Author: Paz23
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Post 7x07 Arizona leaves Callie alone in the airport, so she decided to write her a letter that will portrait her feelings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's, that distinction is reserved for Shonda and neither the song from Queen. No copyright infringement is intended by this story.

Inspired by Queen "Love of my life" and a great writer of this site kdip4014

I don´t know if you will read this or not, but I have to take out of my chest all those feeling that I have.

You're the love of my life, but you have hurt me in the most terrible way that I could be hurt. You´ve broken my heart and now you leave, like so many other had done. Yes, it's true that George left me for another woman and Erica left me standing in a parking lot. And it might not be the same to you. But love of my life can't you see? You took my heart away with you, so bring it back don't take it away, because you don't know what it means to me.

So please don't leave me. I see you walking away from me; you've stolen my love and now desert me. How you cannot see the future that you would be giving away? If you let me be with you, when we grow older I would be by your side, to remind you how I still love you with everything that I am.

So please just hurry back to me, because I'm your future even if you cannot see it.

Still thinking of you

Tu Calliope