Why don't you try a simple sleeping spell? I would have thought that the Head Boy would have more sense than to wake up a Headmaster who needs his sleep with petty questions about children. Oh well, it's time for my midnight snack of bran. Gotta keep regular. Important for a wizard. Anyways, regular bewitchment is good for children.

-Albus Dumbledore

"Hey! That's a good idea! Why didn't I think of that…" He whipped out his mahogany wand and tried to spell his little tyke. Whazzam! Harry giggled as the charm bounced and shot back at his father. James had time to say, "Damn, that kids like a mirror, I forgot," before conking out.


Luckily, Lily was on her way home. She walked into her living room to find her husband sprawled on the floor and her child clapping his hands on the couch. She picked up the letter from Dumbledore and read it quickly. She sighed.

"Not again. How many times do I have to tell James NOT to curse our son? Maybe this will turn out well in the long run. I suppose, if he is hit with a spell powerful enough, it might break this reflector thing he has going on. Until then," she yelled in James' ear, "DON'T TRY TO CAST SPELLS ON HARRY!!!!" Lily tried to get Harry to sleep normally, but then ran into the problem that had James trying to magic his son to sleep. She sighed. "Maybe I should tell you how your father and I met…" Harry quieted at that and stared at his mother. She stared back at him. "Don't do that. It's creepier than your eternal smiling. Anyway…"

Boo doo doo Boo doo doo Boo doo doo (Lily's is a little different)

So, James was like, totally the captain of the football- I mean Quidditch team. And I was like, the most popular girl in school! Well anyway, I was like, working on the school paper when he swaggered into the room, so totally hot and I mean, yeah! So like, he and I were…talking…and stuff, and we had like, so much in common. I mean, we were like totally connected! So we like started going out, and it was like, meant to be, you know?

Harry stared at his mother. Again. She was so creeped out that she stopped her story. "If I tell you what really happened, will you stop staring at me? Harry continued his stare. "Ok, fine." (end of chapter)

Boo doo doo Boo doo doo Boo doo doo

It was our second year, and I got to the train late. When I got on, the only empty seat was next to James. He accidentally kicked me in the shins. I got angry. He apologized; I thought he was kind of cute. It was a long train ride, so I started flirting. We became friends, then started dating a few years later. End of story.

When she stopped her story, Harry was asleep. She put him in his crib and thanked God. Good thing she didn't go into the real details…sure the story was true. Just a little bland. Crafted to bore…mwahahahahha….


But for all our intents and purposes, yes the story is over. OR is it?







Oh all right, it'll be over till we get really bored again, okay?

Fine, great.