The princess sighed. There was nothing to do around the castle… again. She had already read all of the books in the library, and she had already beaten Koka that day. After that had been done, there really wasn`t anything else to do. The servants didn`t offer any entertainment, and her parents were always busy. She stared out of her window at the townspeople below with envy. She had never been allowed outside the castle, and every day was the same: wake up, breakfast, school, lunch, free time, dinner, bedtime. It was monotonous as anything, and she never experienced anything new. She was jealous off all the townspeople; they might have had a similar schedule, but they were able to see new sights and experience new things every day. She would be lucky to get an arranged marriage and live as a queen…but that wasn`t the life that she wanted. She wanted to be free. Somehow.

Her silent revere was broken by a knocking at her door. "Enter." She said. A servant entered. He was wearing a plain black outfit, with matching slacks. His face was plain, nothing special, and not even his wavy brown hair, the only person in the house with it, stood out. If the princess recalled correctly, his name was Corma…?

"Princess Moka," he started. "Prince Gin is here." Moka groaned. Of all of the potential suitors, the most annoying and perverted one just had to be the most likely candidate. "Well, just tell him to go away. I would rather lose to Koka then marry that perverted jerk." Corma sighed. "I will let him know." He exited the room. Moka`s regained peace, however, was again interrupted not a minute later when the door of her bedroom was thrown open by Prince (of pervs) Gin.

"Well helllllllo, Princess!" Gin said in what he thought was a suave voice, but was actually rather sickening to the ear. "When I heard that you didn`t want to see me, I just knew that you were feeling ill, so I came to check up on you!"

"And why did you think that I was ill?" Moka asked with an air of indifference that Gin didn`t catch onto.

"Because you didn`t want to see me, of course!" Gin answered in the same voice as before.

"I assure you, I`m perfectly fine. Now please leave." Moka ordered. But Gin had stopped paying attention, and was instead looking at Moka`s bed. It had a rich velvet red cover, a deep sky blue pillow, and purple drapes. It screamed nobility with it`s beauty, but Gin`s head was elsewhere.

"Ah, yes… to think that one day I will make love to you in such a lovely bed…" His muttering was cut off when Moka`s foot met his face and sent him flying out of the still-open door, which Moka promptly shut after saying "I told you to get out of my room." Moka went over to the window again. She didn`t want to marry Gin; she wanted to live life the way that she wanted too! She wanted to be like the people…


"Yukari, wait up!" Tsukune called out after his younger sister. She was always like this: running around trying to avoid doing her chores. She was only 11, after all. But when she ran around the town, she tended to cause trouble; it was by accident sure, but it was trouble nonetheless. "Gotcha!" he cried out, grabbing his younger sister by the arm.

"Tsukune! Let me go!" Yukari cried out indignantly. "I don`t want to do chores!"

"I know you don`t Yukari," Tsukune said in a soothing voice, bending down so that they were ey-to-eye. "But if you don't do them then I have to!"

"So?" Yukari asked. "You`re strong; you can do them! I`m too weak!"

"If you do you`re chores, you`ll be strong like me!" Tsukune said good-naturedly. He took his sisters hand and stood up, but was shoved to the ground before he could reach his full height. Tsukune looked at his aggressor and saw one of the boys in the village who hated him: Saizo Komiya.

"Hey, lady-killer." Saizo said in a sarcastic voice. "Where`s that girlfriend of yours?"

"She isn`t my girlfriend!" Tsukune protested. "She just acts like it!" Even he couldn`t deny that.

"What are you doing to my beloved Tsukune-san?" A creepy sound rang through the air, and Yukari cringed. She knew that voice, and she wasn`t very fond of the owner. The owner of the voice came into view; it was a girl with shoulder-length purple hair and matching eyes. She had a lollipop in her mouth, but there wasn't a lot more that could be described because she was hidden behind a building. That didn`t stop Tsukune`s aggressors from freaking out.

"Crap! It`s the she-devil! Run!" The jerks ran away with their tails between their legs. Mizore stepped out from behind the building. She was wearing an ordinary brown dress with a white shirt. The shirt had purple stripes on it, which accented the natural purple of her looks.

"Thanks for saving me, Mizore." Tsukune said, getting up from the ground and dusting himself off.

"It`s no problem Tsukune-san." Mizore said in the creepy monotone voice. Yukari couldn`t leave it at that, however.

"How did you know that Tsukune was in trouble!" Yukari demanded to know. Mizore looked at the young girl.

"I always know what my beloved is doing." Mizore said simply. Tsukune sweatdropped.

"Mizore, I appreciate you helping me, but you really don`t need to follow me around all the time." Tsukune said this more as a request than a statement. Mizore didn`t realize this.

"It`s okay, Tsukune. I want to…" Mizore grappled Tsukune`s arm as she said this, resulting in Tsukune blushing and Yukari getting angry.

"Mizore! Get your hands off of my brother!"


Moka was looking out at the people when something caught her eye; in one of the squares, some of the villagers had stopped working and were looking at what appeared to be a little girl yelling at an older one who had her arms wrapped around a boy. Desperate for a chance to get out of the castle, Moka called out.

"Corma! There are townspeople fighting! Bring me to them immediently!"