Serperior slithered as fast as he could, following the Cofagrigus that snatched Lilligant. Serperior attempted firing blasts of Solar Beam at Cofagrigus, but much of them didn't have any effect. As they left the peaceful wide open meadows, the chasing Pokemon headed into a rugged area, leading up to a very active volcano.

"Don't worry, Lilligant! I'll rescue you!" Serperior shouted as he started huffing, the rough terrain being harsh on his slick body, "Urph... I need a drink, or something."

Lilligant rolled her eyes in disdain. "You claim to rescue me, yet you already tire out. Some hero you are!"

Serperior obviously took insultage to that, as he was going faster. He then got a brilliant idea and grabbed Cofagrigus with his tail, pulling the ghost type coffin like Pokemon close as he attempted to free Lilligant. Cofagrigus, however, used his two top arms to break Serperior's grip off, vanashing in an instant as Lilligant disappeared with him. Serperior dropped his jaw in disbelief as he was distraught at what just happened.

"Ack! Lilligant, no!" Serperior exclaimed as he felt like he was going into jepoardy. "Why was I too slow enough to get her?"

"It's because you're pathetic, Serperior." A snooping Swoobat commented as she flapped overhead Serperior. "Why, if I knew better, you're downright pathetic."

"I am not!" Serperior shouted back as he wrapped his body around Swoobat, crushing her with great power. "If I was, you'd be nothing but dust right now!"

"Okay, okay!" The Swoobat gasped as she tried breaking apart from Serperior. "I take it back. Just please don't squeeze me!"
Serperior growled as he released Swoobat, still unsure about her.

The Swoobat sighed as he shook herself, clearing her throat as she explained, "If you really wanted that plant chick, you should have gone straight after her. After all, she is fine and dandy."

"You know of her?" Serperior asked curiously as he stared blankly at the Swoobat.

The Swoobat scoffed, bending her right wing at Serperior in a playful manner. "Do I? I have tea parties with her every Thursday."

Serperior chuckled as he rubbed his chin with his tail, his interest perked. "Well, isn't that something?"

Swoobat laughed, flapping overhead of Serperior. "I know, right? Anyway, let's cut to the chase. We got to go in there and rescue her. Are you with me?"

"Am I? Let's do this, girl!" Serperior exclaimed, thrill to get a new partner to help him.

And thus, Serperior and Swoobat became close friends that day. Forever buddies. Ass kicking, suave buddies. And that's awesome.