Antlophobia- Fear of floods.

The water level kept rising, and I kept climbing up the hill, my spider legs going on hyper drive. A drop of the deadly liquid touched my face, and sizzling pain ensued. I refused to cry out, though.

Pain is a weakness.

I refused to show it.

A new wave broke over the ledge I was on, and I was soaked to the skin. The pain was immediate, burning, and unbearable.

I tried to keep climbing fast, but my spider legs wouldn't move. But that didn't keep my from trying.

My hands were clumsy with pain and cold, and they slipped, sending me falling off the edge. My real legs hit a ledge and I was ankle deep in water.

Then my real legs collapsed under me.

On my knees, I tried to fight the surging pain all around me. I turned and tried helplessly to scrabble up the cliff, onto another ledge, higher up and farther away from the water.

Another wave broke over me, and I was directly hit. There was water in my PAK, and I couldn't breathe.

Coughing horribly, the water was now up to my elbows.

Now my arms wouldn't move. They dropped into the water with an unhelpful splash, sending water at my face.

So I was condemned to sit there in the burning liquid, wishing so desperately that I could move my hand to the SELF-DESTRUCT button on my wrist and be done with it, but I couldn't.

And I wouldn't - wouldn't give anything the satisfaction of knowing I picked the easy way, no the coward's way, out.

I am no coward.

So I sat there, watching the water get higher and higher, my senses disappearing one by one.

The smell of the water vanished, and my antenna went limp, twitching slightly.

The sound of the waves waned and disappeared all together, and finally I could not hear my attacker.

The taste of my own blood and the salt liquid evaporated, and another form of torture was gone.

My sight faded away, leaving only black - the poison was no longer seen.

Now I was only left with the pain, and the feeling of my antenna twitch every so often.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the pain left my body. I refused to scream in pain, but I also refused to leave without a final word in this…

"I… am… ZIM!"

And the last ounce of pain was lifted from my body, and I felt my unseeing eyes shut.

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