A seven year old Roxas walked hand in hand with a six year old Sora. They were currently on their way to their favorite place on Earth. And what would be better than going to their favorite place on Earth? Going there with their best friend.

"Woxy-chan!" Sora turned to Roxas with a cat like grin.

"Hmm?" Roxas tilted his head and looked down at Sora. Sora being a couple inches shorter looked up at him.

"We're going to music school!" Sora yelled. Roxas laughed at Sora's childishness.

"Yup! We sure are!" Roxas yelled as well.

Everyday after school, Roxas and Sora would walk hand in hand to music class. And everyday after school, Sora would say the same thing, and Roxas would respond the same way.

This went on for a whole year. Roxas went on to the third grade, and Sora to the second.

One day, eight-year-old Roxas waited for seven-year-old Sora outside of his class room, but Sora never came out.

Dejected, Roxas walked to music school all by himself. And suddenly, his most favorite place on Earth meant nothing to him because his most favorite person on Earth wasn't there with him.

The next day, Roxas went back to Sora's class, hoping that Sora was there that time. He saw Sora, and he was about to run up to him, but he stopped when he saw Sora with a red headed girl.

Roxas hid behind a nearby trash can and held his breath while they passed the door. They met with a silver haired boy that was in Roxas' class.

Roxas came out and walked to the music school by himself, for the second time.

The third day, Roxas tried again. That time, he decided that he would talk to Sora.

"Hey, Sora!" Roxas smiled. Sora was froze and smiled.

"Roxas!" Sora launched himself at Roxas.

"Who's he Sora?" the red head asked from behind him.

"Oh, Kairi, this is Roxas. Roxas this is Kairi," Sora introduced them. Roxas beamed at her. Kairi blushed.

"Hi!" a boy's voice came out of nowhere.

"Riku!" Sora yelled and tackled him as well. Roxas tried to smile, but he couldn't help but feel abandoned.

"Hi," Roxas said shyly.

"You're in my class aren't you?" Riku smiled at him.

"Yeah..." Roxas mumbled.

"How do you know Sora?" he asked. How do you know Sora? Roxas wanted to ask him. But he decided not to.

"We go to music school together. I was gonna ask him why he didn't go yesterday," Roxas said instead.

"Music school?" Riku snorted. Sora grabbed Roxas' hand.

"I didn't know Sora went to music school!" Kairi grinned. "That's so cool–"

"Lame!" Riku interjected. Sora pulled Roxas toward him, away from the group.

"I don't go to music school anymore!" Sora yelled as he turned away from Riku and Kairi to face Roxas.

"What are you talking about?" Roxas whispered as he tried not to get angry at Riku.

"Please Roxas, Riku doesn't think that music school is all that cool," Sora pleaded.

"I can tell," Roxas seethed.

"Um, but he's not a bad kid. He's really nice, and he's fun–"

"More fun than music school I bet," Roxas snorted.

"Listen Roxas. He's my neighbor, and he's really popular. I want to be like him!" Sora yelled in a whisper.

"Fine then!" Roxas yelled out loud and stormed off.

"What's wrong with him?" Riku asked.

"Forget about it, it was nothing," Sora said.

"But he looked really angry Sora-kun," Kairi looked worried.

"He's fine, forget about him Sora. Let's go to my house. I'll teach you how to play blitzball," Riku took both Kairi and Sora and draped his arms on both of their shoulders.

Roxas came home that day with tears in his eyes. Eighteen-year-old Cloud and nineteen-year-old Tifa tried to calm Roxas down.

"Roxy-chan, can you tell me what happened?" Tifa cooed as he held the boy in her arms.

"Roxas, you can tell us anything, you know that right?" Cloud ruffled Roxas' hair.

"I... want.. mommy... and daddy..." Roxas cried harder.

"Roxas... Mommy and Daddy are... well... they're de–"

"We're your mommy and daddy now," Tifa interrupted Cloud and glared at him.

"I know..." Roxas hiccuped.

"But everyone is leaving me. Mommy, Daddy, and now Sora!" Roxas looked up at them.

"Roxas, Tifa and Ven and baby Denzel and I are here. We won't ever leave you," Cloud sat down beside Tifa.

"Roxy-chan, please, just tell us what happened," Tifa rubbed Roxas' back. Roxas gave in, and told them everything.

