Randy Growled pacing back and forth, he per swayed the young girl "Shelby" working at the hotel, to give him Edge's extra key, so he sat waiting for Edge to return. He turned off all the lights awaiting Edge. 'Little bitch, wants to Fuck around on me, the only one who get's to fuck that sweet ass is me, not Michaels! or Jericho!, ME! Randy Orton!' Randy thought angrily watching the door, timidly stroking his fingers over his hard bulge.

In Chris Jericho's Room.

Edge and Chris kissed as if there was no tomorrow, their clothes seeming to melt away, Chris groped Edge with lust filled eyes. He pulled the drawer open, pulling out a bottle of scented KY, and a condom. He tore the condom open, sliding it on his hardened member, he popped open the bottle of KY squirting a healthy amount into his palm, quickly lubing himself and Prepping Edge.

"On you're hands and knees Baby" Chris murmured huskily as Edge quickly moved to do so, instead of getting on his hands and knees however, he bent over the bed placing his hands on the end, and Chris moved up behind him.

"Ready for Y2J Baby?" Chris asked gripping his cock, holding it against Edge's slick entrance. "Mmmm God yes ... Fuck Me Chris, Take me Baby ..." Edge begged as Chris grinned bucking his hips roughly forward, filling Edge completely. Edge screamed as it felt like Chris tore him apart, but it was a good kind of pain, if you will.

"Oh Shit" Edge whispered, panting as Chris chuckled pulling out and sliding smoothly back in. Edge moaned for Chris to go harder, faster, rougher, but Chris was content to take it slow, to tease Edge of course. "Do you know ... How Long i've wanted you?" Chris breathed against the back of Edge's neck. "Mmm who long?" Edge gasped pushing his hips back to meet Chris's deep thrusts.

"Ever since 1998, when i saw you, running around acting like a vampire, Then it got worse when i joined the WWF, it was torture with your long pretty hair, you're long legs, it was pure torture for me not to drag you off down one of those dark hallways, throw you against the wall and Fuck you senseless" Chris whispered voice husky.

Edge moaned at the visions that brought as Chris grinned thrusting slowly, sliding his hand into Edge's hair, running his fingers threw the silky soft locks. Edge pushed his hips back into Chris, trying to show him he wanted it harder, Faster but Chris ignored that keeping his tortuous slow pace. Edge cried out in frustration as Chris Grinned.

"Come on Chris! Harder, Faster! You won't break me, I'm not fragile dammit!" Edge growled as Chris smirked snapping his hips roughly into Edge's, forcing a cry of surprise and pleasure from his lips.

"Yesss!" Edge hissed grasping the bed sheets as Chris pounded into him as hard and fast as possible. "More Fuck me" He growled before he shot his load all over his stomach Chris following, shooting his load into Edge.

"Finally" Edge panted as Chris pulled out, Edge turning around to wrap his arms around Chris, both men falling back onto the bed. Chris snuggled into Edge's chest as Edge sighed.

Chris bit back the three words he wanted to say to Edge, blinking back his tears burying his face in Edge's chest, slipping his arms around his waist.

"Chris?" Edge called softly when he felt Chris's body shudder.

"I'm Fine" He muttered standing and walking into the bathroom, as Edge stood up pulling up his pants and buttoning, and zipping them up grabbing his shirt he attempted to follow Chris, but Chris slammed the door. Edge pulled his shirt on, moments later he heard the shower going. He waited a good ten minutes, closing his eyes, hand on the knob.

Opening his eyes. "Chris ... I'm coming in!" he called opening the door just as Chris stepped out towel around his waist, wet hair hanging around his face. "I said ... I'm ... fine" Chris murmured voice hoarse as he pushed past Edge.

"Are you Sure?"


"Okay" Edge muttered walking to the door, letting him self out with a sigh.

End of Chapter 3