Conversations that Led to Romance

Corny dialogue fic

Warnings: shmoop.

by Leejeeg

"Thanks for your help with that, buddy. I'm a little rusty with the algorithms."

"No problem Duo. Oh-are you going?"

"Uh-yeah, I uh, I have an early start tomorrow."

"In IT? Since when?"

"Look Heero, just because I elected not to be a field agent, you don't have to get all snarky and junk,'kay?"

*snicker* "Snarky?"

*sigh* "Whatever, dude, later."

"Good night, Duo."

"Tell me again why I agreed to this."

"Because Relena keeps getting threats and I have to admit that your defensive skills are nearly on par with mine."

"Nearly, huh? Thanks a lot. Brag much? Stop laughing, you smug bastard. Oh, Relena, good evening. Nice party."

"Thank you, Duo. Heero, would you come with me-I need to speak with you for a moment."


"Yeah, buddy, I'm holding down the fort, skills lacking, notwithstanding. Hey, don't you glare at me, bub."

"It's only for one more hour."

"Huh." (subvocally) "Yeah, just run off with her pinkness, don't worry about me or my poor little heart."

"Um, I'm just gonna grab another soda, Heero; ya want anything?"

"No thanks-three beers are my limit. Want to watch the movie?"

"Sure. Here, scooch over a bit, Yuy, you're hogging the sofa. Hey, let's turn down the light a bit, huh? I have a headache. Stupid Murphy came in wearing the most obnoxious perfume today-I think she buys it by the vat-stop laughing."

"I guess you're not getting the hint, Maxwell."

"What hint?"

"Ellen Murphy is hot for you."

"Oh, pleeeze. I have never given her any reason to think it's mutual. Besides, I'm hot for you, eep, I did not just say that."


"Nothing-I didn't say anything, Heero, just forget it."

"You just said-"

"Okay! I said it! I love you, okay? For years now. I'm going to go home and suffer with my embarrassment."

"Duo? Duo come back-"




"Hey, Heero. How's it going?"

"Are you all right?"

"Hmm? Yeah-why?"

"It's been days since I last saw you and I think we should...Hold on." (Pause as Heero answers his cellphone.) "Duo? Sorry, I have to go-Une is sending me out."

"Hey-uh, don't get dead, huh?"

"Roger that."

"It's been more than seventy-two hours, Quat. No word."

"Yes-but this is Heero. I'm sure he's fine, Duo."

"Easy for you to say-clown boy works for you!"

"Duo-calm down. You know this is how the life of a Preventer goes."

"Yeah," *sigh*


"Quat, I told him."

"Told him? Told him what?"

"I told him."

"Oh. So-what did he say?"


"Nothing? You bare your feelings for the man and he says nothing? Really, I..."

"I didn't give him a chance-I left, like a bat outta hell."

"Oh, Duo."

*sigh* "I know."



"You sound...relieved."

"Oh-I, um, was the mission a success?"

"Of course."

"Right. Of course; stupid of me."

"Come over, okay."

"Yeah, okay."

"Mmm. Sometimes I forget how well you can cook."

"Thank you."

"Nah. Thank you, 'Ro. You made my favorites. Whaddya smiling at?"

"Let's watch the movie."

"So, Duo-did you enjoy your time alone with your embarrassment?"

"Aw-can't we just pretend none of that happened? Please?"

*chuckle* "Maybe I don't want to."


"I've been thinking a lot about what you said the other evening. I have weighed all the options, looked at the facts and indicators..."


"Hush-yes, indicators. I have examined our relationship and also the pros and cons, and well...I have come to the inescapable conclusion that I would like...would you."



"You don't have to ask me twice, Heero."


"Yeah, 'Ro, mmmm."

"Why didn't you say anything?"


"Of me?"


"Oh. I just never thought of it, not until you said how you felt; then I was forced to look at it differently. I guess I'm the baka for not seeing what was right in front of me."

"Hey, Yuy, more smooching-you can soul search later."

"But I already found it."