"Do you want us to talk to Sora's parents about this?" Cloud asked.

"NO!" Roxas had stopped crying then.

"Well, do you want to go talk to Sora?" Tifa suggested.

"... yes... I want to apologize..." Roxas said. Tifa and Cloud were shocked. They hadn't thought that Roxas would actually be mature enough to admit his own fault.

"Oh Roxas! That's so kind of you!" Tifa hugged him.

"Good job kiddo. That's the right thing to do," Cloud himself hugged Roxas.

"Thank you... Um... can you guys let go now, I can't breathe, and Ven's giving us weird looks," Roxas noted that his other older brother had just walked in the door.

"Hey Ven, how was school?" Tifa asked.

"Don't talk to me," Ven rushed up to his room and slammed his door. Tifa looked hurt.

"Don't worry about it Tifa, I was... like that when I was in high school too," Cloud rubbed Tifa's shoulder.

"Hmph, I won't ever be mean to you like that Teef!" Roxas crossed his arms.

"Denzel won't either, right?" Roxas asked the infant in the crib across the room, that was just watching the whole scene unfold.

"Woxas!" Denzel yelled in triumph.

"You're supposed to say 'yes'," Roxas rolled his eyes. Tifa and Cloud just laughed.

Roxas nervously rang the doorbell of Sora's incredibly huge house the following Saturday.

"Yes?" Sora's mom answered the door.

"Um, is Sora there?" Roxas asked.

"Oh, yes. Hello there Roxas-kun, I haven't seen you in a long time," she crouched down and smiled at him.

"Come in!" She beckoned. "Go ahead and go up to Sora's room, it's the first door to your left when you go up the stairs."

Roxas went up to Sora's room and knocked on his door. Sora answered it with a smile, but as soon as he saw Roxas, his face dropped into a frown.

"What?" Roxas felt hurt. He had never heard Sora speak in that tone before.

"I... I came to... I'm sorry," Roxas sighed. Sora's face softened into a smile.

"... It's okay Roxy. I'm sorry too..." Roxas smiled as well. He held out his hand.

"Friends?" he asked. Sora took Roxas's hand and beamed.

"Are you going back to music school?" Roxas asked Sora.

"...I'm sorry Roxas. But I... I don't think so," Sora looked at the ground as he let go of Roxas's hand.

"What?" Roxas's face contorted into a frown.

"It's just–"

"No Sora. I get it. You choose him. You think that music is lame! That's stupid!" Roxas yelled. Sora's lips pursed into a pout.

"...Well you know what? I think that music is stupid, and that you are too! I hate music!" Sora yelled back. Tears formed in Roxas's eyes.

"Fine. If you hate music then... I hate you!" Roxas once again stormed away from Sora's sight.

Sora, who had just processed the gravity of their argument, broke down on the floor crying. Sora had just lost his first best friend. His bestest friend.

"Roxas? Roxas... don't leave me..." Sora feebly called out to Roxas's retreating form. Roxas didn't hear him.

"Roxas... what happened?" Tifa scooped the boy into her arms again.

"... I'm not friends with Sora anymore," Roxas mumbled into her shirt.

"What? Why?" Tifa made Roxas face her, and she wiped away his tears.

"We.. had a fight. Then I told him I hate him. I don't hate him... But I can't tell him that anymore because now he hates me!" Roxas's tears went free falling from his face.

"I'm home!" Cloud called out.

"Cloud! Come here! I'm in the kitchen," Tifa yelled.

"Yes?" Cloud came in, laid down his books on the table and saw little Roxas clinging onto Tifa's front.

"What happened?" Cloud's eyes held genuine worry for his baby brother.

"Sora and Roxas had a fight," Tifa told him.

"Roxas, what happened?" Cloud wanted to hear everything. Roxas sniffled and wiped his face on Tifa's shirt. He looked up at Cloud and told him exactly what happened.

"That's it. We definitely need to talk to his parents. Tifa, where's the phone?"

Suddenly, the phone rang, and to Cloud's surprise, it was Sora's parents.

"Hello, Strife residence," Cloud answered.

"May I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Strife?" it was a man's voice.

"I'm sorry sir, but my parents are no longer with us. They passed a few months ago," Cloud pinched the bridge of his nose.

"...I'm sorry son. I didn't know, I had just come from a business trip... A–anyway, may I speak to Roxas's legal guardian?"

