Abby could tell by the scowl on his face she was pushing him close to the edge but Gibbs being Gibbs he restrained his annoyance and only said "Abby, just tell me what you've got"

With a smile, Abby did exactly that. As he was leaving the lab he called back over his shoulder "one of these days Abs…"

Abby pondered what he meant by that comment, for several hours, then decided it was her mission to see just how close to the edge she could get him to go, nothing too bad, she didn't want to ruin their friendship or lose her job, but enough to ruffle his feathers a bit.

Over the next few days she put her plan into action, she went a bit slower with the evidence, and babbled on with her explanations a tiny bit longer, went off on tangents that didn't even make sense to her.

It took a week of this subtle manipulation to get Gibbs to crack "Abby! Just tell me or so help me God, I'll…"

"You'll what Gibbs?" Abby had a smirk on her face and a challenge in her eyes "spank me?"

Gibbs left the question hanging in the air as he turned on the spot and left the lab.

The next day a parcel arrived for Abby, it was marked private and confidential and had a smaller note stating to open when alone.

Slowly she opened the package, inside was a fairly small, thin plastic paddle. A handwritten note was stuck onto it, 'you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? My basement 10pm tonight'

She read the note over and over, she felt her face flush and butterflies start fluttering about in her stomach.

All day her focus was off, if she didn't go, Gibbs would have victory and she could never again play any of her games, if she did go, would he actually go through with it, and if it looked like he would, could she?

Late in the afternoon, the entire team came down to the lab to get some results. Her reports were short and straight to the point, she felt nervous, and tried to avoid looking at Gibbs, who stood with a smirk on his face, his eyes never leaving her.

As the team filed out armed with some puzzling forensics, Gibbs lingered, handing over a Caf Pow, he leaned in and kissed her cheek, he said nothing, he didn't have to as the smirk became a grin.


Gibbs was working on his boat when he heard footsteps above him. He smiled to himself, he hadn't really expected her to show up and he was surprised at how pleased he was that she had, but just because she was here didn't mean she was willing to see the game through to the end.

He listened to her pacing up and down for 10 minutes, then the basement door opened and Abby came clumping down the stairs quickly. She stopped at the bottom and looked at him; he noticed she had the package in one hand, half hidden behind her back.

He stopped sanding and looked back at her, the smirk back on his face. "You sure you want to do this?" Abby swallowed and nodded once "safe word?" Abby hesitated, "forensics" her voice was husky and shook ever so slightly.

Gibbs nodded, the smirk more obvious, "ok, take the paddle out of the package and stand with it over there" he indicated a corner where he had placed one of his kitchen chairs 'just in case'.

Abby did what she was told, and was a bit put out when he went back to sanding his boat "Gibbs?" She practically wailed.

He didn't speak and looked at her moving only his eyes. Abby caught the meaning of his look and abruptly closed her mouth.

Gibbs waited until her anticipation became pronounced fidgeting, then he put down he sander, wiped his hands and walked slowly over to her.

Sitting on the chair he caught hold of her and pulled her gently towards him "last chance to walk away" Abby shook her head and stayed put.

She shivered as he slid her pants and underwear down to her ankles and manoeuvred her into position over his knees. He let her get used to the position before reaching for the paddle she still held tightly in her hands.

He started without giving her any warning, the first few swats eliciting nothing more than a slight change in her breathing. He smiled at this, he knew that this paddle was designed for extended spankings and before long the heat would begin to build.

It only took a few minutes for him to get the effect he was looking for, Abby was wriggling around, trying to move out of the path of the paddle, but Gibbs had a tight grip and she wasn't going anywhere.

Another few minutes and Abby started to yell "please Gibbs, stop, I promise I'll be good!" He listened carefully for her to say the safe word but it didn't come so he kept on with his rhythm, a constant 1-2, first one cheek then the other.

It took Abby about a minute to realise the spanking had stopped; her rear felt like it was on fire. Gibbs helped her to stand up, taking her hands and placing them on her head.

"Your hands move from there and the whole thing starts again" Abby looked at him in dismay, she wanted nothing more than to reach down and rub some of the heat away.

Gibbs turned back to his boat, needing something to take his mind off his growing desire. He stood where he could see Abby shift around, transferring weight from one foot to another, her hands gripped so tightly together her knuckles were white.

After a few minutes he decided to give her something to take her mind off the heat in her butt which he knew would continue to rise for about another 15 minutes.

He opened a drawer and lifted out a small tube. Squeezing a liberal amount onto his fingertips he walked in front of Abby, he reached down and pushed the sticky fluid onto her clit, she stopped breathing for a second then let out a low moan when she felt the warm tingle spread across her groin.

Gibbs lips touched hers fleetingly then he stepped back, smirking again.

Abby clenched her jaw and ground her teeth, tried to think of scientific formulas, anything other than the fire going on in her entire body.

Gibbs let her suffer for a few minutes then stepped up behind her, slipping one hand round her waist and the other between her legs; it only took a few flicks of his dexterous fingers to have her crying out, and sagging back against him.

When her brain was working again, Abby twisted in his arms, their eyes met desire evident in both of them. "Do we call this one a draw?" she asked in a whisper.