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but Siriusly...

Last Chapter: "Well," I said looking around. "Sirius and Melania just started dating about an hour ago. And James and I have been going out since the new year!"

"Well now we're all happy again!" Sirius declared merrily.

We all laughed.

"So," James said after sitting in silence for a few minutes. "What now?"

Sirius' face lit up, "I know! Let's play Truth or Dare!"

A smile crossed all our faces.

"Grab the glasses," James said as we all settled down in a circle.

FOOLED YOU AGAIN! HAHA. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist

But now..the main attraction. Drumroll please...

Chapter 22: Sirius' Speech

"I remember the day we first met Lily." Sirius said grinning. He was dressed up in a tux and he held a glass of champagne in his hand. Mel had cleaned him up nicely. And I was glad, I don't know what I'd do if the best man had shown up looking like a train-wreck.

Sirius continued on, "James here immediately fell for her. I remember it clearly 'Mate! Look at the angel sitting over there!' He was doomed, and at such an early age too. But the feelings were not mutual. Oh no they were not. Poor Lily became a victim of the famous Marauder's pranking. And we wondered why she hated us...all except Remus of course. He was a prefect. Anyway back to my story, any boyfriend Lily had, or any guy she was seen walking with, usually met a load of Dung-bombs in his near future. Courtesy of everyone's favorite Marauders. Oh yeah, we got the lot of them. And Lily herself. Oh how many times did we prank her? Too many to count. But as you can see, Lily clearly fell under the Potter Charm eventually. Otherwise we would not be here today. Oh seventh year, when there two ickle kids got their love on. Ahh I remember it like it was only a couple of months ago. Oh wait...it was. How I remember the day Lily finally said yes. I remember it so well because she said the funniest little thing. 314th Time's The Charm."

He looked over to me and I smiled. He could tell the story if he wanted to..and from the looks of it, he wanted to tell the story.

"She had counted every single time James asked her out. It was 314 times, for the record. Yeah, she hated him from the start. You can tell...NOT!"

Everyone laughed including Sirius himself.

"But siriusly guys," Sirius said as everyone laughed at his horrible pun. "It doesn't matter when Lily here finally admitted that she so obviously fancied James. It just matters that she did admit it. The one issue was James' arrogance level after she said yes. To say that he was annoying, an understatement. He was so cocky and I-can-do-anything-because-Lily-Evans-is-my-girlfriend. Lucky we had Lily to put him in his place."

James smiled and put an arm around me. He whispered in my ear, "Well it was the impossible..at the time"

I smiled and listened to Sirius continue on.

"Well, at this point, I'm done with what I had planned. But honestly, I feel like my speech has been too short. So I'm going to tell some stories about the pair of them. Embarrassing and not. We'll start with James' obsession over Lily. First I have to explain Lily-Land. It is this magical place James goes where it's all Lily all the time. No one knows what about Lily is there but it is Lily. Sometimes James stares off into space and we lose him in Lily-Land. It just happens and you can't stop it. So one night in...fifth year.. James was off in Lily-Land. The rest of the Marauders sat by and watched as James went into a dream-like state. Then he started mumbling about how the color of Lily's hair made his heart race and how her eyes made his stomach get butterflies. Now we were in fifth year, so naturally, it was the funniest thing we had ever seen James do. Well...not really but it was pretty funny."

"Then in sixth year when all hope seemed lost, Remus, Peter and I decided it was time for James to get someone special in his life. And at this point, Lily was a lost cause. So we set him up with girl after girl after girl. It's not like no one liked him. There were girls following him from class to class. Now I had my fair share of girls too...but that's another story for another time. So yes, James Potter was popular. But our dear James found a way to screw up every single date. Do you know how many girls he called Lily? And how many dates he dragged around stalking Lily with her date? Then there were the times where he didn't show up at all. Merlin, he was impossible. But anyone could tell, James loved Lily. And that's when things started to go downhill...for Lily of course. As I mentioned any guy Lily talked to was pranked. The pranks then turned into hexes in the sixth year. James was running out of time. Boys were scared to talk to Lily. Some kids would avoid even looking at her. Just more reasons for Lily to hate James! Yeah, at this point, whenever James would come to talk to her, she'd book it down the next corridor. Young love..."

"Anyway I believe everyone is sick of hearing me talk. And I really do apologize, I'll be wrapping up shortly. But for the record after dinner, if anyone wants to hear some great stories, come sit with me! I've got seven years worth! And I believe tonight will be the night where I finally reveal to the young couple the juicy details of the closet dare. No one else can know! Sorry but that's just the way it works!"

Everyone boo-ed. I looked at James, what had we done in the closet so long ago? I looked at Sirius again who was getting ready to wrap it up.

"So as you can tell, from the very start our dear James was in love with Lily. I'm really happy for you two. You two make a great couple and two very great friends. I hope that we'll have many more stories to create over the coming years. And let the record state, that I better be the godfather when you have a kid! And don't laugh, I'm serious!"

Everyone laughed. Sirius looked around confused until he realized he used the pun again. He smiled.

Still laughing gently Sirius raised his glass and said, "To Mr and Mrs Potter!"

Everyone chanted "Mr and Mrs Potter!" and took a sip from their glass.

I raised my glass up to my lips and took a sip. The bubbles filled my mouth as Sirius' words echoed through my ears.

Mrs Potter. Mrs Lily Marie Potter. The wife of James Harold Potter. Lily Potter.

Yeah, I could get used to that.

the end

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