"This is him," Cloud sighed.

"Oh, yes, well. This is regarding my son and Roxas."

"I'm... aware of the events that took place. My brother just told me," Cloud swallowed.

"Then, were you told of what had happened to my son?"

"No sir. What... happened?" Cloud asked.

"My son is being examined at a psychiatric clinic as we speak. It seems that whatever your brother may have done, it was the cause of Sora's... vulnerable mental state."

"Now wait just a minute. You're blaming my brother for the reason why Sora's being examined? You don't even know if there's anything wrong with him yet!" Cloud yelled.

"I'm not blaming your brother. Just stating what the psychiatrist told my wife and I."

"Well, my brother was just as shaken by their argument as Sora was," Cloud was getting angry.

"If he was, then how come you're not in the psychiatric clinic hoping that you're brother was still sane?"

Cloud didn't know what to say to that. He could tell that Sora's dad was just as angry as he was.

"I'm sorry sir," said Cloud.

"Yes, well. Ahem. The doctors told me that they still don't know if Sora would be okay. They'll keep examining him. But until then, they advised us to keep Sora away from what they think is the cause. In other words, keep him away from Roxas."

"Roxas will gladly keep away from Sora. Was that the reason you called?" Cloud asked, trying to keep his emotions in check.

"Yes. That is all."

In the next few days, Cloud told Roxas what had happened, although completely leaving out the part where Sora's dad blamed Roxas. But Roxas still thought it was his fault.

He sulked everyday that he didn't see Sora because he knew that even if Sora was alright, he'll never get to apologize to him. And he'll never be friends with him anymore.

The Strife home phone rang again. That time, Tifa answered it.

"Hello? Strife residence, Tifa Lockhart speaking."

"Yes, this is Sora's mother."

"Oh, Mrs. Leonhart, how's Sora?" Tifa asked.

"... He's fine. Nothing's wrong with him except... well, he can't remember Roxas at all. We made a deal to not mention Roxas to, him. We didn't even tell our other children about the incident with Sora. But I guess that was our mistake.

"Xion, who's only a year older than Sora, was the only other child that knew about Roxas. She asked Sora about him during dinner. Sora... didn't know who Roxas was."

"What?" Tifa was shocked.

"We asked the doctor about this, and he said that Sora's brain had probably attributed Roxas to the pain he felt. So, as a defense mechanism, it decided to discard all of his memories of and with Roxas."

"... Roxas would be so devastated," Tifa mumbled so that she wouldn't hear her.

"The reason why I'm calling to tell you this is... my husband and I both think that things would be better that way."

"I... don't understand," Tifa's voice was soft.

"I'm saying that I want Roxas to be kept away from Sora. That is all. Bye."

Tifa put the phone back and held her head in her hand. Too many things she had to process. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was...

"How am I going to tell Roxas?"

"Tell me what?" Roxas just walked in the kitchen with his backpack slung haphazardly on his shoulder.

Tifa bit her lip, as she told Roxas what had just happened.

"...It's... okay. I understand," Roxas didn't cry. But Tifa could tell that he needed a hug. So she gave him the best hug she could muster.

Years passed and Roxas was in high school. Roxas chose to go to a different middle school from what he knew Sora would choose to go to. In that middle school he found new friends. Axel, Namine, and Xion were really good friends that shared his love for music and the arts.

Once he was in high school, his little group of friends grew.

Freshman year for him was a blast. He got a girlfriend, they broke up though, and their experiences made Roxas forget about the childhood friend that he was burdened to carry in his memories.

Eventually, Roxas couldn't even remember what happened between him and Sora. All he could remember was his name, and all the hurt connected with it.

In his sophomore year, Sora came into the same high school as a freshman. And almost immediately, he became one of the most popular people in school.

"God, I hate that kid. Freshmen are so dumb," Roxas crushed his milk carton.

"Do you even know him Roxas?" Namine rolled her eyes.

"Not really... But I remember something happened between us when we were younger. I can't fully remember what it was though.."

"Well that's a good reason to hate someone's guts," Axel commented sarcastically. Everyone at the table laughed.

"Ha Ha. Very funny," Roxas mocked. Then he remembered that Xion was there too.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm talking bad about your brother right in front of you. It's just that–"

"Don't apologize Roxas... I know," Xion smiled.