Cody exited his room and right away Zack gave him the 'what the heck are you doing' look. Cody looked down to check out his sky blue short sleeve t-shirt tucked into his grey basketball shorts with a blue arrow running down the side. He thought he looked fine, everything matched… Zack walked up to Cody and grabbed his shirt, before Cody could protest, Zack ripped down Cody's shirt out of his shorts. Cody complained, "What was that for?" Zack immediately answered while glaring at Cody, "Only geeks tuck in their shirts into their shorts, so stop doing it." Cody sighed and looked at his brother with a disapproving face and grumbled, "Fine, whatever. Can we just get this over with?" Zack nodded and leaded Cody down to the gym. There was a lady with brown eyes and foot long hair in a pony tail with white shorts and a white tank-top running on the treadmill. There also was a man that was about 6 feet tall with a black haired buzz-cut lifting some weights in the corner, other than that, the gym was empty. Cody whispered to his brother asking, "Well, this is kind of odd; normally this place is full, what happened?" Zack whispered back, "Everybody must be outside shuffle boarding or something, I really don't know. Let's start though." With that, Zack told his brother to go to the weight lifting station and start. Zack wanted to right away put it on somewhere like 100 lbs. and hear his brother scream like a girl, but instead he put it on 5 lbs. Cody laid down and started, he made it all the way up, but then he started going "te-te-te-tu-te-tu" while trying to put it down. Immediately after that, he dropped it right on his stomach. He cried out in pain then started to cry, causing the man to look at him weird, get up, and leave. Zack lifted it up off of his brother with no problem at all and told him to try again. It went on for hour after hour until Cody was finally able to lift it up and down with ease at 30 lbs. He gave up and told his brother that he was tired. "Alright, fine, then let's go get a smoothie and go to bed." Zack sighed. After they headed out the door and got a smoothie, they said their goodbyes; Zack ordered Cody to be back at 9:00 A.M. and went to bed. Cody was complaining on how sore he was, he completely submerged himself in icepacks and went to bed.

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