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Gibbs, as always, knew exactly what Abby was up to and decided that this time he wasn't going to give in immediately.

Abby hadn't paid a visit to Gibbs basement for 9 days and she was starting to crave another session. She started off winding him up subtly but after 3 days of him not biting she moved onto more obvious methods.

The 4th day saw her accidentally on purpose spill his coffee – something she believed would lead to automatic order to appear in the basement but this time all he did was check she hadn't scalded herself, help her clean up the mess and go but more coffee, he hadn't even glared at her.

Day 5, she showed up at work late – no reaction at all.

Day 6 saw her dress in a way she knew he loved but had expressly forbidden her to wear in the office; this elicited a narrowing of the eyes and a brief scowl but nothing more.

By now it had been over 2 weeks since her last visit and she briefly considered the thought that Gibbs had gotten bored but she quickly dismissed that idea and settled on the idea this was just another element of the game, one he hadn't used before.

She sat up most of the night thinking about what else she could do to force his hand, and not coming up with anything new, she went to work, on time, in a distracted and grumpy mood.

The day passed without incident, other than Gibbs morning Caf Pow delivery, her lab stayed empty of visitors.

That night, tired but still too pre occupied to sleep she considered pulling some sort of dramatic stunt like not going to work at all and not answering any phone calls or text messages, but while she was certain that might get her where she wanted to be, it would also freak everyone else out and that wasn't something she needed on her conscience.

She also thought about just showing up and asking him to spank her, but that just didn't feel right, the order had to come from him.

When her alarm went off, she realised that she had gotten little to no sleep in the last 2 nights. She was tired, frustrated and tense. She had a long shower, as cold as she could stand it in an effort to wake herself up. Not trusting herself to drive in such a state, she called a cab, stopping for an extra large Caf Pow on the way in.

Unusually, McGee was in her lab when she walked in.

"What do you want McGee?" she said shrugging off her coat

"To find out what's up"

"What's up?"

"with you, you've not been yourself the last week or so and we're all a bit concerned"

"Go away McGee"

Abby turned away from him and started booting up her babies.

McGee hovered for a few moments before leaving, a worried look on his face.

"Any luck?" Tony was anxiously waiting on McGee's return

"Nope, just told me to go away"

"How'd she look?"

"Tired & tense"

"Probie, I think we need to apply our investigative skills to this"

"I think you should all grab your gear" Gibbs voice came from immediately behind Tony and they all sprang into action.

In the car on the way to the crime scene Tony was vocal, "boss, I think you should go talk to her, she'll open up to you or maybe Ziva, I mean it could be a woman thing"

"Tony, shut up" Was all that Gibbs said

"Do you already know what's bothering her?"

Gibbs fixed him with a glare clearly seen in the rear view mirror. Tony caught the look and fell silent.

Later after they had processed the scene, a weird one by all accounts, no body but lots of blood and numerous blood covered weapons, the dropped the evidence into the lab and set about trying to find out who their victim was.

Hours later they had established that the owners of the house, a marine and his wife, were missing, they had to wait on Abby to tell them if any of the blood belonged to them.

En masse the team trooped down to the lab. Questions about the evidence flew thick and fast and each one drove Abby closer to the edge. All it took was Tony fiddling with one of the machines to make her flip.


In a slightly lower voice she added "I will call you when I have something"

"Chill out Abby, we're just kinda stuck until you give us something"

"Don't tell me to chill out Tony! This much evidence will take time to sort out and process. Go check bank records or investigate the wife, anything but hang about my lab"

The whole team took a collective step back, Abby rarely lost it, but when she did it had the desired effect.

Ziva pulled McGee and Tony away, leaving Gibbs standing gazing at the scientist.

Gibbs stepped forward "You and I are going to have a talk about your recent attitude" he said ominously.

Abby almost wept with relief, the tension immediately leaving her shoulders. "When?" she asked in a hopeful voice

"Why I say so" Gibbs answered in the most commanding tone he could muster at that moment. "now get me something within the hour"

Without replying Abby turned back to her machines.

It took 4 days of the team working round the clock to piece together what had happened, find the bodies of the marine and his wife and arrest the killers.

Abby hadn't left the lab, sleeping on the futon in the back office and eating whatever people put in front of her.

When the final arrest had been made Vance ordered the team to take a long weekend.

Gibbs went down to the lab "4 days off, and I think it's about time we had that discussion about your attitude" he announced without pre-amble.

They left the office together, Gibbs in his no-nonsense game persona, Abby alternating between relief and nerves.

When the got to Gibbs place, he stopped her going directly to the basement "upstairs, guest bedroom"

Puzzled, she went where she had been directed, and when she got there she stopped dead in her tracks. The room had been transformed from the storage room it had been to an out an out punishment room. It contained a single bed, an armless chair and one with waist high arms. A low shelf held the timer and a small blackboard. A table off to one side had a variety of implements on it; some Abby knew intimately, others she had never seen before.

She turned to Gibbs with a questioning look.

He stepped in front of her, fixing her with the Dom look that always sent shivers down her spine.

"You want to play hard, you got it. In this room, you belong to me, you will do exactly what you are told, when you are told to do it, do not even think about disobeying me in here; you will not like the consequences"

Abby swallowed audibly and looked around again, her gaze lingering on the blackboard. Gibbs noticing this stood up and chalked the number 7 onto it.

"This is the number of spankings you are due, you will receive one per night. You have until 10-m every night to enter this room, if you don't enter or if you are late, this number will go up. If your hands go near your backside, you will receive a second spanking immediately and the number will go up. Once you come in to this room, you will not leave until told to do so"

Abby stared at him, resisting the urge to smile, she fought the urge to throw herself at Gibbs and kiss him.

Gibbs relaxed slightly and said in a normal voice "Is this what you want?"

Abby didn't hesitate and nodded resolutely.

Gibbs relaxed more and sat down in the armless chair "Assume the position"

Abby moved beside him and slid her pants and underpants down to her ankles then placed herself over his knees.

The first swat made her shout "OW!" and struggle to get up, Gibbs held her in place firmly "old fashioned wooden hairbrush" he said with a smile.

He didn't waste any more time, and continued with the brush, alternating cheeks. After a few minutes Abby stopped struggling and yelling. Gibbs kept going until her entire backside and the top of her thighs were a bright red, it took him a full 20 mins to get the effect he was looking for. When he helped her stand, she gripped her hand about her neck and willed herself to ignore the pain and the heat, none of the spankings he had given her before had been this intense.

Gibbs gave her a few minutes to get control then gently wiped the tears from her face, struggling to maintain control and not kiss her. He moved out of her field of vision and sat down on the bed, watching her, admiring her. He made her wait 20 mins before telling her she could change the number to 6.

After she had done this she turned to face him, their eyes met, both gazes filled with lust.

Gibbs held out his hand and Abby moved towards him, kicking off her shoes and trousers in the 3 steps it took to cross the room. Gibbs pulled her on top as he lay back and kissed her hard and deep. They broke apart only long enough to become completely naked. Hours later, properly relaxed for the first time in weeks, Abby fell asleep.

She was woken the next morning by Gibbs kissing he neck, she rolled over onto her back, an involuntary hiss escaping; she hadn't been this tender after a spanking in a long time. Gibbs smirked at her and whispered "only 6 more to go"