Past Memorie's.

Summary : " What is he to you ?" Sasuke demanded, glaring at Itachi who's face was blank as always, " His just a friend" I lied. Looking away, Itachi stared at me with a blank expression. " I was more than that Hinata"

Author's Note: This is sort of a filler/ prequal to Suicide Angel to kind of fill in the blank's I left. Also this is a gift fic for Fay of The Ink and The Paper :) My most loyal reader AND reviewer I dare say, I adore ya hun lol. This is for you! and everyone else who continuously supports me .

( itachis Pov)

" To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

- William Blake.-

Eye's the color of pale lavander after the rain, have haunted my dream's for year's.

Memorie's of her, of the soft sympathy and gentle love in her eye's, are some of the thing's I couldn't supress... She was my one true tie to Kohona.. After all duty seemed nothing compared to a love that would never die..

Out of selfishness I clung to her in my final day's with in the city wall's, thing's like that kept me sane when I entered the world of the red dawn.

The world of the Akasutki.

And when I left her, the brokeness in her eye's and the tears of blood she cried, haunted me..

Whispering over and over this is what I had done..

Over the year's I had longed for her, to go home.. To be with her...

I lost interest in the detail's , I walked the thin line between insanity more then once.

But every time she saved me..

Even if she wasn't present, with me- she was still here a world without her..

I have no interest of being in..

I have tried to severe these tie's, these shackles to her, but I knew I didn't want too, I knew I couldn't.

Could you? If someone told you to go without the air, or the food and drink to sastain you?

Even if it killed me , I would be with her again.

My truth, my humanity, she was the only connection I had to what I had been...

The question I feared the most was...

Would she want me?