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It was lunch of the seventh day of the week that changed Hogwarts when Malfoy came back.

He was leaning happily against Harry as Whiskers danced on his shoulder. Harry was distracting Draco was a shiny object that he kept batting at lazily.

Draco blinked, Malfoy blinked again. "Wha-?" He looked at his pillow and discovered a happily smiling Potter. Malfoy sprang up eyes wide looking around his table to find no one disturbed by this development. His eyes landed on Whiskers

"Someone please tell me I'm dead!" Malfoy demanded

"YOU'RE NOT DEAD!" The hall thundered in an exasperated response.

Malfoy put his head in his hands muttering "But father, wait he's in prision, but really? Muffins – Conga. Potter. Hallucination Harry, bloody hell."

Harry had been staring at him worridly but began to laugh, he put an arm around the blonde. "Relax Malfoy, it's alright."

Malfoy jerked away his eyes wide. His world had been turned upside down. Where was the hatred? He looked around at smiling faces, even the Hufflepuffs dared smile at him. He felt clostrophobic. Harry frowned until understanding dawned.

"Lets go for a walk." Harry said getting up and absently offering a hand to Malfoy.

It surprised him when the hand was taken, but to Malfoy it looked like an island in a see of madness. They walked silently until they were at the shore of the Lake. They sat down under a shady tree that had once seen two other enemies many years before. Hopefully they would avoid the same fate as James and Severus.

Harry leaned back on his hands and looked at the view, it was peaceful. It made him smile.

"Explain." Malfoy demanded

"Well the entire school was introduced to Draco, he's become quite popular among the students."

"Everyone knows."

"About your father? Yeah. Only way I could think of to keep you safe at the time."

"I don't need you protecting me Potter."

"I know. But I want to."

Draco shot a sharp look at his companion, Harry just continued looking at the lake. "Why?"

"Because you're special to me."

"You mean Draco is." Malfoy corrected with a sneer

"No I mean Draco Malfoy is important to me. You're the same person, you've just divided yourself. Hermionie can explain it better, but there are ways to essentially glue yourself back together. No more blackouts, no more loss of control of your own mind. I'd help."

The other was silent. "I'd like that."

Whether is was Draco or Malfoy that spoke didn't matter, the very thought warmed him.

"About the kiss." Harry started

"It was a disaster." Malfoy admitted with a scowl and a blush

"Want to try again?" Harry asked turning towards him, his own cheeks blushing

"I'd like that." Malfoy said with a grin, there was a glimmer of Draco in him at that moment.

They kissed softly. The beginnings of a new life never tasted so good. Or tasted like blueberry muffins.

"You didn't eat Whiskers did you?" Draco asked

Harry just laughed

"Did you!" Draco demanded

Harry ran and Draco chased, they ran around like children in the rare sunlight smiling and laughing. At last Draco tackled Harry and sat scowling on the other boy's chest. Harry just smiled charmingly up at the blond "I didn't eat Whiskers."

"Promise." Draco asked, but the Malfoy behind his eyes was asking more

"I promise." Harry smiled answering both questions.

It was the start of something new.

Whiskers looked on with wise muffiney eyes and nodded. All would be well with his human friend.

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