Chapter 3

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Riyo Chuchi walked down the large hallway to her private office. She hated having to have this trooper escort her everywhere; he had better things to do then protect her. But the Chancellor had ordered it and there was nothing she could do about it.

Her Pantoran guards stayed outside but the trooper came in to stop at the inside of the doorway. The way his head moved, Riyo could guess he was scanning for threats. She walked forward toward her desk and out of the corner of her eye; noticed that the trooper did not move. He stood at perfect attention by the door.

"Please." She motioned to a chair. "Sit down."

The trooper shook his head. "No thank you, ma'am. My job is to protect you Senator."

Riyo sighed. "Well at least take off your helmet and tell me your name."

"The name's Chopper, ma'am." He didn't bother to take his helmet off.

Riyo raised an eyebrow and this time it was Chopper's turn to sigh. "Senator, you won't like what you see under my helmet. It will disgust you."

Riyo glared and Chopper reluctantly pulled off the helmet. Now she understood why he was so hesitant to take off his helmet. Scars lined the right side of his face and his eye colour was mismatched from the head injury.

Riyo gasped and Chopper began to pull his helmet back on.

"No, please. Your face doesn't disgust me; it's who did that to you that disgusts me. May I take a look?"

Chopper bit his lip. "Senator, are you sure?"

Riyo nodded and motioned for Chopper to sit down. This time he did as he was asked and Riyo let her fingers travel over the scars. Chopper tensed and she pulled away.

"I'm sorry."

Chopper shrugged. "It's alright."

Riyo moved back to her desk. Chopper looked about to stand up and she motioned him to stay sitting. "I'm not going to tell anyone. Besides, if you have to spend your time being bored and protecting me, you might as well relax."

Chopper did as he was told and sank back into the chair; it was obviously something that was more comfortable than he was used to. Riyo looked up from her desk every once and a while to spare a glance at Chopper. Once he caught her looking and they both blushed and looked away.

Suddenly Chopper stood up, his brow furrowed. He walked around the desk and his eyes got wide. He pushed Riyo down just before the bomb went off. They rolled into the wall, Chopper making sure he hit the wall first.

Riyo gasped, how could she not have noticed the detonator under her desk? Chopper held her close till he was sure it was safe. His pistol flew to his hand and he searched around quickly. Her guards came into the room and helped the Senator up.

The guards turned to him and Chopper shook his head. "Nothing."

"Senator, you should head back to your apartment."

Riyo looked doubtful for a moment, then spotted something that convinced her. "Alright."

Chopper turned to go with her while her guards continued to look through the remnants of her desk. Riyo waited till they were alone in the hallway.

"Chopper, you're limping."

Chopper scowled. "It's nothing, just twisted my ankle."

Riyo looked him in the eye. "I doubt that."

Chopper grunted but didn't return her comment. Riyo stepped into her room and Chopper began to turn around to leave and help the guards.

"I don't think so."

Chopper stood completely still, not moving a muscle. He didn't say anything but Riyo knew he wasn't happy with that.

"You just saved my life, Chopper, now at least let me take a look at your leg." Riyo said gently.

Chopper sighed and turned around. "Senator, I have stims if I need them, I'll be fine."

Riyo's eyes went wide in shock. "I'm not letting you use stims. Now sit and let me take a look."

Her voice was firm and Chopper sat down, but only because he recognized her words as an order, otherwise, he would've continued to fight with her. Slowly Riyo slid off Chopper's leg armour and rolled up the body suit leg.

Chopper's ankle was red and already beginning to swell. Carefully Riyo felt Chopper's ankle and sighed. "Stay here."

She came back with a small med-kit and splinted Chopper's ankle. "Twisted it my foot, Chopper. Your ankle's broken and I'm not letting you leave this room."

Chopper looked down and didn't say anything.


He looked back up into Riyo's concerned amber eyes. "Senator you don't need to do this."

"It's just Riyo, Chopper." She held his own brown and one clear eyed gaze in her own. "And I want to."

Chopper smiled softly at her but Riyo could see through the mask and just how tired he was. This was probably one of his more uneventful days. He tried to keep his fa├žade up but she could see right through it.

"You need to rest." Riyo coaxed quietly.

Riyo slid her arm around Chopper and helped him to limp to the bedroom. The look of astonishment on his face made her laugh as he realized she was letting him take her bed. She helped him to sit on the bed and Chopper grabbed Riyo's hand.

"Thank you." He said softly as He entwined his fingers with hers.

Riyo took her free hand and brushed it over Choppers scars before pushing him down onto the bed. "You're welcome."

She planted a small kiss on his cheek before she got up and turned off the lights. "I'll check on you later." Then she closed the door.

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