Officer Chickie Brown let the cool air of the LA night sweep across her pale skin as she stared into the distance of the city. Since Officer Dewey had been transferred she was partnered up with Langley Connelly, a nice and fairly young cop. The two had stopped at the gas station for a quick bathroom break. Chickie had told Langley she would wait for her outside, but Langley had yet to come outside and Chickie was beginning to worry maybe she had decided to grab coffee. She prayed she wouldn't buy any coffee for her too. As her mind began to spin with all the worries that were on her bran she knew all of this was her own fault, but she couldn't even believe it had happened. Ben Sherman. Who would have thought she had Ben would have ever been a good match for each other? That they would have so much chemistry? So damn stupid! Chickie thought to herself as she gave the police car a small punch. She was already a single mom to her thirteen year old son Kyle, but she honestly thought she would never have more children. And then she was late. She had been two weeks late when she took the pregnancy test at home, and even though she knew the truth in her heart she convinced herself she shouldn't get worked up until she saw the doctor. She knew she would have to come to terms with it soon. Even though she had never worked desk duty she knew it wasn't the end of the world, and it was the right thing to do. She knew her instincts would always be to protect to baby. It wasn't fair to Langley to have a partner that wouldn't do everything to have her back.

Chickie remembered the night she was with Ben more vividly then almost anything. She and Ben were done with their night shift and were walking down the hallway to the parking lot

"What do you say to some drinks at Halligan's?" Chickie asked. She had asked him several times to go out alone before, and she thought he was clueless to the fact she had feelings for him. True, she was about 6 years older then him, but she had never felt so at ease with someone. Ben let out one of his soft laughs and he smiled brightly at her.

"Chickie, if I were crazy I would say you were asking me out on dates."

"Don't be an idiot." She said as she let out a fake laugh, and lightly punched him in the arm.

"Sure Chickie, let's get something at Halligan's," He smiled.

Next thing they knew, after way to much alcohol, they ended up at his apartment. Maybe it was stress, maybe it was built up sexual tension, or maybe it was the fact their jobs put so much weight on them they needed someone to be with that night. Whatever the reason, they had crossed the line from friendship to a relationship. And look at the mess that had gotten them into.

"Chickie, you okay?" Langley's voice pulled her out of her day dreaming. Chickie looked up to see her partner offering up a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, sure. You ready to head back to the station?" She asked while grabbing the coffee she knew she was just going to pretend to drink. Chickie didn't hear Langley's response as another police car pulled into the lot. She took a deep breath as she recognized the car number as Ben and his partner John's. She wanted to tell him everything, but she didn't want to scare him away either. After all she didn't even know for sure. Ben had been the most amazing boyfriend for the last month, but no one in the department even knew they were together because they didn't want to risk one of them getting transferred. Although officers were directly banned from dating other law enforcement workers, it wasn't exactly encouraged either.

"Ben, you want coffee?" John asked, but Ben didn't have any time to answer the question as a black SUV rode past the gas station. Almost instantly the roar of gun fire spread through the air. Everyone tried to hit the floor and Ben took Chickie down with him, but when the gun fire ended he realized something was very wrong.

"No-no-no. Chickie, wake up! Please! Oh god- John help!" Ben screamed for his partner who was helping Langley up. Chickie's blood was already covering Ben's hands as he tried to put pressure on the gunshot in her shoulder. She began to moan in pain as tears came to her eyes.

"Ben- oh god Ben- I'm so sorry-," Chickie struggled to say but Ben cut her off.

"Your going to be fine, okay? Everything is going to be fine, okay?" He was trying to stay calm for her, but her body began to shake from the shock and her sobs. Ben tried to stay calm for her and act as if he wasn't terrified she was going to die.

"Ben," She managed to whisper as all the air seemed to be leaving her lungs. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. I'm so sorry. Oh god I'm going to lose the baby."