Authors Note: A odd little Doctor/River drabble I wrote yesterday afternoon. No specific Doctor in mind but if it's easier think of Eleven. Thanks to Scout Girl/Phantomreviwer for BETAing.

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It was an odd relationship.

In fact it could have been the dictionary definition of an odd relationship built as it was on secrets, half-truths and flitting in and out of each other lives like time ships in the night.

But it worked for them.

River had an arsenal of happy memories to fall back on, of her and her Doctor running throughout time and space, righting wrongs and falling in love. In fact she had memories of all the Doctors, and the little blue diary to keep them all in. They warmed her while she lay in her jail cell at the Storm Cage. Memories of when she and the Doctor had saved the desert world of Kakrafoon from the carnivorous Mathra or danced at the Empress of Pontlia IX's coronation ball.

When she lay awake at night, staring at the bars containing her, she would remember that he still had all that to come, all that to enjoy.

This wasn't the end. She knew this. She knew that she wouldn't spend the rest of her life in prison and maybe, just maybe would one day make something of herself. The Doctor had told her he'd seen it. Had told her that one day she would become a Professor and a universe famous archaeologist (though he had snickered when he'd told her, and she'd laughed and shook her head with the mention of spoilers.)

She might be caged now. But one day she would be free again.

And they would run together again.

The Doctor had a diary full of memories to look forward to. Of course he hadn't peeked – he had promised hadn't he? – but just the idea of the diary and the subtle hints that River dropped whenever they 'bumped' into each other were enough to give him hope. For all he had a new face and a new attitude he was still the last of his kind left. And some times that was hard. He had seen so much, gone through so much, yet people expected him to remain the same.

Unswerving, unchanging. A bastion of justice and fair play. Time's Champion.

Sometimes it would be so easy to just let it all go. Lock himself in the TARDIS and let the universe sort itself out. He wasn't going to be around forever. Maybe it was time for the Universe to learn how to cope on its own.

But River gave him hope. The hope that he needed.

Hope that one day; he would rediscover his love for travelling and touring the universe. Hope that one day, running hand in hand with River Song he would no longer need companions to see the universe for him. That he would see a star as more than just a ball of gas. That he would see it all for himself once again, just as he had in the beginning. That he would no longer just be the universal guardian. But a universal tourist once again.

One day he and River would start running and would never stop.

One day, he knew. He would see it all again.

And he would see it through her eyes.

The universe had already seen it. And would see it again.

Such is the nature of time travel. Such was the nature of their relationship.

River had experienced it already. One day the Doctor would experience it all.

One day that would come together, their time lines would converge and then. And then the universe would sit back in awe and watch as the Doctor and River Song, ran together, saving the universe, falling in love and somewhere along the way created a legend.

They were the Doctor and River Song.

And they were going to be fantastic.

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