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"What!" everyone yelled.

Everyone turned to Clockwork who was wide eyed, "Didn't see that one coming," Clockwork said.

"Are. You. KIDDING ME!" Sam yelled.

"What do you mean you didn't see this coming!" Beast Boy yelled, "You're the Master of TIME!"

Clockwork gulped, "Uh…" Clockwork said, "He wasn't supposed to know about Dan until after Samantha destroyed him."

Sam growled, "I'm not in the mood right now Clockwork," Sam said, "So don't call me Samantha and TELL ME HOW TO SAVE DANNY!"

"Well," Clockwork said, "You and Raven will have to join together and enter Danie-err- Danny's mind," Clockwork said when Sam glared at him, "And defeat Trigon then Saman-err- Sam will destroy Dan. And remember Raven love is how you have total control of your powers."

"And you're sure this will work," Kidflash asked.

"Nope," Clockwork said.

"I'm going to KILL YOU!" Sam yelled and ran for Clockwork, but Robin grabbed her.

"Sam, no," Robin said, "What Clockwork said makes sense. And give him a break he doesn't know how this'll end."

Sam growled, but nodded and Robin release her, "Do you think you can do it Raven?" Sam asked.

Raven took a deep breath and looked at Beast Boy then at Sam and nodded, "I'll try," Raven said and both Raven and Sam went up to Danny, who was beginning to sweat.

Sam grabbed Raven's hand and they both began to glow a white aura. Sam took a deep breath and placed a glowing purple hand on Danny's forehead.

Sam and Raven could hear Trigon and Dan laughing, "Well if it isn't my daughter," Trigon said.

Raven winced and Beast Boy fought back the erg to go over there and hold her, "I'm not your daughter," Raven said.

"Leave Danny alone Dan," Sam said.

"Sam?" Danny said weakly.

"Danny!" Sam said, "Don't worry Danny we're going to get rid of Dan and Trigon."

Trigon and Dan laughed, "You can't defeat me," Trigon said.

Sam and Raven glared at them, but were soon thrown backwards, "Raven!" Beast Boy yelled and ran over to her, "Are you two okay?"

Sam and Raven moaned, "What do you think?" Raven asked.

"Sorry, standard question," Beast Boy said and helped his girlfriend and Sam up.

"Now what?" Cyborg asked.

"I'm not letting Danny die," Sam said, And he would rather die than let Dan have control."

Sam turned to Clockwork, who seemed to be thinking hard, "Clockwork," Sam said dangerously, "What aren't you telling us?"

"Well…" Clockwork said.

Clockwork went up to Sam and placed a hand on Sam and it began to glow a blue aura as well as Sam. Sam disappeared and Clockwork went over to Beast Boy and Raven and did the same to them, "Where'd they go!" Bumblebee yelled.

Clockwork teleported them to his tower and turned on his screen and they saw Beast Boy, Raven, and Sam fighting Trigon and Dan, "What did you do?"

"I sent them fully into Daniel's mind," Clockwork said, "They are more powerful now and with Beast Boy there it's more likely Raven will gain full control of her powers."

"If you're wrong and they die you're going to see how fast we can become ghost hunters," Jinx said.

Clockwork gulped and turned to the screen.

In Danny's Mind…

"Sam!" Raven yelled as Sam was thrown back.

Danny moaned, "Danny," Sam said.

"Guys we need-ah!" Beast Boy said, but was grabbed by Vlad and Slade standing next to him.

"Beast Boy!" Raven yelled, "Let him go!"

"I don't think so," Vlad said.

Raven held herself and started to glow a white aura, "I said Let. Him. GO!" Raven yelled and shot ray of white magic at Vlad causing him to drop Beast Boy.

"Raven! You did it!" Beast Boy said before coughing.

Raven ran up to Beast Boy and Sam ran over to Danny, "Danny?" Sam asked.

Danny moaned, "Can't let him get out," Danny said weakly.

"Danny just hold on we're going to get rid of him, I promise," Sam said.

Danny moaned again. Sam ran over to Raven, "We need to hurry," Sam said, "Danny doesn't have much time left."

Raven nodded and set Beast Boy, who had passed out, down and stood up with Sam, "You can't defeat Trigon," Slade said.

"You don't even know how," Trigon said.

"Yes," Sam said.

"We," Raven continued.

"CAN!" they said together.

Raven pictured Beast Boy and began to glow a white aura. Sam pictured Danny and began to glow a purple aura. They glared at the four villains who were shocked, "Ah!" Sam and Raven yelled and were in cased in the auras.

In Clockwork's Tower…

"Raven!" Starfire yelled.

"Sam!" Bumblebee yelled.

"Clockwork!" Robin yelled.

"They're fine," Clockwork said and teleported them back to the Medical Bay where Beast Boy was passed out and Raven was over him worried and Sam was over at Danny who was stirring.

Clockwork disappeared and the Titans ran over to their friends. Beast Boy slowly opened his eyes just as Danny was, "Danny!" Sam yelled and hugged him.

"Beast Boy!" Raven yelled doing the same.

Danny held Sam close to him, "Thank you," Danny said over and over again.

Everyone laughed and cheered as Sam went back to her normal form and kissed Danny. When they broke apart Cyborg said, "Alright! Big Red's gone, Dan, Vlad, Slade are all gone, who wants French toast?"

Everyone laughed, but nodded and went into the kitchen. After that Jump City wasn't known for its high crime rate but as a replacement Amity Park and the Titans aren't only superheroes they're also part time ghost hunters.

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