Title: Drunk or Sober
Rating: R
Summary: Harry is jealous, Draco is horny. Let's work it out, boys.
Word count: 222. heehee.
Warnings:slash. sex. fluff.
Note: A gift!fic for nicevenn, who asked for the prompt drunk. Enjoy!

Harry rolled over in bed, his stomach sloshing uncomfortably. He really shouldn't have consumed so many drinks the night before, but seriously—watching all those men flirt withhis boyfriend had just made him so angry. He hadn't noticed how drunk he was getting until Draco was pulling him out of the bar.

"Come on sleepy head, I'm horny. Wake up," Draco was whispering in his ear. Harry felt arms surround him but he kept his eyes firmly closed.

"Why don't you get all those men from last night to shag you? They all offered, didn't they?" Harry growled, turning his head into the pillow.

"I didn't go with any of them, did I? Even though you passed out once we got home and I removed your boots and cloak, instead of shagging."

The man had a point.

Blinking open his tired eyes, he gazed at his pouting Draco. "Come here."

Their love-making was a soft, lazy one—shared by two bodies that knew each other much too well. Afterwards, they shared sloppy kisses and panted against each others lips.

"I hate watching them all try and get you," Harry said after a moment.

"They can try as much as they want. The only one I'm going home with at night is you, drunk or sober, angry or willing. It's always you."