Chapter 5

DK glared at Caroline and cocked the gun. Everyone gasped and out of the corner of her eye she could see many people cower by the railings of the car park.

Han didn't seem too happy she was protecting him and went to shove her out of the way. Caroline had enough of being helpless, she stayed put knowing full well Han would never shove her so hard it actually hurt her.

'My turn, brother.' She said quietly and stared at the gun barrel. Han looked at DK and said, 'man, you need me.'
DK wasn't looking at him, however, he was looking at Caroline and for a moment, Caroline thought her whole life was flashing before her eyes. Her messed up childhood, her depending on Han for everything, Sean.

DK gave a terrifying smirk and placed the gun on Caroline's temple. And the most scary thing was, she didn't cry. Neela cried out but DK was having no interupptions. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it.

Sean looked a little helpless, if he barged over, a startled DK and a dead Caroline would be the result.
Suddenly, the shutters of the park came crashing down, Sean ran over and grabbed Caroline, pulling her away in time for Han to swing a punch at DK, knocking him and the gun away.

Sean threw a punch at Makosoti (A/N thanks Minnie for the heads up, but if you type the name, it's so easy and funny, lol) and then him and Caroline ran to his car. Neela was stood with DK, she still loved him. That part was obvious and reassuring herself that his welfare was fine seemed the only thing she could do to forgive herself for leaving him.

Han barged his way through more minions and ran to his own car.
Makosoti stood up and Caroline gasped when he kicked Sean's car, not moving. Sean threw a look over at her and then pressed the gas pedal, running him over. Makosoti wasn't getting up any time soon anyway.

Skimming the roof of his car in a desperate attempt to get away, Sean sped out of the car park and down the street.
Caroline saw Han's orange skyline speed down the road and they quickly got on his tail, Sean smiled and Caroline was just thankful they were safe. She'd never had a gun pointed at her before and felt that she should feel a little sorry for herself, but not today, today was determination. Determination to pay back Han. And also to get away from the increasing speed of DK's and Makosoti's car following them.

All four cars wove in and out of traffic, overtaking cars and drifting through impossible spaces. Sean and Caroline were breathing heavy and it reminded them of a time they were doing it for a good reason. The memory caused her to blush and Sean noticed. Fighting a smirk, and a smile that was interuppted by the force of impact of Makosoti's car crashing into them from behind.

'Fuck!' Caroline cursed as he did it again, and grabbing onto Sean's arm for dear life as she was knocked around her seat.
Caroline spotted an oppurtunity. 'Sean,' she said. He glanced at her and she nodded to the black car closing in. Sean let Makosoti knock them around twice more and then swerved out of the way, Makosoti went front first into the other car.

Caroline could breathe normally and Sean interwined their hands together. Happiness was always short lived when DK was around however when his car began crashing into the side of Sean's again. DK also had more experience and managed to evade the cars and crash into them at the same time.

Suddenly, a flash of orange passed through Caroline's eyes and she noticed they were ahead of Han who was now behind them.

A wash of guilt overwhelmed Caroline when she noticed Han had protected her again. She looked ahead sighing and then almost screamed.

He looked up and saw about a hundred Toyko citizens wandering around the centre of the town. Slamming onto the horn, everyone seemed to panic.

They magically and thankfully created a little swerve and Sean drifted through. Time went by in slow motion as the three cars drifted down this little swerving corner of human people.

Back onto the main streets, it was back to the chase and Caroline had began to grow tired of driving and drifting. She had been inside this car racing down the streets more times than she had in a year.

Sean kept looking into the rearview mirror and she saw what he was looking at. DK's car was facing Han's shooting into it. Before either could do anything though, a car clipped their hood and they span. Caroline noticed as they span into a parked car, Sean threw himself at her as if to protect her from anything.

It was okay to protect her, Sean thought. But suddenly, when she saw the familiar orange skyline flip through the air and scathe the road and end up upside down in a horrific car accident, she didn't want anyone's protection except her brothers.

She wanted Han to run up to her and tell her she was fine. Sean exited the car and Caroline did too. Screaming out.

She ran towards the wreckage, not aware of her feet buckling or the gasoline dripping. She fell to the floor and caught the last glimpse of her brothers face before the car went up in flames.

Caroline did not protect her face from the flying car parts, the sparks of the fire or the glass. She simply stared at her brothers car. And couldn't erase the helpless look he wore, staring at her with remorse before the flames engulfed him.

Sean rushed to his girlfriend as she gripped onto him and made heart wrenching sobs and whimpers against his shirt. Neither noticed DK speed away.

You gonna kill me? For leaving it there? For making it so short? Or for making Han die? Or does he? I've known people to survive car accidents all the time and in some cases, fires too. We'll see where things go shall we?

~ Noxin