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Chapter 1

It has been five years since the Kyubi no Yoko attacked, and the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze sealed the demon inside a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki. What will happen to this boy now? Will he rise above the hatred of the villagers and fulfill his destiny? Or will he succumb to darkness, and hate?

Sarutobi sat in his office doing paperwork when there was a knock at the door the aged Hokage looked up form his desk and said "Come in"

Naruto walked up to the Hokage's desk "Hey jiji" Naruto greeted

"Hello Naruto what do you want" Sarutobi kindly asked the boy he thought of as a grandson

"Could you train me?"

Sarutobi sighed Naruto asked him this every day and the answer was always the same "Naruto you know I can't train you it would be unfair to everyone else trying to become a ninja if you want to learn things sooner you'll have to go to the library"

"But they won't let me in"

This angered the old Hokage how could they deprive a child from learning

'Maybe I could give him half his inheritance now and the rest later but just the scroll of Minato's taijutsu style and the Uzumaki seals excluding the Shisho Fuin

"Naruto wait here" Sarutobi told him then the Hokage walked off to retrieve the scrolls he returned a few minutes later and handed Naruto the scrolls

"Naruto take these this is half of your inheritance you'll receive the rest when you're a chunin one scroll contains your fathers taijutsu, and your clans fuinjutsu"

"I have a clan?"

"It's a long story…" Sarutobi proceeds to tell Naruto of his clan's glory, their kekkei genkai and their fait

"So they're all dead"

"I'm afraid so Naruto I'm sorry"

"What are you talking about you have nothing to be sorry for" Naruto said and turned to leave "Thank you for telling me about them jiji" then Naruto left to practice with the scrolls the old Hokage smiled and went back to his work

(Week later)

Naruto was wiped from training and was walking home until he came across what looked like a genin team and their sensei

"Today we're going to learn the tree climbing exercise" The sensei said

"What's that sensei?" A student asked

"You have to focus chakra to your feet and walk up the tree without using your hands you can mark your progress with a kunai"

"Hai sensei" all the students said

This interested Naruto so he walked home planning to steal a kunai from the academy tomorrow so he can practice the exercise he just learned because the weapon stores wouldn't sell him any

(The next day)

Naruto was on the floor panting he was exhausted from training he started for home

"I'm gonna need another me to keep up with all this"

Then he decided to ask the Hokage about his problem so that's what he did

"Hey jiji I got a problem"

"What is it Naruto?"

"Well I trying to master my dad's taijutsu, clan's seals, and the tree climbing exercise but I can't do it alone so I was wondering if there was a jutsu that could help me with that so do you have any suggestions?"

"How do you know the tree climbing exercise?" The Hokage asked with a raised eyebrow

"I saw a genin team practice it"

"There's one called the kage bushin no jutsu once the clone's dispelled you gain it's knowledge but not its physical ability"

"Could you teach me it?"

"Naruto it's a jonin level kinjutsu you won't have enough chakra"

"I'll bet you that if I have enough chakra to make one you'll teach me it"

"And if you don't?"

"I'll never ask you about it again"

Sarutobi chuckled in amusement at the young boy's antics and replied "All right Naruto show me how me how much chakra you have"

Naruto made the tiger hand-seal and pushed all of his chakra into it the boy had enough chakra to make fifty clones this shocked Sarutobi not only was the boys chakra reserves enormous for his age but he had just lost a bet to a five year old

"So jiji do I have enough chakra?"

"Yes you do"

"So you'll teach me the jutsu"



(One hour later in Naruto's training grounds)

"Finally" Naruto said lying on the floor panting

'Amazing he learned a jonin level technique in an hour'


When Naruto heard his name he sat up and replied "Yeah jiji"

"You do know that you'll have to keep this a secret don't you?"

"Why jiji?"

"Because the Hokage can't be seen playing favorites do you understand?"

"Ok I understand"

"Good now how about some Ichiraku ramen"


(Seven years later the graduation exam)

In the past seven years Naruto had mastered his dad's taijutsu, and could use the first half of his clan's seals, he also had perfect control over his chakra as well as increasing it to somewhere the high jonin to low ANBU range and he was just as fast and strong as a low to mid jonin because of the weight and chakra seals he learned from the scroll but everyone assumed he was talentless and stupid because of the way he acted in class

(Naruto's apartment)

Naruto sat up and yawned and looked at his alarm clock that read seven-thirty he sighed with relief he still had an hour before the test Naruto got dressed in his usual outfit he attached the seals under his cloths so they'd be hidden from view in total they weighed two-hundred and fifty pounds then he went to make himself some raman and pour himself some milk he then went to the academy

'Time to become the dead-last'

By no means was Naruto stupid or behined his class in fact he was farther ahead than anyone but he made a deal with the Hokage that if he swallowed his pride became the dead-last of the class then he would get a certin kunoichi on his team

