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Kurt wrenched himself free of Gibbs's grasp and 'ported to the locker. He used his tail to somehow free his hands of the cuffs and put his hands gently on Kitty's cheeks, tears streaking down his own.

"Oh, Keety," he mumbled. The X-Men patted him on the back and comforted him as they all cried, too. Gibbs almost felt sad. Ducky stepped back respectfully and nodded to Gibbs. His nod said exactly what Gibbs was thinking. So our Jane Doe is Katherine Pryde. And either this blue monkey is a damn good actor, or he's sincere.

"Alright." Gibbs muttered, dragging Kurt away from Kitty's body. "We need to run some tests."

"No, please! No tests!" Kurt said, starting to get nervous, on top of his grief. Abby came running into Autopsy at that second.

"I heard our prime suspect was blue and fuzzy and had a tail and was German and stuff and I've always wanted to meet a German elf and they call him Elf and Ziva told me he killed his girlfriend—" Abby was squealing, a running commentary, then Gibbs cut her off.

"Abbs, quiet."

Kurt's tail lashed and Abby looked delighted. He tried to teleport, but Gibbs grabbed the back of his neck and jerked his head back.

"No funny business." He growled, and Kurt bared his fangs and started truly growling, the jagged sound tearing up through his chest and throat ferally. Abby came over and gripped his upper arm, making his head whip around, a slightly surprised expression coming onto his face.

"You're coming to my lab, right, Gibbs?" Abby said pointedly. Gibbs just stayed quiet, shaking his head slightly. Abby smiled, cocked her head, and started pulling a reluctant Kurt to her lab, Rogue breaking free of the pack of X-Men and tagging along her brother.

"Don't try anyt'in' funny, lady," She growled. "or I'll drop y' like that." Rogue snapped a finger under the cuff of one of her gloves menacingly.

"Oh, no, don't worry, I won't." Abby said honestly. Rogue nodded, eyes dark.


Down in the lab, Abby had Kurt in the chair and was talking fervently.

"Okay, so I need your print, and holy guacamole, you have huge fingers," Abby said, and Rogue glowered. Abby took Kurt's prints and ran a thirteen-point match against the print lifted from the scene. "Good lord!"

"Was?" Kurt asked, leaning around Abby and looking at the flashing screen.

"I've never got a print this clear before. Wow!" she said, eyes wide. "Oh, and also, do you know how—so, we found sulfur and stuff at the crime scene, so how did that get there? God, I've never seen a hair this color before!" Abby lifted an evidence bag with a dark indigo hair in it.

Kurt shook his head. "I didn't keel her!" he insisted, appealing to Rogue.

"He really wouldn've, he loved Kit." Rogue said.

"Hey, that's great, but I'm not Gibbs, and that's who you should be telling this to." Abby said, shrugging. "Oh, wait, here he comes. Gibbs!"

Gibbs strode into the room. "What've you got now, Abbs?"

"The fingerprint is definitely Kurt's, and this hair is his too. I bet if McGee looked hard enough he'd find fur too. I still don't know what the sulfur is from—"

"Sulfur is like brimstone, ja?" Kurt asked suddenly.

"Yeah, sorta." Abby said, shrugging. Kurt nodded and 'ported across the room. Abby jumped and Gibbs looked annoyed.

"I teleport. And vhen I pass zrough ze ozzer dimension in my 'port, some of ze atmosphere escapes, and it's brimstone. Zhat could be your sulfur." Kurt said, then did a facepalm, realizing his incriminating mistake.

"And that could be the last nail in your coffin, Wagner." Gibbs growled, dragging Kurt out of the room as Abby shot Rogue an apologetic glance which the Southern girl shrugged off and exited after her brother and the curmudgeonly NCIS agent.

Gibbs dragged Kurt all the way down to the jail cells they had for holding suspects at the other end of the building and threw Kurt inside. Kurt frowned at Gibbs, staring eye-to-eye with him through the bars.

