"Officer, I'm telling you, you've got the story all wrong!" Michelle insisted, shoving the newspaper into the police captain's hands.

"Ladies, what's done is done. We came in and saw Zhan Da Dong, Xiao Lun, and Yan Mei Li dead by the bullets of the same gun that was in Xiao Lun's hands. Case closed." The policeman didn't quite understand people's affiliation with clearing someone's name. The kid was dead - what did it matter?

"Officer, Xiao Lun couldn't smack a fly, much less kill 2 people and himself. There's some part you're not seeing." Hao Li said and the others agreed.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but stalkers can seem like the most normal human beings."

"But it doesn't make any sense! We were with Xiao Lun and we saw Da Dong stumbling around with Mei Li." Michelle snapped.

"My duty is to protect the citizens, Ma'am. Not the dead."

"Captain!" Another officer appeared and Michelle shrank back into the group. He approached the chief. "We found this going through Zhan Da Dong's pockets." The captain held the evidence in his hand and gave a hard sigh. He looked at the girls. "I guess you were right." He turned it over to show them. Their eyes widened and they gasped.

It was a photograph of Xiao Lun and Da Dong kissing in the hallway.

The article of Xiao Lun, Da Dong, and Mei Li's death was republished with the correct information, classifying Mei Li as the blackmailer she was.

The school held a memorial for them. For Xiao Lun and Da Dong, there were many mourners all over the school. For Mei Li, only a select few of her family could overlook how horrible a person she died as.

Shen Qi arrived at the burial site of the rock - the last time he had seen Xiao Lun and Da Dong together. He had made a crude sign, but stuck it in the ground nonetheless.

Xiao Lun + Da Dong

Liu Xin + Dong Xian

Rest in Eternal Peace,

Kind Souls.

I really think you guys should look up the story of Emperor Ai (Liu Xin) and Dong Xian. I find it really cute. I wish somebody would write a story like that. And if you don't realize it, Liu Xin and Dong Xian were the General and King Teacher was talking about in the scene when Xiao Lun was designing a gift for Lu Xu. It's amazing all the work the Taiwanese put into their shows. Hope you enjoyed! Please review!