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The potions classroom was moving as it often did, Gryffindors cringing in fear, Slyterins snickering and –


-potions exploding

"He's killed me! Longbottom finally managed to off me! I'm dead." Draco Malfoy, Ice Prince of Slyterin wailed.

The class rushed over to find a disheveled Malfoy covered in what looked like sticky pink paste.

"You're not dead." Ron pointed out helpfully (read: automatically pointing out the obvious)

Draco looked blankly at Ron "Red hair. Weasley. Definitely hell."

"Oi!" Ron yelled

Pansy moved closer "Draco Darling, you're not dead."

Draco looked at her and leapt onto her hugging her "Pansy! Longbottom killed me, make it better." He nuzzled into her neck, she patted his head like he was a puppy.

"Blaise, we've got a problem."

"Don't tell me-" the Italian trailed off pinching the bridge of his nose

"Yeah. Whatever Longbottom did took away Draco's mask."

Blaise groaned "How long?"

"Blaisey!" Blaise suddenly had an armful of blond "How come you're in Hell?"

Blaise patted his head like Pansy did "Draco you're not dead. I am not dead. We are both alive."

"… So this is a dream? Oh oh oh! A hallucination! No other explanation." He nodded his head decisively.

"It's not a –"

"Professor, how long will it last?" Pansy asked rubbing her temples

Snape stood frozen at the horror of his godson bouncing around in public.

Blinking he walked over to the potion, examining it with a frown.

"A week." Snape said tiredly

The Slytherins groaned as one

Snape did something strange, something that struck fear in the hearts of all who witnessed it. He patted Pansy consolingly "I'll have headache potion ready for whoever needs it in the next week. God knows we're going to need it with him acting like… himself." He rubbed his own head

"Hey don't be a meanie!" Draco cried

The Gryffindors blinked.

"On second thought. All Slytherins take potion now. My office doors will be open for anyone who encounters mental breakdowns, hysterical reactions, or exhaustion."

He walked over to his stores and brought out a huge vial of something red. He passed it around. "Bottoms up lads. Brace yourselves gents, courage, courage."

"Hey hey!" Malfoy shot up and ran over to Harry Bloody Potter. "Hey Hallucination Harry! 'Cause this is a dream can we be friends now?" Draco bounced, yes bounced, eagerly.

"I- Er… Malfoy?"

Draco pouted "My name is Draco."

"Er right... Draco sure… um hold on just a second" Harry slapped himself, nope that really happened. "SNAPE! Can I have some of that?" Harry begged

"Man Draco's gonna get all pissy about that after this wears off." Pansy said leaning tiredly against Blaise.

"I only pray that you're the one that gets to deal with it darling and not me." He drawled.

Draco had grabbed Harry's hand and proceeded to drag him over to his friends. "Pansy! Blaisey! Look I just made friends with Hallucination Harry!" He grinned delighted as his grey eyes lit up.

"That's very good Draco!" Pansy patted his head and he bounced again

"Can I keep him? Pleeeeeeeease?" He pinned her with the infamous Malfoy Puppy-Dog Eyes™.

Her resolution sunk. "Of course Draco."


"Oi! I'm not some stray animal over here." Harry muttered

Blaise walked up to him and put an arm around his shoulders "Mate, just ride it out. Trust me." He said seriously.

Draco pulled him away "Hey, he's my hallucination!" He hugged Harry, Harry's jaw dropped to the floor.

"CLASS DISMISSED! Go terrorize someone else for a while." Snape roared and left for his office intent on that brandy he put away.


Draco dragged Harry out of the classroom and headed towards the Great Hall ignoring his splutters and attempts to free himself. Harry was considering chewing off his arm when Hermionie and Ron appeared.

"Harry! What on earth are you doing with Malfoy?" She asked/shrieked


"He's eating lunch with me. Pansy said I could keep him." Draco grinned at her.

"Help me!" Harry pleaded but Hermionie was too busy stifling laughter and Ron looked ready to faint.

"Come on Hallucination Harry!" Draco cheerfully continued to force him down the hallway.

"Ride it out mate." Blaise repeated

"Is there any other choice?" Harry asked in exasperation

Pansy grinned wickedly "Not at all."

Harry groaned, this was going to be a long week.

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