I got this idea from watching "Light Sleeper", an NCIS episode. Yay, my first crossover! Don't be too hard on me *cringes*.

It was late at night as Kitty Pryde was walking across the naval base after meeting her friend at the bar on base, and she was going to catch the last bus out of the base that night, trying to get home to the Xavier Institute. She saw somebody sitting at the bus stop and went over to them.

"Nice night." She said conversationally. The person remained silent. Kitty nodded and stayed quiet, looking down at her nails. Silently, unnoticed by the young girl, the other person drew a gun and cocked it. Then she looked up into the muzzle of a gun. Before she could say another word, the person pulled the trigger and the muffled gun fired a single round into Kitty's head.

The person jumped up and dashed away as Kitty Pryde's lifeless body hit the ground.

Hm, who could have killed Kitty? Why would they want to kill Kitty? What will the other X-Men do? Who's going to investigate the murder? So many questions! Any suggestions on plot will be taken into account, and any guesses as to the murderer will be accepted heartily!