(At the academy after Sakura and Ino fought over who got to sit next to Sasuke)

"Ok class the exam will test on what you've learned so far and what your strengths and weaknesses are in the subjects we've studied in the course the exam will consist of a written, weapons, taijutsu, and ninjutsu test you'll be graded on all the tests and averaged to get your overall score you'll need at least a C average to pass Mizuki and I will pass out the tests once all the tests are handed out then you'll start"

(One test later)

Naruto had taken his time to answer the questions and didn't finish the test he was only looking to pass after all and went outside for the weapons and taijutsu tests

"All right first its weapons there're three rings A is the bull'seye, B is the middle ring, and C is the outer ring you'll throw a kunai, and a shuriken your total score will be averaged between the two hits you make once we're done we'll head to the training grounds for the taijutsu test" Mizuki explained

(At the training grounds)

This was the test Naruto was dreading it was going to be hell trying to stop his reactions and just use his old brawling taijutsu

"The taijutsu test is about how you well you fight you'll spar against Iruka using only taijutsu depending on how long you last you'll be graded three minutes for C, five minutes for B, and ten minutes for A after this we'll head inside for the ninjutsu test"

(Inside the academy)

'That sucked' Naruto thought

He had barely been able to hold off his reactions before he let Iruka punch him in the face ending the match at the three minute mark

"Now for the final test ninjutsu you'll be tested on the kawarimi, henge, and bushin no jutsu you'll be averaged between the three once you complete the test you'll leave the room with out without a leaf ninja headband and those who pass meet back here in three days" Iruka explained

Everyone else had gone and Naruto was the only one left to take the exam

"Ok Naruto first show us the henge no jutsu use it to copy me" Iruka said

Naruto copied how he saw Iruka facing him that would cost him half the total marks for the jutsu

"Now the kawarimi no jutsu"

Naruto successfully replaced himself with a chair

"And finally the bushin no jutsu"

Naruto made two clones

"So Iruka-sensei did I pass" Naruto asked

"Barely here's your headband" Iruka said handing over the symbol of the leaf ninja

"YES" Naruto yelled

"C'mon I'll treat you to Ichiraku ramen for passing" Iruka offered

"Sounds great I'm starvin" Naruto said

(At Naruto's apartment)

Naruto was thinking about all the missions he would do as a ninja when he heard knocking at his door

"Hey Naruto it's Mizuki open up" Mizuki said

Naruto opened the door and asked "What do you want Mizuki-sensei"

"I came to give you a proposal" he replied

"What kind of proposal?"

"The kind of proposal that could put you in high recomedation for chunin"

"I'm listening"

(In the place where Naruto hid after stealing the scroll the last time)

'Mizuki-sensei should be here any minute'

Naruto knew that the only way you could become a chunin is by passing the exam that's why he sent a kage bushin to the Hokage explaining what happened while the real Naruto went to get the scroll suddenly there was a rusuling in the trees and Mizuki appeared

"My, my Naruto you actually evaded the ANBU for three hours"

"Yep now we can return the scroll and finish the test"

"All right now give me the scroll"

"No if you take it back they'll think you caught me and I really want that chunin recomandation"

"Then I'll tell them that you got the scroll so give it to me"

"No I'd rather be safe than sorry"

"Then how about a trade the scroll for an S-rank secret"

Naruto knew he shouldn't but the ANBU squad would be here any minute and he was very curious when it came to secrets

"Ok let's here the secret first"

"Naruto do you know why all the villagers hate you?"

Naruto shook his head

"Its because the night the Kyubi attacked it didn't die like you were told the Yondaime sealed it inside a newborn child that child was you Naruto the Kyubi no Yoko"

Naruto stood there frozen it all made sense the villagers hatred towards him the name calling, trashing his apartment, and the beatings that's also when the ANBU decided to appear

"Mizuki for trying to corrupt a student, and revealing an S-rank secret you are scentenced to death" a man in a dog mask said

"What he's the one who took the scroll and he's the Kyubi he's the one who should die"

"Take him away I'm taking Naruto to the Hokage" the dog masked man said

(At the Hokage's office)

"So you know about the Kyubi, Naruto you should know that what's sealed in you doesn't change who you are"

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I made it an S-rank secret to keep it from younger generations so you would have a relitivly normal life"

"Normal? Yeah I'm sure I had a normal life I'm sure kids usually get beaten by mobs, starved, their homes trashed, hated just because they're alive, and have no idea why yeah that's normal"

"I'm truely sorry if you want I'll tell you everything"

"I'd like that jiji"

Sarutobi told him everything about his mother and father and why he was chosen to be the jinchuriki of the Kyubi

"He, he really believed in me?" Naruto asked tears streaming down his face

The old Hokage wrapped him in his arms and said "Yes he did"

