire the freckles that were lightly dusted across Kurt's nose, and that quickly led to the thought of other freckles on other, more hidden parts of Kurt's body. Don't go there, Blaine.

"Enjoying the view?" Kurt's voice asked, and there was a tinge of amusement to his voice, but a tinge of insecurity, too.

It seemed unbelievable in almost every way that Kurt would still be insecure, after all the two had done together and all they'd said to each other, but it also made sense, in a way. Every so often, Blaine would feel a flash of insecurity himself when he'd knock on Kurt's door and Kurt would open it looking like that, lightyears ahead of Blaine appearance-wise, breathtaking in a way Blaine would never be able to achieve.

Blaine knew by now the only way to handle the tiny glimpses of uncertainty he saw in Kurt. He pitched his voice low, murmuring "I am," and glancing up at Kurt through his eyelashes.

Kurt's lips were warm against his, the skin of his lower back damp where Blaine's hands clutched; it had taken effort to start that fire. Blaine shouldn't have found Kurt's sweat so attractive, but oh, he so did.

"Keep it in your pants, boys," Santana drawled as she strolled past, hand-in-hand with Brittany.

"Are you talking about their pockets?" Brittany asked her.

Kurt stepped forward, sliding his hands over Blaine's hips and breathing in his ear, "you are so getting laid tonight."

A grin split Blaine's face. Hell yes, he was.

One by one, as the sky grew darker, the others wandered to the fire, taking seats on the ground or the lawn chairs. Puck and Artie were the last over, Puck pushing Artie's wheelchair, his guitar slung around his shoulders and against his back.

Kurt nestled into Blaine's side on the wooden swing bench. Santana and Brittana squeezed into the space with them, Santana unexpectedly slipping her hand into Blaine's. When he looked at her in surprise, she simply smiled in an uncharacteristically soft way, and leaned her head against his.

Puck took a lawn chair next to Artie's wheelchair, pulling his guitar from around his shoulder, into his hands, strumming the strings lightly with a tune Blaine vaguely recognized.

Mercedes and Sam were cuddled up on the ground by the fire. Quinn was sitting cross-legged nearby, holding hands with Jane and staring into the flames in a pensive sort of way. Rachel was sitting on Finn's lap in one of the chairs; Tina and Mike were imitating them a few feet away in a different chair. Lauren was beside Puck, clapping along with the guitar.

Artie was the one who began to sing first, his voice pitching into its higher register.

I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well, he just drove off, sometimes life's okay

I ran my mouth off a bit too much, oh what did I say?

Well, you just laughed it off, it was all okay...

He wasn't saying goodbye, not yet. He still had another full year with the group of insane people surrounding him. A full year of breakups and makeups and insanity and drama. And love. Lots of that, too.

The Warblers had been his friends for a long time-he'd always considered Wes and David to be like his brothers. But this group was his family. Quinn was like another sister to him. Finn was the brother he never had. He knew that despite anything anyone else said, he'd stay in contact with these people past high school. He loved them-all of them-even if he'd only been here half a year.

Artie was still singing, but Tina had joined in, her smile bright on her face, and Brittany and Santana were singing the words softly to each other, shadows from the flames flickering across their skin.

A fake Jamaican took every last time with that scam, it was worth it just to learn some slight of hand

Bad news comes, don't you worry, even when it lands, good news will work its way to all them plans

We both got fired on exactly the same day, well we'll float on, good news is on the way

Kurt's arm wound around his waist, and Blaine couldn't stop the small smile that crossed his face. He felt Kurt's lips move against his neck, singing softly along with the music-softly enough that only Blaine could hear.

All right, already and we'll all float on, okay

Don't worry we'll all float on,

Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on

All right, already we'll all float on

Don't worry we'll all float on...

All float on...

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