Author's Note: Alright, I know! I said it was finished but I just couldn't resist a little more! This final chapter is from three perspectives; the first is the Doctor's, the second is his companion's and the last from the Master's. Hope THIS is a satisfactory end!

I call out to her. There's a thick silence and tension in the air before I hear scrambling and whispering.

There's an incredible feeling of anger and betrayal coursing through me. I should storm down the corridors, confront them. But I don't. I stand stock still like a coward, waiting for them to come to me. All courage has failed me.

I don't want to upset her. It's stupid I know, seen as she's hurt me so much. But I can't stand to see her upset, to see her cry.

Besides, I could be jumping to conclusions.

But as soon as she comes in, I know I'm not. She's been seduced by him, he's played his mind games and she's fallen for them. It hurts like nothing else I've felt before but I smile, paper over the growing hole in me and we chat as though everything's the same.

I act as casually as I can. It isn't easy; the Doctor has this tendency to know everything about everyone.

I beam and throw my arms around him like I'm happy to see him. I am happy to see him. I'm happy to be back to normal. A conversation starts between us and there is the usual banter. We're laughing, and all thoughts of the Master are pushed out of my mind. Until I see it. A shadow passes over the Doctor's usually cheery face; his eyes narrow and focuses on something over my shoulder. He speaks from behind me, and his voice is like chocolate, dark and rich.

"We're all safe and sound. No trouble, was I?"

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I hesitate and it squeezes.

"No." I say; I hearing my voice faltering. "No trouble at all."

"See?" I say, a grin pulling at my lips when I notice how tense he is. She can't tell. She hasn't known him for as long as I have. He knows. I can see the pain etched on his face. It looks delicious. My stomach rumbles and my hearts quicken.

There's a silence, heavy and tense, before she smiles again and announces she's going for a swim. We both watch her leave and then he turns on me. Self important bastard. He moves closer, gets right in my face and murmurs:

"You'd better not have done anything to her. I mean it."

There's an odd element to his voice. I cock my head to the side and stare at him. Jealousy?

"Jealous?" I mock, relishing the opportunity to really twist the knife.

"Jealous? Of what? If you've touched her – "

"Touched her?" I repeat; my voice thick with amusement. "Oh, I did much more than that." I turn and walk away before he can say anything else. I stop and the top of the steps and glance down at the Doctor who's stood, rigidly to the spot in fury.

"Oh and by the way, Doctor. You've got great taste."

I wink and stride out of sight. Perhaps I'll join her in the pool and tell the Doctor about it later.

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