"Then I won't let him down I'll become Hokage and control the Kyubi's power no matter what" Naruto said with absolution clear in his voice Sarutobi smiled he knew that Naruto would do it he would control the Kyubi and become Hokage

(Three days later at the academy)

Naruto walked in the academy door everyone had taken a seat he was glad he missed the Sasuke screaming matches but he was wondering why everyone except Sasuke was staring at him


"Sorry Naruto we're just not used to seeing you in anything besides that orange jumpsuit" Shikamaru explained

Naruto was wearing an unzipped black outdoor vest with the spiral on the back and, an orange t-shirt that had the Shisho Fuin on the chest he also wore black cargo pants, and blue shinobi sandles, he's wearing his headband the same way he did in the manga and anime

"I just decided to take my career as a shinobi seriously that's all" Naruto said

Iruka told everyone to be seated so Naruto took the seat beside Sakura even though Sasuke was there he never understood why girls liked him

"Now I'm gonna assign you to your teams after we'll break for an hour lunch then when you come back you'll meet your jonin sensei team one… team seven Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki,

"Yes" Naruto said he couldn't believe the old man did it and he wouldn't have to see Sasuke again

And Sasuke Uchiha"

This time it was Sakura's turn to yell "Yes true love conquers all" Naruto on the other hand said damnit and smacked head on the desk

"Your jonin sensei will be Kakashi Hatake team eight Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, and Kiba Inuzuka team nine… team ten Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, and Skikamaru Nara all right now we'll break for lunch" Iruka said

(Naruto's apartment)

Naruto had just finished another bowl of raman, and glass of milk, he was sulking

'Damn it old man why'd you have to put me with him, and why does Sakura even like the prick maybe I should ask her? Yeah that's what I'll do'

(With Sakura at a park bench)

"Hey Sakura-chan"

"Hey Naruto"

"I was just wondering why do you like Sasuke-teme"

"Don't call him that"

"Ok Sasuke"

"Well there's lot's of reasons he's cool, a good shinobi, mysterious, and comes from a powerful clan"

"That's it?"

"What do you mean that's it?"

"All those reasons seem kind of shallow"

"You don't have the right to judge it's not like you like anybody"

"Actually I do"

"Oh sorry so why do you like them"

"I like her because I think she's beautiful, smart, kind, strong willed, and compassionate"

"Those sound like some really good reasons, you must really like her"

"Yeah I do see ya later Sakura-chan"

"Yeah see ya"

(At the academy two hours later)

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were the only ones waiting, Sakura was pacing while Sasuke, and Naruto were waiting until Kakashi got there

"What kind of a sensei is two hours late" Sakura said

"The late kind" Naruto said off handedly

"I wasn't looking for an answer Naruto" Sakura said hotly

"Just relax he'll get here when they get here you pacing isn't going to get him here any faster" Naruto replied

Sakura stopped and stared Naruto the dead last actually said something intelligent


"Nothing" Sakura said

Then the door slid opened and a man silver hair walked in and said "My first impression of this group is that I don't like you meet me on the roof on the roof in five minutes"

(On the roof of the academy)

Naruto was sitting between Sasuke, and Sakura facing their sensei who was leaning on the rail reading an Icha Icha book

"Tell me your likes, dislikes, and dreams for the future" Kakashi Hatake

"How about you go first sensei" Sakura said

"My name is Kakashi Hatake my likes are… my dislikes are… and my dream for the future is…"

The three genin sweat dropped thinking 'All we learned was his name'

"Now your turn pinkie"

"My name is Sakura Haruno my likes are…(glances at Sasuke), my dislikes are perverts, and my dreams for the future are…(glances at Sasuke)"

'Great a fan girl' he thought "Broody" Kakashi said pointing at Sasuke

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha I like somethings and dislike others my dream no my ambition is to resurrect my clan and to kill a certin someone" Sasuke said

'An avenger he's going to be trouble later on' Kakashi thought "Your turn blondie"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki I like ramen, creating new jutsu, learning new jutsu, and training, I dislike arrogance my dream…(as if on que wind starts blowing) my dream is to become Hokage and protect my friends" Naruto said

'That's pretty cool' Sakura said

'A little jutsu crazy but has a good ambition'

"Tomorrow meet me at training ground seven at eight there we'll begin your real genin test" Kakashi said

"What do you mean the real genin test?" Sakura asked

"The one at the academy was just to see genin hopefuls this is to see wether or not you actually deserve to be assigned as genin just so you know the failure rate is two-thirds and don't eat tomorrow or you'll puke" Kakashi said and disappeard in a poof of smoke

"Hn" was all Sasuke said before he left too

"Later Sakura-chan" Naruto said

"See-ya Naruto" Sakura said and both she, and Naruto left