Elizabeth and Heidi squealed with excitement as they observed Katrina's dress. It was a beautiful pearly white with a little flower at the waist. A rose adorned Katrina's braided hair, and her mini wedge sandals clicked against her heel with every step. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Malcolm straightened the black leather pouch on his red tartan kilt, and fixed his jacket, brushing his fingers over the golden buttons. Vincent helped him with his socks and shoes, so he wouldn't wrinkle his kilt. He slid the brooch onto his pocket, and yet again couldn't believe how lucky he was.

Katrina remembered back to the time when she had become the luckiest girl in all of Nordby.

Flashback: * Katrina fixed her shoe strap, straightened her dress, and reapplied her makeup, before she stepped out of the restroom to find Malcolm's vacant arm waiting to be filled with hers. The couple walked across the bridge, where Katrina admired a beautiful pink flower that Malcolm slid into her hair. They boarded the tiny wooden canoe, and he rowed them out to the middle of the big empty lake.

"I can't thank you enough for helping me like that." Said Malcolm, with an adoring smile on his face.

"I can't thank you enough for coming to me." Said Katrina.

"Katrina, do you see those mountains, the ones behind you? Look, they're beautiful. Reminds me of the Highlands." Malcolm said. Katrina turned around and turned back, only to find Malcolm's hand out, holding a velvet box with a beautiful diamond ring inside.

"Katrina Svensen, would you do this scottish lad the honor of marrying him?" Malcolm choked out, being very nervous.

"Of course Malcolm!" Katrina screamed, reaching forward to hug him. Malcolm slid the ring onto her right ring finger, and kissed her just as the sun set.*

End Flashback.

Katrina grabbed her bouget of Lillys and Daisies, Heidi and Elizabeth in their green dresses grabbed the same bouquets, and, lifting her dress up, she lead them out the door.

Malcolm straightened his kilt for the 50th time, chatted with Elliot and Vincent, then lead the 2 out of the hotel room, down to the car.

Katrina and her friends sat in the limousine, listening to music and gushing over how beautiful Katrina was. They stopped at the ratcatcher emporium and were soon joined by Grandma Anna and Irmgaard. Irmgaard fastened Katrina's veil to her headband, and slid it onto her hair. They were ready.

Malcolm and his friends climbed into the limousine, and were soon joined by Vincent's Dad and Elliot's Dad. The rode to the church downtown Nordby, where Malcolm would become even happier, if that was even possible.

Heidi and Elizabeth walked down the Aisle, Heidi paired with Vincent, Elizabeth with Elliot. Then, it was Katrina's turn. Vincent's Dad joined their arms, and they started the far too slow walk down the aisle, Malcolm staring at her adoringly. Malcolm stepped down the 4 steps, and took Katrina's hand.

Their vows were simple ones spoken many times before them, and the pastor declared them husband and wife. Malcolm kissed Katrina as if the world would be ending tomorrow, and they walked down the aisle.

The ceremony easily flowed into the reception, and Malcolm and Katrina shared their first dance as man and wife.

"Malcolm, I love you so much." Katrina stated subtly.

"As do I, my little Katrina." Malcolm said, kissing her as cameras flashed before their eyes.