"I've got no reason not to believe that you shot Katherine Pryde to death. You're not getting out of this, understand? You will stay here until I or one of my agents comes and gets you. I will not hesitate to shoot you down if I so much as see a hair out of this cell." Gibbs snarled, banging his gun against the bars to emphasize his point. Kurt backed away and sat down in the corner, looking dejected. Gibbs didn't care. He stormed out, striding back to the lab through the bullpen.

The Xavier Institute people jumped on him, demanding to know just about everything. Gibbs ignored them, letting them fall away as he walked into the elevator. When he got to Abby's lab, he shot one death glare at the Southern girl, masking the surprise he felt at seeing an equally mean death glare shot back at him. He jerked one thumb over his shoulder.

"Out." He demanded. The girl hesitated for a moment, but slunk away and stood in the hallway. Gibbs let the lab door slide shut before approaching Abby.

"Gibbs, I don't think—" Abby started to protest.

"You need to tell me what's going on right now. I've got a bunch of freaks that look like they've stepped out of a comic book up in the bullpen, a furry in jail, and my forensic scientist spitting in the face of all the proof to say that he's innocent! I need answers, Abbs, not opinions!" Gibbs said angrily. Abby frowned at him.

"If you listened to what I said, then you'd know that I just interviewed his sister, and Kurt has a solid alibi for last night." Abby said frostily. Gibbs didn't even break stride.

"Well then, what are you waiting for?"

"According to Rogue, Kurt's sister, Kitty, the dead girl, went out for drinks at a bar near here at about 2100. Normally she would come home around 2300, but she didn't come home. From the hours of 2100 to 0000, Kurt was at home at the Institute studying for a test with a friend named Amanda Sefton." Abby explained.

"Thanks, Abbs." Gibbs pecked her on the cheek and left the lab. Rogue was leaning against the wall moodily outside, and approached Gibbs as he exited.

"So?" she asked.

"So what?" Gibbs countered. "Come with me."

Rogue followed Gibbs into the elevator, and he escorted her to the bullpen. "Everybody listen up! I need verification that Kurt Wagner was at home from nine to midnight last night." He announced. Before they could all start talking at once, he continued. "Anybody with a solid alibi for Wagner, follow me."

Immediately, everyone herded after Gibbs, jamming into the elevator down to interrogation. Gibbs directed them down the hall, then held Ziva behind.

"I need you to find Amanda Sefton for me." He said. The retreating form of Rogue turned around.

"Ah have her numba, if you want it." She volunteered. Ziva looked hopefully at Gibbs, who nodded.


Two hours later, when Gibbs and DiNozzo had finally gotten through everybody from the Xavier Institute, Ziva escorted a tall, young black woman into the interrogation room.

"I will take her," Ziva said, relieving DiNozzo. He nodded in assent, and let Ziva put Amanda Sefton in the hot seat.

"Where were you last night between nine and midnight last night?" Ziva asked.

"I'm not in trouble, am I?" Amanda asked, voice quiet, sitting ramrod straight in the chair.

"No, you are not. Where were you last night?" Ziva repeated.

"Uh—s-studying with Kurt, at the Institute." Amanda tripped over her own words, making Ziva doubt her.

"We have multiple eyewitnesses that place you in Kurt's room at the Institute, but what were you really doing?" Ziva asked suspiciously with narrowed eyes.

"Studying! That's all we were doing, I swear!" Amanda became shrill and defensive, and Ziva knew she'd struck a nerve.

"Oh, of course you were. Two high school students alone in a bedroom—you were only studying." Ziva said sarcastically.

"Yes! Is that so hard to believe? He's my ex, but that doesn't mean I'd do anything with him!" Amanda exclaimed, frowning.

"I'm sure your parents do not know you were studying with him last night, do they? Maybe you were studying with a different friend, but you would most certainly not be visiting your ex-boyfriend, now would you? Amanda, I know what you were doing last night. All you have to do is say yes and I will let you go. What your parents do with you is up to them, but you will not be in any more trouble with the law." Ziva said levelly. Amanda looked torn for a moment before she blurted,

"Alright! I wasn't studying! We were, y'know . . ." Amanda trailed off uncomfortably, shrugging. "But he was with me the entire night. We watched a movie, and he drove me home at twelve."

