Mike found Donnie in the kitchen, staring at a small white box.

"Call the others," Don said without looking up. Something in his voice made Mike obey instantly. Once they were all gathered, Donatello opened the box. Inside was a single red-eared slider, trying to climb out.

"What's this?" Raph snorted.

"This," Don said softly, "Is our mother."

The only noise for several minutes was the hum of the fridge and the sound of claws on cardboard.

"Are you sure?" Leonardo finally whispered.

"I'm sure," Donatello whispered back.

They watched the little creature in the box for a long time.

Splinter's first reaction to the little female was to bow low and start speaking in Japanese, mostly about how grateful he was to have the opportunity to raise her sons in her place, and how honored he was to have finally met her, and to generally pay his respects. This broke the spell on the four larger turtles. Donatello grabbed Leonardo and Michelangelo and told them they were going to help him construct the best aquarium ever. Raphael stayed by his father's side, watching the tiny creature.

"Hey, mom," he said, after Splinter had run out of words. Splinter smiled.

AN: This is the first time I've done something like this, so let me explain. Both of those two sections up there are exactly 100 words long. No special reason for it, it just worked out that way. But that's all I've got. There's more to this, I just know it, but I don't know what. So that's where you guys come in. Where do you see this going? What direction do you see it taking after this? I know it works fine on its own, but I want to explore it. Thanks in advance!