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"Stocking-Chaaaaaan." Izaya cried out. "Where are my hot Cheetos?"

"Find it yourself, dumbass." Stocking said, eating a chocolate cheesecake. "You know that I hate spicy stuff."

"I know, Stocking-Chan, I just can't find them anywhere." Izaya said, opening up all kinds of cabinets in his office.

"Have you asked that bitch, Namie?" Stocking said, with a mouth full of cheesecake. Lately, Stocking hasn't seen Naime around as much. She came a few times that week, must be because Stocking beat her up in their little sexy cat-fight. Well, she tore up her underwear, making Naime put on Izaya's extra clothes. Stocking just put on one of her many extra dresses.

"No, I haven't asked her. She might've eaten it. I can't find my hot Cheetos anywhere." Izaya said, giving up and sat down next to Stocking, eyeing her cheesecake. "I haven't seen Naime around much after your sexy cat-fight. Hmmmm…"

"Good. I hate that bitch, she gets on my nerves." Stocking said, harsher than usual. Not like her voice tone wasn't always harsh.

"I love all humans, so she falls into that category." Izaya said, shrugging, still eyeing Stocking's cheesecake.

"Quit eyeing my cheesecake, you can't have any." Stocking said, pointing her fork at Izaya. Again, she didn't twitch, he just kept on smirking.

"I'm just wondering how you can eat so much sweet stuff without gaining a pound." Izaya put his index finger on his chin, thinking of something. "You can't possibly have that high of a metabolism, can you?

Chewing on another piece of her cheesecake, Stocking took a sip of her tea, with extra sugar, and answered Izaya. "I work out a lot. Between fighting ghosts, and chasing that cherry boy around town, I get a good workout." Stocking still fought ghosts, despite having no intention of returning to Heaven. She just wanted the sweets from Heaven, really. She'd die without them. Or at least, that's what she thought inside her head.

"Oh, okay then. That's just been bugging me a lot lately." Izaya said, still smirking.

Sighing, Stocking cut into her cheesecake, picked it up with her fork, and pointed it back at Izaya. "I'll give you one little piece if you'd stop eyeing my cheesecake, Izaya." Stocking was never normally that nice, but Izaya was starting to really annoy her with that smirk of his. It was really starting to creep her out.

Izaya's face lit up as he leaned down and ate the little piece of cheesecake. "Ahhh, Stocking-Chan, where'd you get this cheesecake? It's the best thing I've ever eaten!"

"From Heaven. I used coins and got this cheesecake, and plenty more." Stocking took another bite of her cheesecake. Almost belching when she tasted curry as she chewed her piece of cheesecake.

"I forgot I had curry today for lunch!" Izaya said, his face glowing. She forgot it, but the side-effects that humans experience when they eat stuff from Heaven was weird. They're face would glow, or they'd get super flirty. It seemed like Stocking got off easy, this time at least. "Oh, by the way, I guess this means we've officially kissed, huh?"

Stocking chocked as she took a huge gulp of her tea with extra sugar. Scratch that, she was so screwed.

Dodging one of Shizuo's vending machine attacks, Stocking threw one of her swords at Shizuo, missing but she did rip the sleeve of his bartender uniform. Shizuo roared out something that Stocking couldn't make out, and now he was physically attacking her.

"Shit!" Stocking dodged one of Shizuo's punches, just barely though. 'It seems I made him madder then usual… is it because of his bartender uniform?' Quickly running, Stocking managed to dig out her other sword from the side of a brick wall, just in time to dodge Shizuo's punch. Unfortunately, he did punch a man whose pants were down to his knees, he looked like he couldn't run that fast with his pants pulled down like that. 'Pffft, weakling.'

Stocking pinned Shizuo to the side of a building, again. Only, she pinned her swords on both sides of his neck, if he moved she could quickly slice off his neck. Smiling when she saw that Shizuo's eyes widen with shock, Stocking laughed. "Not so strong when the females on top, huh cherry boy? Pathetic."

Shizuo stayed in his place, deciding to ask Stocking a question. "Why do you team up with that flea? You seem to be a lot stronger than him." Somehow, Shizuo remained calm while asking Stocking his question, though he wasn't sure why he was so calm.

"Who, Izaya? I'd hardly classify him as a flea, maybe an annoying cat who is super nosy, but a flea? Ick." Stocking said, shuddering at the thought of a flea. "I'm only with him because he can read people so easily. I want to take over the world, but I can't without his help. I can't read people as easily as him."

Questioning Stocking's sanity, Shizuo sighed. "Can I ask you this? What exactly are you? And don't lie, I want the whole truth."

"A demon. I originally was an angel, but being an angel is really boring. Besides, if they can allow sluts like my sister in, I don't want to be a part of Heaven. They call her a bitchy angel for nothing." Stocking said, frowning. For some reason, she didn't feel like lying to Shizuo. Mostly because she wasn't good at coming up with lies.

"… You're a demon? Yet you have angel wings." Shizuo really questioned Stocking. Not her sanity now, but her logic.

"Details, details. I don't want to go into them." Stocking said, sighing. Taking out her swords from the building, Stocking started walking again. "Sorry, I'm bored again. I'm going to get something to eat. Bye, cherry boy!"

It was already a full month since Stocking teamed up with Izaya, and now he was treating her to the best clothes shop in Ikeburuko. At first, she asked him if this was a trick, but he assured her that it wasn't. Stocking gave in, and agreed to go with him. If he tried anything, she'd slice off his fingers anyway.

While walking to the clothes store, Stocking got annoyed. People were calling her and Izaya an item now. They were now Ikeburuko's hottest couple? Stocking never knew. "Izaya," Stocking glared at Izaya as she said his name between clenched teeth. "did you do anything to make this happen?"

"I swear on my life I didn't, Stocking-Chan." Izaya said, smirking. "They must be talking about us in tabloids. Humans are so easily amused by gossip articles."

"Make it stop, please." Stocking said, stopping dead in her tracks. Izaya stopped a few feet ahead of her, and turned around. Well, to be exact, he spun around.

"I can't. As long as we're around, they'll keep on talking about us, Stocking-Chan." Izaya shrugged. "I'd try and ignore them as much as you can, if I were you."

Frowning, Stocking started walking again. Izaya for once, seemed serious. To be honest, she liked serious Izaya more than his childish side. "Fine, I will. For now."

When she got to the store, she realized that they sold every cute dress possible. From gothic Lolita, to casual dresses. Stockings face lit up as she tried out the gothic Lolita dresses. "Don't peek Izaya!"

"I won't, I promise." Izaya said, sitting down in one of the chairs.

After an hour, Stocking picked out a black dress, with purple and white ruffles. It was really, really puffy. She also picked out cute dark purple and white stockings to go with it, since she needed new ones.

"Stocking-Chan, you'll look beautiful at the ball I'm invited to in a few days." Izaya said, smirking as shock took over Stockings face.

"Screw you dumbass!" Stocking said, running away with her dress and stockings in her arms.

"Sorry about that. Put it on Shiki's tab, please!" Izaya said, running after Stocking.

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