"Thank you, Amanda." Ziva opened the door and ushered her out.

In the observation room, DiNozzo turned to Gibbs. "Looks like our prime suspect just got cleared."

"So find me a new one." Gibbs said, walking from the room.


When Gibbs returned to the cells, Kurt was sitting in the same position, obviously asleep. "Wake up!" Gibbs barked, and Kurt jumped, clambering into a standing position, swaying for a moment before realizing his surroundings again. "You're free to go."

"Vha—really?" Kurt asked incredulously.

"Yeah. Now get out of there." Gibbs opened the door, leading Kurt back to the bullpen. Again, the Xavier Institute people mobbed them, but this time it was in congratulations of Kurt's innocence. Gibbs left the scene, heading back to Abby's lab.

"Abby, tell me you've got something new. Wagner's innocent, but somebody killed Pryde." Gibbs said tersely.

"Well, I haven't gone through all the evidence yet, Gibbs. I've just got to process the shell, a footprint, and some hair." Abby said, not looking up from her computer screen, sipping Caf-Pow as she watched the software run through databases of bullets and shells. A few moments later, it beeped and showed a match. "The bullet belongs to a 1217 Khrakovik ME-45 [1]." Abby clicked for a clearer description of the gun.

"What is that?" Gibbs muttered.

"It's a Polish gun that was made in the 40s, during WWII; only forty guns were ever made." Abby announced gleefully—the rarer the gun, the easier it was for her to find. With a few brushes of the keyboard, the software surfed through gun registry databases, until two blinking results appeared.

"There are two ME-45s registered in the US. One belongs to someone who lives in Georgia, the other belongs to a Mr Erik M. Lenscherr, who lives five miles from the base." Abby said, reading off the address, but Gibbs was already out of the room. Abby's heart lurched as she saw a bolded link on the page. It seemed Mr Lenscherr had been convicted of six violent felonies but had escaped the law every time. "Be careful," she muttered, worried.


"Let's go! Erik Lenscherr! DiNozzo driving!" Gibbs barked, rapid-fire, as he came into the bullpen. His team leaped to attention and ran towards the elevator, as did the Xavier crowd. "Where are you going?" Gibbs demanded.

"Erik Lenscherr—his alias is Magneto. He's our archenemy, a mutant like us. You're going to need our help if you want to get him." Evan said quickly.

"No. You all are deranged. You think you're superheroes and mutants. Back off, this is a job for NCIS." Gibbs said shortly, grabbing Professor Xavier's wheelchair and shoving him out of the elevator. His followers ran after him, stopping him before he hit a cubicle wall. Storm turned to give Gibbs a killing stare as the elevator doors dinged shut.

"Think we're superheroes and mutants?" Evan muttered disgustedly.

"Vhat does he zink I am? A hallucination?" Kurt hissed. "I don't care vot he says, I'm going after Magneto."

"Kurt—" the Professor said cautiously, but Rogue cut him off.

"I'm goin' with ya."

"Me too," Evan agreed. Logan nodded.

"Uh—yeah," Scott said sheepishly, under the hard glare of Jean. The group split and Logan led them down the stairs, out of the building, leaving Storm, the Professor, and Jean standing there dumbfounded.

As Gibbs's team mobilized, peeling out in the van, Logan and his crew were piling into the X-Van and blazing back to the Institute to get the Blackbird and their uniforms.

As Rogue furiously yanked her suit on, all alone, she thought of how odd it was to be charging into battle against Magneto with only half their team—and one member would never be coming back. With her suit zipped, she sprinted through the halls of the basement to the hangar, diving through the door as it was closing.

Logan was waiting for the engines to warm up, but it was taking too long for Rogue. "Just get outta here!" She shouted, standing behind Logan and Scott, in the pilot and copilot seats.

