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Author's Note: I've deliberately left the Doctor's companion unnamed. I originally wanted to right this as an OC but I thought it worked quite well with the companion anonymous. I also left the Doctor's incarnation unknown (though I originally wrote him as 11). Feel free to fit any Doctor or companion in! Reviews are love...I haven't written anything like this before!

The Master isn't sure where he is when the Doctor finds him but, before he knows it, he's being hurried off to the T.A.R.D.I.S. so the Doctor can take him somewhere where he can't "cause trouble". The Master feels that all of this running is becoming rather tiresome. So he lets him. Besides, it's dry and warm in the T.A.R.D.I.S. The Doctor mutters to himself all the way but the Master doesn't really pay attention. He's waiting for inspiration to hit; he's waiting for another cunning plan to strike him. He's vaguely aware of another presence – a sweeter scent – asking questions and tailing the Doctor closely but he feels it is of little significance. It's always been about him and the Doctor. No one else. He's pushed through the blue door and he sinks into a chair. The Master doesn't look at either of them directly, he likes to listen and guess what's going on. It makes everything a little more fun.

He's a little distance from the Doctor who, still muttering, is striding around the console, jabbing buttons and bickering with the Sweeter Smell. The Master doesn't know who she is but doesn't take the time to look. He stares at the console, wondering how easily he could assume control of it. There's a jolt and then they're off, whizzing through space and time. Then a beep. That's new. The Doctor jabs another button and a disembodied voice crackles through the console. After a few moments, the crackles stop along with the voice.

Then the Doctor's talking to the Sweeter Smell again, this time it's far more amicable. The Master hears the Doctor say 'trouble' and listens, thinking he might be involved in this somehow. He's not. The Doctor follows up 'trouble' with 'Torchwood' and 'Jack'. The Master nearly switches off again but then he hears her. The Sweeter Smell. The Sweeter Voice. Soft but firm; insistent. She's reassuring the Doctor of something. She can manage. He should go. It's important. There's a quiet moment, perhaps one of hesitation, before the Doctor sighs and his footsteps can be heard again; striding up and down, pulling at wires, sonic-ing the console and grabbing things and stuffing them in his pockets.

"Are you sure?" he asks the Sweeter Smell. She must have confirmed that she was because the Doctor strode toward the door of the T.A.R.D.I.S., telling her that he'll contact her everyday that he's gone. He'll lock them in. Just to be safe.

"If anything happens..." A pause. "Come and find me. Leave the T.A.R.D.I.S if you have to. If he's too much...I just can't leave him on his own..." Another pause and, for the first time, the Master's expression changes. He smirks, knowing that the Doctor is referring to him. The Doctor must have noticed, because he changes the subject. "I'll call you every evening. I won't be long."

The door opens and the Doctor's gone, leaving the Master and the Sweeter Smell alone.

That's how he thought of her at first. Just a smell, sensual and strong, sliding over his skin and into his warped mind.

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