Sheer Kingston

Sheer POV

I walked through the dense forest trying to find the herbs my mistress had sent me to collect. Where on earth is that wolf bane patch? I saw one here last week. I thought. I walked around some more. I should be able to remember stuff like this. I've only lived here for five years. I slumped down against a tree trying to think.

Suddenly I felt something hit me. What the? I looked up and saw those stupid squirrels again. "Why do you hate me?" I called up getting hit again. "All right that's it. IT IS SO ON!" I called The markings that covered my body from my forehead to my ankles all started glowing purple as I drew the rune in the air. "Taste fire stupid-YEOUCH!" I said as lightning zapped me. I whipped around to see my mistress with a lightning rune next to her. My fire rune disappeared from my lack of concentration. "Mistress!" I braced myself for the slap to come. It came upside my head so hard I fell. "Ow…" I said.

"What have I told you about the wildlife." She yelled.

"It is to be respected not engaged."


"I'm sorry mistress." I said.

"You're such a promising young wikka. Why can't you just focus more…" She asked flipping her blond hair behind her head.

"Probly cuz I'm a teenager." I mumbled.

She hit me. "OW." I complained.

"How's the list coming?"

"I can't find wolf bane. I thought the patch was around here." I told her.

She let out a frustrated sigh. "Sheer wolf bane doesn't grow this time of year. I said Ishing fang root."

"Oh…Oops… OW!" I rubbed the back of my head. "WHY DO YOU HIT ME EVERY TIME I DO SOMETHING WRONG!"

"Because when I hit you, you don't do it again." She told me.

"I do to."

"That's not something to brag about."

"OW!" I said as she hit me once more. "Stop hitting me!"


"OW!" I started running.

"COME BACK HERE!" She said with a laugh before trapping me in a cage of ice.