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"Sam!" Danny yelled and flew down.

"Let me go!" Sam yelled, "Danny!"

Danny charged his ice blast and froze Tucker and Jazz where they stood. Danny grabbed Sam and flew up with Sam holding on to him fearfully. Tucker and Jazz glared at him, "You can't hide forever ghost boy," a voice that wasn't Tucker's or Jazz's came out of their mouths.

Danny looked at Sam then at his best friend and sister and flew off with Sam in his arms, "What do we do Danny?" Sam asked scared.

"I don't know Sam," Danny said, "But we need to lay low. Meaning no going ghost."

"We'll also have to change our names," Sam put in.

"Yeah," Danny said, "But where can we go?"

Sam thought for a minute, "Jump City," Sam said, "They have their own protectors called the Teen Titans."

Danny nodded, "I know where that is," Danny said and changed course.

"I can't believe Vlad did it," Sam said, "He's brainwashed the entire city."

"It'll be okay Sam," Danny said, "I won't let him get you."

Sam held onto Danny tighter, "I don't want to hurt you," Sam said.

"And you won't," Danny said.

Danny landed in Jump City and turned human, "Where are we going to stay?" Sam asked.

"How much money do you have with you?" Danny asked while pulling out his own wallet.

"I've got $800.00," Sam said.

"And I've got about $200.00, making about $1000.00 total," Danny said.

"That's not much," Sam said, "But I think if we get jobs we can make it work."

Danny nodded, "But for now," Danny said, "Let's find a park bench or something."

Sam nodded and stayed close to Danny, "We'll be fine Sam," Danny said.

Sam sighed, "Danny…" Sam said.

Danny grabbed Sam's hand causing her to look up, "I won't let him get you," Danny said, "I promise."

Sam nodded and sighed again. Danny and Sam found a park bench just big enough for both of them to sleep on. Sam snuggled into Danny for warmth and Danny wrapped his hands around her, "Danny," Sam said before he fell asleep.

"Yeah Sam," Danny said.

"I need to tell you something," Sam stated.

"Okay, what?" Danny asked.

"Promise not to leave me here by myself?" Sam asked.

"Sam I would never do that," Danny said, "Now what is it?"

Sam sighed and flipped over so she could see his eyes, "I love you," Sam said.

Danny froze, which caused Sam to worry, but then he started to smile, "I love you too Sam," Danny said.

"Really?" Sam said shocked.

Danny pulled her closer and kissed her for two seconds, "Yes," Danny said.

Sam smiled and snuggled into Danny and fell asleep.

The Next Day…

Danny and Sam were walking around looking for a job where both of them could work, "How about this pizza place?" Danny said, "It's just opened and maybe we could get a discount of food."

Sam nodded and grabbed Danny's hand, "Okay."

The couple entered and found a man with a manager tag on, "Excuse me," Danny said.

The man turned, "Yes can I help you?"

"My girlfriend and I are looking for work," Danny said.

Sam smiled when Danny called her his girlfriend, "Alright," the man said, "My office is right this way."

Danny and Sam entered his office and took a seat, "Now what are your names?" the man asked.

"Daniel Johnson, but call me Danny," Danny said.

"Samantha Brooks, but call me Sam please," Sam said.

The man nodded, "Have you and your families just moved here?"

Danny and Sam looked at each other, "Um, yes," Sam said.

"Are you planning on going to school?" the man asked.

"I guess so," Danny said, "But we need as much money as we could get because our…families…are having money troubles."

The man nodded in understanding, "Well," the man said, "The famous Teen Titans liked to eat at the old pizza place, so no doubt they'll eat here too and they like to order big pizzas."

"So we got the job?" Sam asked.

The man nodded, "Call me Mr. Nickels and we are just about to open here are your uniforms," Mr. Nickels said and handed them red uniforms and hats, "You'll both be waiters."

"Thank you," Danny and Sam said and went into the bathrooms to get changed.

Just as Mr. Nickels predicted the Teen Titans were one of the firsts to enter to pizza place. Sam was the one assigned to their table, "Hello, I'm Samantha Brooks and I'll be your waiter," Sam said tensing and her first name, "Are you ready to order?"

"Yeah," Cyborg said, "All meat."

"No way!" Beast Boy said, "Vegetarian."

Beast Boy and Cyborg fought causing Sam to sigh, "I'm going to be here for a while," Sam said.

"Hey Sam," Danny said and came up to her.

"Don't you have your own tables?" Sam questioned while she watched the two boys fight.

"All done," Danny said, "Not that busy."

Sam sighed, "Hey," Cyborg said causing Sam and Danny to turn to them, "What do you two think meat or veggie?"

"Uh," Sam said, "I'm an Ultra Recycle Vegetarian."

The Titans gave her confused looks, even Raven, "It means she doesn't eat anything with a face on it," Danny said.

"Oh!" the Titans said in unison.

"So there are people more veggie crazy than BB?" Cyborg asked.

"That's it!" Sam yelled.

Danny's quick reflexes grabbed Sam before she could even drop her note book, "Sam…" Danny said.

Sam sighed, "Sorry," Sam said, "But I got enough of that back home."

"How about we just get you guy a large meat pizza and a small veggie one," Danny suggested.

"Sounds great," Robin said, "Thanks and sorry about that…Sam was it?"

"Yeah," Sam said calmed down now, "And this is my boyfriend Danny Johnson."

"Nice to meet you new friends!" Starfire exclaimed and hugged them.

Danny and Sam laughed and went to start their order, "They seem nice," Raven said in monotone.

"Oh yes, most nice," Starfire said.

"Yeah," Robin said, "But was it just me or did they seem off about something."

"Maybe a little," Cyborg said, "But they probably just moved here."

"Yeah," Robin said, "Maybe that's it."

"Pizza's ready," Danny and Sam said placing the groups order down on the table.

"Thanks," the Titans said in unison.

Danny and Sam nodded and went to their other tables.

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