I I'm taking a shot at this. Sorry if you think this is sucky.

Chapter 1


Me, Nico, and Grover just found out we all have to this school called Goode High. Me and Nico never been to a school before, Any school. Since I am a Son of Poseidon and Nico is a Son of Hades, it is very hard to fit in ,and try not to destroy schools. Grover was fine with it because he always goes to different schools looking for other half-bloods. He said he has been at this school for a couple years and knows some people.

Me and Nico spent our years in our fathers palaces training and learning how to speak and read Greek and Latin. Greek was easy for me and Nico to learn and Latin was a little harder but we managed. ( I just had the need to make them learn Latin... gives it some difference)

Nico spent most of his time with his dad in the underworld and gets to visit me and my father from time to time. It gets really lonely sometimes. Especially if you are probably surround by dead people and always standing off to the side. I met him at a party the gods threw...


I was standing off by the table of food while watching the party.

Then i saw him...a boy with dark hair and eyes really dark standing off in a corner.

I didnt really feel comfortable standing there so i went over to him.

I got a closer look. He had olive skin and his hair was covering his eyes , but you could see them behind his hair. They were really dark.

I walked over to him and stood next to him. Then he realized i was beside him.

"Hey..." i heard him mumble.

"Hi...so which immortal parent is yours?" I kinda felt depressed standing next to him and could'nt find anything else to talk about.

" yours?" I was kinda shocked because i didnt know any of the other Big three had children.

"Poseidon." i said.

"Oh...I'm Nico." then he stuck out his hand and i shook it.

"Percy." I Said and smiled causing him to smile too.

End of flashback

We were all ( Me, Nico, and Grover) now driving to a condo my dad and Hades bought us to stay at. Ya...a condo. they said we needed to get out more and meet new people and friends. I totally agreed with them. It sucks being bored out of your mind on some days...and others you just train.

After we parked, we all grabbed our stuff and went to take a look at the place. It had a kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms.

Grover visits this camp for demi-gods and leads them there when they need to, but we never went. Grover doesn't know how to speak Latin but understands Greek. He gets very annoyed when me and Nico speak Latin and cant understand us. He has become a very close friend to me and Nico. A best friend to me. He also told us he has a girlfriend at the camp named Juniper. He always talks about her.

Once we unpacked all of our things, we all just sat around in our beds thinking about tomorrow. Grover told me and Nico that no one should know about me and Nico being children of the big three. Nico told me his sister Bianca has been going to the school for awhile. I only met her once and she goes to that camp. No one else knows about Nico and me , being sons of the big three, except Bianca and Grover. I kept think about how this year is going to be...then i fell asleep.


"P-Percy!" Grover bleated. "Its time to get up now! We are going to be late!" i groaned and got up. i brushed my teeth, tried to tame my hair,to a epic fail,then looked at what i was wearing. I was wearing a light sea green shirt,black skinny jeans, and black converse.

Then i saw what Nico was wearing. He was wearing his usual dark clothes. He had on black skinny jeans, gray shirt, his black leather jacket, and black converses.

I walked in the kitchen to see Grover was eating a tin can. He had his crutches and then a forest green shirt on, with jeans, and a brown hat. Then i saw the food on the table. I was really hungry so i went over and saw that there was pancakes, waffles, and other stuff! I just grabbed a pancake and went out the door with everyone following behind me.