For My Poem-Off With Allya Ride. Good Luck, Love!


title: shadows

characters: dominique weasley, victoire weasley

prompt: can't you see that I'm f a d i n g in your shadow?


o v e r s h a d o w e d


it's hard not to be, when I'm just



and you're



you've got the

perfectcurls and the thousand-galleon smile,

but what am I?


I'm just

a n o t h e r r e d h e a d,

aren't I, love?


but then I found him,

in all his

t u r q u o i s ehaired glory,

and I thought that, maybe, just

m a y b e,

I finally had something that was






but then you had to go and

s t e a l

that from me, too,

didn't you?


I know should be grateful for you,

for a s i s t e r,

but how can I when the spotlight is

a l w a y s

on you?


can't you see that I'm

f a d i n g

in your shadow?

((because that's all that I am))


who needs names?


just call me


Another Dominque-centric freeverse. I'm getting rather attached to her now. Poor Dom – she always gets left in the dust, doesn't she? In my head, though, Victoire doesn't necessarily realise that she's pushing Dominique back. It sort of just… happens. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually dislike Victoire, or think she's a stuck-up bitch, unlike most people here. I think the Veela in her is what most people end up seeing, and therefore, poor Victoire doesn't have much of a reputation.

Anyway, rant over! Review, please?