Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Ah Ben loves our Gui Gui and Xiao Man, so this won't ever happen :(

The tin boxes echoed in the hallway as Xiao Lun placed the shovels in the storage unit. "So…Da Dong...we need..." closing the doors, his voice quieted as he watched Da Dong walking away down the hall. He bit his lip, leaning against the unit. "To talk..."

Xiao Lun placed his hand around his neck, so lightly applying pressure. He seemed to do that a lot since he woke up - looking for his pulse. Just to make sure he was still alive.

He had a deep feeling Da Dong had some reason for that.

The rest of the day had passed uneventful - at least as uneventful as the week before had been. His desk was littered with get-well presents and art gifts. The girls doted on his hand and foot - they even volunteered to do his nails. He declined, of course. And thankfully, the guys left him alone.

And Da Dong avoided him like the plague.

In his dorm, he had long since finished his homework and doodled idly in his sketchbook when a simple sound from his door tensed him. In hesitance, he turned his head.

A slip of paper had been placed underneath. Xiao Lun shook as he picked it up.

Meet me in the Second Floor Lab.

~Da Dong.

Blood rushed through him and a knot bubbled in the pit of his stomach. He didn't like the second floor. He didn't feel comfortable there. Passing to go to class gave him shivers.

Too many rumors appeared after that one student, Huang He, passed away. In Xiao Lun's head, they were all bad.

Every which way, at every sound, Xiao Lun jumped and squeaked as he made his way closer and closer to the lab. His eyes played tricks on him, making him see bodies flying past the windows when there were only autumn leaves. He could swear he heard an infant's laughter.

Opening the door, Da Dong was seated on top of the counter, staring out the window. The heavy wood of the door slammed shut behind him and his presence was announced. The other boy jumped and looked at him, sliding off the counter. Xiao Lun stepped forward, bottom lip bleeding between his teeth. But still, more than half the room stood between them.

"You...were avoiding me." Xiao Lun flushed. It was a stupid thing to start out with and it sounded even more girly than his normal mannerisms. Da Dong nodded, but remained quiet nonetheless. Xiao Lun continued to worry his lip, his tongue slipping in. He looked away, hissing in pain.

"I'm sorry." Xiao Lun looked back up. Da Dong immediately turned away, taking on an awkward stance with his hands in his pocket. "About the Haunted House...everything..."

Xiao Lun dumbly nodded. He cleared his throat and daringly, took a step forward. "Can...Can I ask you some questions?" Da Dong looked up. The birds echoed as seconds ticked by, loudly emphasized by the clock in the room. Da Dong nodded.

Xiao Lun took another step, but away from Da Dong and into the desks. He wrung his hands together. "What were you thinking when Lao Shi told us we were the leads? And that we had to act like...lovers."

"I..." Da Dong was careful in his words, "was mad. My brother...I didn't want to be seen with some g...with a guy." Xiao Lun took in a deep breath. He took comfort in the fact Da Dong could only see his back, not his face. "But..." He looked at Da Dong in his peripheral over his shoulder. "But...during rehearsal...you're kind of light on your feet." Da Dong laughed and Xiao Lun nodded his head. "It felt...kind of nice."

"Wha...what about when you..." His face flushed redder, "Held me?" His voice was small, but in the quiet room, it rang clear.

Da Dong didn't sound hesitant, though his voice was equally small. "I didn't want to let you go."

"What about when I hugged you?" His voice cracked and he scrubbed at his face. He didn't want to cry in front of Da Dong again.

"...you surprised me. You...I...fit...well..." Da Dong stepped closer, his arms reaching out so slowly.

Xiao Lun's hand reached to touch his lips. "And when you kissed me?"

Da Dong stopped behind him. "I wanted you to kiss me back."

Xiao Lun was shivering, for completely different reasons. "And when I was asleep?" He closed his eyes. He prayed to the Gods and clenched the table, hoping that he'd hear the answer he wanted.

Da Dong wrapped his arms around Xiao Lun's shoulders. "I wanted you to open your eyes." He breathed, shaking in the other's hold. Heavy arms brought heavy hands to hold onto Da Dong's embrace. "Xiao Lun...I have strong...somethings for you." Da Dong tensed and pulled away. Xiao Lun frowned, his sad eyes watching Da Dong. "That's it." Da Dong refused to meet Xiao Lun's gaze. He moved about him, going straight for the door.

"Will we go back to how we were?" Xiao Lun asked out loud. Da Dong froze in his steps. "I mean..." He wringed his hands, face flushed to the warmest he could ever remember it being. "Will you...still...bully me?" Da Dong turned around and Xiao Lun felt himself wavering under the look. "I mean..." His voice quieted. "I just don't want us to go back to the way we were."

Da Dong sighed. "I'm trying to fix all I messed up." He turned around and left the lab.

Xiao Lun closed his eyes and fell to the floor. His heart was beating faster and it wasn't beating at all at the same time. His chest was tight, but still he felt like everything inside him would fall out.

He didn't know what he would do if Da Dong was lying to him again.