And there it was. Raph's secret.

Leo, hidden from view, watched his brother pant and snort like an enraged bull, none of his newfound peace left. He stood like this in front of their mother, who was watching him with dark, fathomless eyes. He took in one more breath, closed his eyes, and held it for a full minute, before letting it out slowly. The tight set of Raph's shoulders loosened. His fists unclenched. He sat down cross legged, and folded his arms over the ledge, settling his chin on top of them, watching their mother for a long time.

Leo could feel all of Raph's anger drain away with that long exhale, bleed out into the air and dissipate, to be slowly replaced with their mother's endless patience.

"She's training you," he said after a moment. Raph didn't even twitch.

"Only you would call it that," he said without turning around. Leo stepped forward to join him.

"Well, would you rather I call it anger management therapy?"

Raph actually chuckled.


"How did you…?" He wasn't even sure what he was asking, but Raph understood.

"I can't be angry around her," he said simply. "Doesn't work. She's my peace."

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