"Why is it so hot in here?" Minako was nearly sprawled across the couch like a starfish. She was fanning her face with a sigh.

"What?" Yukari perked her brows as she walked in from outside. Koromaru trotted in behind her and barked happily before bounding off toward the kitchen. "It's not hot in here, Mina. It's October and I think I'm going to freeze my toes off."

"Really?" She raised her head and soon flopped it back down. "It doesn't feel like it. It feels like the heat is stuck at boiling." Minako already had most of her school uniform off. The jacket and ribbon were lying beside her on the couch. Her headphones hung from a long chord around her neck.

"You sure you're okay?" Yukari approached her and put the back of her hand against her forehead. "Holy wow, Minako. You're burning up! You sick?"

"I told you so. And no, I don't feel sick." Minako was feeling something that was for sure. But sick? Nah.

"Well, why don't you get changed out of your uniform? That can't be doing you any good." Yukari mentioned as she headed for the kitchen, Ken was calling for her. "Coming, Ken."

"Hm." Yukari had a point, and Minako hoisted herself off the couch, grabbed her stuff and headed toward the stairs. By the time she got to the second floor, she had a majority of the buttons of her top undone and her shirt was un-tucked.

A thought crossed her mind and she grinned slightly while tugging on her lower lip. Pausing at the second floor landing, she debated a couple things in her mind. She could visit Shinji or Aki before making her way upstairs, or she could just go get changed. There weren't many girls that could be in the situation that Minako found herself in without repercussions.

Not to say that she didn't have repercussions.

None of her boyfriends really knew about one another. And that was quite the feat seeing how they all lived in the same dorm. And who's to say what would happen if they did find out about what she was doing. And whom she was doing it with.

Five months ago, she wouldn't have even have dreamed of being in this situation. But, things change. People change. She changed. Some would say for the worst, but Minako didn't think so. Some also wouldn't understand what kind of predicament she was in – she knew her friends wouldn't.

Oh, how her friends wouldn't.

Junpei would think it was hilarious, and then he'd likely be jealous. Yukari would think her a harlot, and make fun of her. And Mitsuru? She's had a secret crush on Aki for as long as Minako had been there. So who knew what she would do, but it wouldn't be good.

Ken, on the other hand. She would have to worry about him, since he was one of the ones she was seeing. He wouldn't be able to process it well at all. He was so in love with her that even she didn't know how to handle it.

Shaking herself out of the trance, she shrugged her shoulders and headed toward Shinji's room. Tossing her jacket over her shoulder, she raised her hand to knock at the door softly.

"Come in."

Shinjiro's room was pretty much the opposite of Akihiko's. Aki's room was nothing but exercise equipment, and Shinji's was pretty bare aside from the bed, the desk, and the television, to which he hooked up a video game system. And the small love seat in which he sat.

He was, after all, a teenage boy.

As if she held no regard for the game Shinjiro was playing, Minako tossed her jacket onto the chair in front of the desk before she crossed his line of sight, planted a soft shove and pushed him back against the couch.

"Wha—What are you doing?" Shinjiro blinked up at Minako and tried to look around her. When he was in his room, he didn't wear his trademark beanie. He was rather comfortable looking in a pair of slacks and a white button-down shirt.

In a mock pout, Minako straddled his waist and her fingertips moved to the buttons of his shirt. "Yukari said I was sick. But I'm just hot." Her voice was soft, in that teasing way that Shinji loved so much. "Do I look hot to you?" Her body was pressed so close to his that he could barely move to look at her.

"Um. Well…"

A somewhat frustrated sound escaped her lips, "Don't sound like Aki. You know the answer." Her hands grasped his face and her lips hovered just above his own.

"I'm nothing like him." His voice fairly growled at him, and he grabbed her wrists and pulled them away from his face rougher than he had thought.

Minkao's face lit up and she didn't try and fight him. "Did I hit a nerve, baby?" Cooing, she shifted her hips against his lap. She knew exactly what buttons to press when it came to him.
Shinjiro's eyes narrowed beneath his fringe of caramel colored hair and he leaned forward and captured her lips with his in a kiss that was clearly possessive. There was a small sound that was muffled by the kiss, and Minako leaned into him. Upon hearing her, Shinjiro pulled away just as suddenly as he started.

"You know we shouldn't be doing this." Hell, he shouldn't have slept with her the first time, either. It was a moment of weakness and he let his emotions get in the way of logical thinking. It wasn't even really love that let him do it. He loved her, sure.

But, hormones trumped love.

"I don't see the harm…" Minako whimpered softly.

"Heh. Of course you don't." He smirked. "It's almost as if you're in some sort of heat or something. You're not thinking rationally."

"Oh? I think I'm being very, very rational."

"Really? You're writing on top of me like a sex-deprived cat."

That caused an abrupt laugh to part her lips, and that brought the startled look back to Shinji's face. "What's so funny?'

"Do you realize what you just said?" She was still snickering.

"Yes, I do." He was still holding her wrists.

"Well, you put it together."

The grin grew into something darker as he released her wrists and dropped his hand to her shirt and popped the buttons instead of unfastening them. In turn, Minako made quick work of his shirt, her breath catching in her throat.

Before she knew it, she could feel his lips make a slow line up from between her breasts towards her neck. Her chest heaved and a low moan parted her lips. Her back arched into him, and she quickly grasped his hair in her fingers and tugged his head back so she could press her lips to his.

So lost in the moment, neither of them heard the door opening behind them.

"Hey, Shinji, you got a mo—What the hell?" Akihiko dropped whatever it was he was holding and it clattered to the ground.

If either of them were startled, it didn't really show. Shinjiro peered from around Minako and Minako turned her head to look at Akihiko. It was a precarious situation Minako found herself in. It was a delicate one, but at the moment she was too lost in the heat of the moment.

Reaching her hand out to him, she gave him that same smile she had given Shinjiro – full of heat and promise. "Are you in?" And she hoped – no, she prayed that he would be.

The shock of the scene laid out before him was immeasurable. He knew he should be mad. Hell, he should be furious about his girlfriend in that position with another man. And not just another man, oh no. It was his best friend. But, he just wasn't as mad as he should have been. In fact, he could feel a wave of heat travel like lightning up his neck and over his face.

Looking at Minako and then to Shinji, he took a small breath and closed the door behind him when he was firmly in the room.

"Why not?" He said finally, his voice gruff.

Stepping toward the two without another hesitation, he bent down and pressed a heated kiss to Minako's lips and took her hand. She could feel her grin against his lips. Her hand rose and she cupped his cheek as he worked himself out of his uniform.