"Then sit down!" Logan yelled back at her. Rogue barely had time to fall into a seat before the Blackbird took off, pressing her back into her seat. The Blackbird shot through the sky like a bullet, arriving at Magneto's lair in less than a minute. Logan landed the jet in a field nearby and the incomplete X-Men took off through the field, heading towards the dilapidated farmhouse that masked Magneto's underground lair.

Kurt galloped ahead and 'ported into the house, looking around cautiously, straining all his senses for the telltale high-pitched whine of an attack drone or security system. He heard thundering footsteps at the front door, behind him, and thought they were the rest of the X-Men catching up. When he saw Rogue come in the back door, though, he panicked.

"NCIS! Open up!" Gibbs's voice rang through the rotted wood of the door. As he kicked the door in, Kurt reacted in fear, leaping onto the wall and crawling away.

"Hey! Freeze!" DiNozzo's voice was slightly muted by the layers of wood in between him and Kurt, but they had seen him. Kurt rounded a corner and jumped back to the ground, skidding around a corner and tripping down a flight of stairs, crashing heavily at the bottom—into a metal door.

He heard two separate herds of people closing in at the top of the stairs, bracing himself for the confrontation. Logan and Gibbs came face-to-face.

"It's that damn cop," Logan spat in Gibbs's face.

"What the hell are you doing here? This is a federal investigation! You don't have a warrant!" Gibbs roared, reaching the end of his rope.

"We have as much right to be here as you! We're seeking retribution for our team member—that's the way things go in the mutant community." Logan growled, low and dangerous, catching a glimpse of Kurt at the bottom, against the door. "Our team found his hideout first."

He thundered down the stairs, the X-Men following behind, NCIS after them. Kurt moved out of the way as Logan unsheathed his claws and drove them into the door with a snarl, slicing a huge hole in the metal, kicking it in. The X-Men rushed in with military efficiency and practice, startling the NCIS agents at just how experienced they were.

Gibbs followed behind and just caught a glimpse of the X-Men sprinting down a hallway.

"How the hell do they know where they're going? It's a rat maze down here." DiNozzo commented.

"Whatever; just follow them." Gibbs said shortly before running off after them. Suddenly, an earsplitting screech echoed down the hallway. NCIS picked up their pace, rounding a corner and saw a full-fledged battle raging in front of them. Even the stony Gibbs stopped dead in awe and shock.

A tall, caped, helmeted man stood at the back of the room, metal objects floating around him and slamming into unfortunate X-Men. An even stockier, burlier man tangled with Logan, each with claws, each fighting to the death and ripping up the steel of the room. A lithe blue woman the same color of Kurt was fighting with him using expert martial arts, aiming hard kicks at his head. A silver whirlwind raged through the room, knocking over X-Men and beating them bloody in a matter of seconds. A variety of shabbily-dressed teenagers ranged through the room, causing earthquakes, showers of sparks, splatters of slime, and mangled equipment.

Evan ducked through the silver whirlwind and made a charge towards the man at the back of the room only to be hit in the head with a steel beam. He fell and was sickeningly still as blood dripped from his ear. Kurt immediately took up the charge Evan had started, leaping off the floating objects and careening towards the helmeted man. He was a few feet from him when he suddenly disappeared in a crack of thick smoke and blinding light. The helmeted man, disoriented, stumbled and let the metal objects drop.

Kurt reappeared behind him, shoved off the wall, barreled into him with his shoulder, and dropped him to the ground. They were only there for a moment before they disappeared again. Logan bellowed something over the din and the X-Men pulled out, scooping up the fallen Evan in the process, sweeping the NCIS agents along with them as they rushed down the corridors, fleeing. Scott held them off, firing searing blasts at the pursuers.

The X-Men burst from the farmhouse and dead ran towards the Blackbird, and the NCIS agents were caught up in the frenzy. When the plane doors slammed shut, everyone belted themselves into a seat, and the engines roared, only then did somebody realize that they'd kidnapped NCIS.




[1] This gun is not real! It's fake because I couldn't find any satisfactorily rare and unusual guns on Google.

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