"My list of why Sookie Stackhouse (Northman) should become vampire. One, because I wish it."

"Yeah, that's a great reason. Are you serious with this?" she laughs.

"Don't interrupt, Lover. There's more. Two, because I asked nicely."

"Okay, that's not a good reason."

"This is my list. You promised to listen, so shut up and listen." She folds her arms over her chest and glares. "Please. See, nice. Three, when she tires of me Pamela will be available for pestering."

She scoffs. I look up from my list, cocking my brow. She makes a motion for me to continue.

"Four, I think she will make an excellent vampire. Five, the sex. Just think of it, no need to breathe, rest, take bathroom breaks. Imagine the possibilities."

"I was waiting for that one actually. This is very entertaining. Keep going, please," she giggles.

"Okay, where was I? Oh, yes. Six, it is best for her safety and health wise. Seven, my eternity will be pointless without her in it." I look intently at her, no longer needing my list. "Eight, I need her. Nine, I only want what's best for her and I think it's best she stay with me. Always. Ten, I can think of no better reason than the love we share and the bond we have created. Sookie, I know this may not be a priority to you, but should something happen to me—let me finish—should something happen to me, I would want you to be able to protect yourself. You've said already you don't want to outlive your family, but I don't want to outlive you." I won't. "Just think about it. And if nothing else comes of this, I will be sure to shower you with love. For as long as I'm allowed."