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"Harry, where are you going?" I asked him. We were still shaking from the Room of Requirement and Ron was silent now. Fred's death had silenced us all.

"I need to go," he said as he walked out of the Great Hall.

"Harry, no!" I cried as he walked out.

"Hermione, I have to," he replied as we walked across the rubble covered grass. "I just…I have."

"No, Harry, you don't," I plead.

"Then come with me," he said suddenly, turning to both Ron and I.

"Why?" Ron asked, his voice empty of emotion.

"I…I need you guys," he said quietly.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I heard a Death Eater say Snape was with Voldemort in the Shrieking Shack," Harry said, starting to walk again. "So if that's where Voldemort is…."

"Harry, you aren't turning yourself over, are you?" Ron demanded, his voice now filled with anger and disbelief.

"Yeah, I am," Harry said. "Look, the sooner I do this, the sooner this can all be over. All you need to do is kill his snake and all the Horcruxes will be taken care of."

"Harry, you can't!" I cried as we walked swiftly to the Whomping Willow.

"I can and I will, Hermione," Harry said. He pulled out his Invisibility Cloak from an inside jacket pocket and threw it over us. "Besides, it doesn't matter. He isn't even fighting. He's letting everyone else fight for him."

Ron lifted a stick to the knot on the tree and we walked into the entrance.

We had all grown so much that we now had to crawl through the tunnel instead of the crouched position we had before when we came in here four years ago.

We reached the opening into the Shack only to find it blocked. Then, overhead, came Voldemort's cold voice.

"I have a problem I need to discuss with you, Severus," he said.

"What is it?" came Severus's voice. I could hear the terror in it and I immediately wanted to comfort him. He was my friend after all, even if we haven't spoken since the letter I had sent him last July.

It was silent for a moment before Voldemort spoke again.

"Why does this wand not work for me, Severus?" Voldemort asked, his voice quiet and deadly.

I bit back a gasp of terror. Severus was in serious danger. He had a death sentence, I could tell, and I could do nothing to save him. He didn't even know I was there. I was so close to him and he didn't even know it. tears started falling from my eyes as I listened.


Oh hell, I thought, terrified. He knows the truth.

"What do you mean, my lord?" I asked him, feigning ignorance.

"This wand does not do as it is promised it should," Voldemort replied. "It does not perform extraordinary magic."

"What are you talking about?" I asked. "You have done amazing magic with that wand."

"No, I have done my usual magic with it," he replied thoughtfully. "I am already extraordinary, but this wand is much like my own. Very common and dull. Why does it not give me the magic is promised, Severus?"

The answer wasn't to be answered. He let it hang in the air.

Perhaps because you're already so powerful that the wand doesn't even matter anymore? I thought as he paced around me. I almost cracked a smile, but I held it back, knowing what danger I was in.

"Perhaps I am not the proper owner, Severus," Voldemort said quietly. "You are, after all, the one who killed the old fool."

Dumbledore, I thought sadly. The only one who knew the truth.

"So it is you I must kill."

I froze, my blood turning to ice in my veins.

And I'd never even had a chance to take that potion yet, I thought numbly. Oh hell.


"So it is you I must kill."

The words cut me to the core.

No! I wanted to scream. Don't kill him! Don't! If the stories of the wand are true, then…then wouldn't Draco be the true master of the wand?

I was beginning to feel desperate. I had to save him. I had to. I couldn't let him die. Not like this. Never like this.

I twitched involuntarily as I heard Voldemort begin to walk once more. Harry had his ear pressed right up to the blocked entry way, his eyes wide and fearful. I looked at Ron, who was gaping in horror, his blue eyes wide.

Severus couldn't die this way. He just…he couldn't!

"So it is you whom I must kill, Severus," Voldemort continued. "You are the true master of this wand, not I."

"My lord, please!" Severus begged. "Let me fetch Potter! I'm sure I can persuade him to-!"

"I said no!" Voldemort screamed. "I told you, Severus! He will come to me! No one will need to get him!"

I looked at Harry, whose face was no longer terrified, but determined.

Oh, Harry…no! Don't do it, I thought. I knew he couldn't hear me, but he looked at me and I hoped my face could convey my thoughts. He looked away as Voldemort continued to pace.

"I cannot deny," Voldemort said, "that you have been a very faithful servant. I value that, Severus. I always value loyalty."

"My lord…."

There was silence for what seemed like ages before there was a flash of light and a two thuds. A strangled gurgle echoed through the Shack as Voldemort said, "Come, Nagini."

My breathing hitched as Voldemort's steps echoed overhead. Then they stopped.

"I regret it," he said coldly before walking out of the shack.

I shoved at Harry, who lifted what was blocking the entrance out of the way.

"Hurry," I gasped.

Harry heaved himself into the room and then pulled me up.

I ran to Severus's side where I saw him lying on the floor, soaked in his own blood, covering a deep gash on his neck.

"Her…mione…," he choked out.

"Oh, Severus," I whispered in a broken voice. Tears were falling freely down my face as I took his hand in mine. "The potion? What about the potion?"

Severus shook his head as Harry dropped down on his other side just as something more than blood ran out. It was silvery white and gaseous.

"Take…it….Take…it…," Severus gasped.

I conjured a vial for Harry, who put it right at Severus's leaking thoughts.

While Harry filled up the vial, Severus looked at me, his face fearful.

"I'm…sorry…," he gasped.

"Shh," I whispered.

He turned to Harry and, with a shuddering breath said, "Look…at…me…."

Harry did and, after a mere few seconds, I felt Severus's grip slacken in the hand I was still holding. He was gone.

A cry escaped my lips and Ron pulled me tight to his chest as I sobbed loudly over my fallen friend.

Oh Severus, I thought. May you see Lily again. May she know all that you did to protect her son.

Ron pulled me up and we followed Harry out wordlessly.

It was all over. Severus was dead, among other great warriors who fought for the good.

"I'm sorry, Hermione," Ron whispered as we clambered out of the whole.

"Me too," I said.

He kissed the top of my head as we trooped into the castle.

Just as we crossed the collapsing threshold, I felt a warm breeze that had nothing to do with the night cross over me.

I smiled and looked up at the sky.

"Goodbye, friend."

The End.

I'm so sorry to anyone who hated the ending! It's just...I didn't want to change that part of Jo's story and I didn't want there to be an opening for more, if that makes sense. Otherwise, my mind would've kept going on it. Plus, this also shows that there aren't always happy endings.

Also, I had to rewrite this a bit because I realized a grave error. I had forgotten about the potion this whole story was based off of. As Severus says, he didn't take the potion. Also, I've heard (and I believe it's true) that Severus was not actually killed by Nagini. He was killed by Voldemort performing a silent "Sectemsempra" on Severus, so the potion wouldn't have worked anyways. I'm also really sorry to those who were confused as to why I didn't use the potion and why I left it out completely. It was honestly a simple mistake. I was so caught up in writing this ending that I forgot about it. I also knew he wouldn't use it and I never explained that in here. I'm so sorry! Forgive me?

So...if you hated this...I'm sorry. If you still like this. Thank you. Review your thoughts, please! Thank you for reading!