Serperior And Lilligant's Sexy Adventure

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, thanks to /vp/, I made this as a request. Will I update that certain /vp/ fanfic? maybe, but for now, I got a lot of writing to do.

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Serperior was hanging around in some random, perfectly smooth grassy meadows with his bro Krokorok, both of them simply enjoying the pleasure of walking around. However, Serperior felt something, a disturbance in the force. Krokorok scratched his head as he walked forwards, confronting Serperior and asking what was happening.

"Hmmhmmhmm... I have this... strange feeling..." Serperior mutrered as he rubbed his chin with his tail.

"What's up, Serperior?" Krokorok asked as he opened up his arms together.

Serperior frowned as he glanced behind him, then looked at Krokorok. "Well, croco mah boi, it's just... you see that Lilligant nearby?"

Krokorok turned behind, seeing the Lilligant that Serperior mentioned. "Yeah, what about her?"

Serperior smirked as he looked up, his tail moving slyly. "Well... let's just say... I got these... feelings for her..."

Krokorok chuckled, folding his arms together. "Oooh, the feeling for love?"

"Love?" Serperior remarked as he blinked several times.

Krokorok moved his hands in a slow motion. "You know, when you feel warm, cuddly, cozy..."

Serperior chuckled nervously as he rubbed his neck. "Oh. That. Well..." He sighed as he looked up, looking at the white, puffy clouds above. "I could go ahead with it, but I would look odd... don't you think?"

Krokorok laughed as he waved his hands, reassuring Serperior. "Don't worry about it! I'm behind you one hundred percent!" He then jumped into the bushes, popping his head out as he gave Serperior a thumbs up. "Go for it, mah boi!"

Serperior sighed as he slithered forwards, gulping as he had doubt in the back of his mind.

Lilligant was sitting on the nice, smooth grass, looking up at the clear blue sky with a cheery smile across her face. Lilligant's stomach growled loudly, causing Lilligant to blush in embarrassment as she rubbed her stomach with both her leafy arms, unaware of what was going to happen. Serperior then wrapped his long scaly body around Lilligant, squeezing her. Lilligant screamed in shock as she was caught by surprise.

"What the- gah!" Lilligant tried breaking free, but she panted several times, still struggling to get out. Serperior's grip got tighter, prompting Lilligant to give up as she sighed, feeling exhausted. Serperior chuckled as Lilligant looked up, still shocked.

"I like that you still tried giving it your all after I squeezed you." Serperior commented as he winked at Lilligant. "I can appreciate that."

Lilligant shook her head as she pulled her arms out, pouting, "You appreciate that? You came out of nowhere and tightened me like a rag doll!"

Serperior chuckled as he snarkly remarked, "Ohoho, but I haven't even came. In fact, I was thinking of that later..."

Lilligant's blush got bigger as her jaw dropped. "Wha- are you hitting on me?"

Serperior shook his head as he was caught by surprise. "Nononono! It's just that... ugh..." He then closed his eyes, muttering to himself, "Damn it, I'm really letting myself go. Who writes this drivel, anyway?"

Back in the bushes, Kokorok glanced next to him, to see a Scrafty typing on a laptop. Krokorok shrugged as Serperior groaned, rolling his eyes.

Lilligant pushed Serprerior off of her, heading towards the western direction as she folded her arms, degrading Serperior, "Humph! If I wanted to get a date, I would be kidnapped every single day of my life!"

Suddenly, right on the spot, she was snatched by a quick, sinister Cofagrigus, who laughed as he tightened his grip on Lilligant. Lilligant screamed in horror and pain as Serperior gasped, rushing towards Lilligant's aid.

"This is ridiculous! I just got crushed, and now I'm crushed again!" Lilligant demoaned as she struggled.

The Cofagrigus laughed as he poked Lilligant, taunting her, "Don't bother moving, my dear. Soon, the seven Chaos Pokeballs will be mine, and I will make the Cofagrigus Empire! Ohohohoho!" He then disappeared underneath the earth, taking Lilligant with him, who screamed for her life.

Serperior gasped in shock, looking at Krokorok, who didn't have anything to contribute. Serperior turned around, squinting his eyes as he muttered heroically, "There's only one thing to do..."

He then started sucking on his tail, wheeling back and forth as Krokorok facepalmed.