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A deadly game to play.

It has to be at least at least 7 weeks after the last camp counselor meeting. At least 7 weeks of loneliness. Everybody is avoiding us. They're scared of us, Nico and I, and I can sense it. Nico doesn't deserve this treatment. But they have all the reason to be after all it was all my fault. Nico tells me to stop blaming myself ,but I feel overly guilty that even Bianca doesn't come around us. Yet we still fight. We still fight for demi-gods lives. For our own lives.

4 weeks after the meeting we had an attack. One that was almost the downfall of our camp. It was about 1:46 when the sirens went off and everything was thrown of balance. An attack. Hydras. I had not even sensed it coming. Usually I could easily tell. Now I know we are getting more serious. These Hydras were after the golden fleece. Peleus was doing his job and fending them off the best he could. I quickly grabbed Riptide and put on my my sheild my half-brother made for me and bolted out the door.

Demi-gods running every which way to get suited up in armor. Most were already fully equipped and ready to go fight the hydras. I don't think they know exactly what they are dealing with.

Hydra can only be killed if you cut off the heads and burned the stumps so two more don't grow back.

The Athena kids were planning out some strategies. I was running towards the barrier to see Bianca and Nico there waiting for me. Nico with his black sword and Bianca fully equipped ready to take off into battle. Chiron and Apollo appeared next to us moments later.

"Perce, Nico, Bianca," Apollo nodded his head towards Peleus.

I understood perfectly. I ran straight through the barrier with Bianca and Nico. As soon as we crossed the barrier the hydras turned their attention on us.

5 seconds before everything turned into havoc. Everything moved so fast. The intense heat. The jaws of the hydras heads. There were 3 hydras. With many heads. It was to hard to count.

It was a miracle that Peleus was able to hold them off this long.

I sensed movement behind me and realized it was just Bianca dodging the flames and heads. I am trying to get behind them ,but so far it is not .Why not take the chance? I dodged the legs and got behind them not without one noticing though. As soon as it turned its middle head towards me I sliced it off. The rest of the heads roared in anger. Nico burned the stumps right after I was done slicing the heads off.

When the body fell it caused a little earthquake. That caused the other two to charge towards us. I was out of breath and I know we couldn't take both of them with out using our powers. They were coming at us fast. I wasn't ready and willed the water to make a barrier in front of me.

I heard gasps fill the air but I didn't pay much attention to it. Right now paying attention to people around me was not an good idea. I felt a rumble in the ground and saw that Nico brought out some of his undead soldiers too. It wasn't long after that the hydras were dead. The ground was littered with golden dust.

As we walked back into camp there were a lot of whispers.

'They just took down 3 hydra in 10 minutes.'

'What are they?'

'Who are they?'

'They just killed 3 hydra without a plan!'

"Good Job." Apollo and Chiron said as we passed. We nodded and tried to ignore the comments and stares we got.

Ever since they realized we had these powers they avoided us. When we would walk to the pavilion everyone got quiet. Its almost like they were just scared to see what we could do. Or would do.

Bianca doesn't come around anymore because people started to get suspicious.

I was at the lake and decided to put my feet in there. I could hear all the fish in there calling out to me.I sighed and got up. I heard the horn blow as it signaled lunch time. I don't feel like going so I waited a couple minutes after the horn, and then took off my cloak. I didn't want to keep it on all the time. It gets really annoying sometime so I have to take it off sometime. I had on a t-shirt and a pair of regular jeans. I looked around to make sure no one saw me ,but I couldn't take the feeling someone is watching me and jumped in the water. I have to much stress on my shoulders. Maybe a little time down here will make me focus better.

I passed my fish and other sea creatures.

'Hello young prince.'

'Lord Perseus.'

I nodded my head as I passed them. I saw the perfect spot at the bottom of the lake and sat down. I wasn't more than a couple feet away from the shore. I just need to rest a little because it feels like I am being constantly watched. I felt the water move fast behind me and turned around just in time to see a rock that was coming fast through the water at my head. I instantly moved the current in the water to make the rock go around me.

I saw a figure of someone on the shore. I realized it was Nico. He must've came looking for me since I didn't show up for lunch. I swam towards the shore. As I came out of the water I saw Nico didn't have on his cloak. Then I saw it in his hand.

"I took it off when I came over here." He explained.

"Oh. Okay. That cloak gets a little anno-" I said but I heard a twig snap in the forest out to the right of us. I saw Nico noticed it too.

"-ing" I finished not wanting to let the intruder know we knew that they are there. Nico and I started talking about random things and then I nodded at Nico. Nico disappeared and then I heard a gasp come from the intruder in the woods. I materialized in front of the suspect forgetting all about my cloak. Nico stood behind her holding his hand over her mouth.

A girl.

A girl with piercing blue eyes.

A girl with black hair.

The same girl that we met many times before.


"..." Nico is looking at Thalia.

"..." I stare at Nico. Trying to figure out just what we got ourselves into ,and how we can maybe fix it.

"MMMMHH!" And Thalia was glaring at me.

"OOOOWWWWW!" Nico made me jump from his loud outburst. He suddenly let go of Thalia as he rubbed his arm.

"She electrocuted me!" Nico glared at Thalia.

"You deserved it for putting your hand on my mouth moron!" Thalia snapped back instantly.

"Well you shouldn't of been spying on us!"

"Then you shouldn't have been hiding your identities."

I chuckled queitly as they kept fighting like an old married couple.

"How do I smell like cheese? You smell like death. Corpse Breath!" What the-?How did they get from talking about our identities to smelling like cheese?

"I do not smell like death! Lightning bug!" They even made up names for each other! This caused me to laugh even louder. It was just so random even if Thalia now knew who we are she still bickers like in school.

They both paused in the middle of their rants and looked over me laughing. Their faces showed different emotions. Confusion. Surprise. And a death glare.

"What are you laughing about?" They both asked at once. Then looked at each other with a light blush over their cheeks.


We paused and looked toward the shore where we can see the outline of a few different people. Now I can just picture the emotion that I know is on all three of our faces at the moment. Horrified. And maybe slightly panic. No. Not slightly a lot of panic.

"Thalia!" The calls were becoming persistent and louder this time. Good thing that we were father into the forest and behind a lot of trees and other underbrush.

"You better go Thalia." Nico lowly whispered out.

"No-but-We were talking," Thalia hissed out.

"Thalia. We'll talk later...just don't say anything to anyone yet...and meet us tonight," I whispered quickly.

"At Zeus's Fist." I finsished as pushed her out of the forest into the open.

"Thalia! There you are! " I heard Bianca say.

"What were you doing in the woods?" Annabeth said as she scanned her eyes quickly in our direction. We all tensed when they looked over our way.

"Oh. That nothing I just saw...the two cloaked figures go into the woods but I lost them." Thalia replied quickly.

"Oh! Okie Dokie! Well then you look a mess...Lets go fix you up!" Silena said cheerfully and very bubbly.

" thanks Silena." Thalia said as the rest of them started walking back towards the pavilion. Bianca turned to us and winked. She must've felt our presence.

Thalia cast one more glance towards Nico and me. We got our cloaks that managed to go unseen behind a rock. Thank the gods.

"Whoo! That was a close one huh?" Apollo said which startled both Nico and I. We both casted death glares at him.

"Heh. Heh." Apollo responded as he rubbed the back of his head in a childish manner.

Oh. Only if looks could kill.