A Spot of Tea
By: Manna


Prompt: "Tea parties."

Nine-year-old Mist gave Rolf a pitiful yet hopeful look. Its intent was to convince him to do something he didn't want to do.

He crossed his arms over his chest and stuck his nose into the air. "No."

"But Rolf," she pleaded. "Everyone else is too busy. Five minutes, that's all!"

He lowered his arms and he knew he was had. "Only five minutes?"

"Or ten," she said cheerfully, gesturing to the thin blanket spread out over the grass.

He grumbled as he sat down, "Tea is for sissies."

"If Gatrie heard you say that, he'd be sad…" Mist managed to look appropriately disappointed in her younger friend. "Besides, there are sandwiches, too!"

Rolf flopped down cross-legged on the ragged blanket and after a moment of hesitation, picked up a teacup before thrusting it at his hostess. "A spot of tea," he demanded, though he tried to sound proper about it.

Mist tilted her head to the side and stared at him.

"Please," he added.

"Of course!" She cheerfully poured him a cup of tea and then gave herself some. It probably was a bit weak, and the sugar cubes weren't the freshest, but…

They sipped their tea in silence for a few minutes before Mist spotted someone walking nearby.

"Oh!" she said, standing up. "It's Shinon! Maybe he'll join us! Shinon!"

"You've got to be kidding me!" Rolf sighed, staring down into his cup. "Mist, he'll never agree to a tea party!"

"You did," she pointed out.

And Rolf was forced to remind himself that he had, indeed, been roped into participating. Shinon would never teach him how to shoot a bow after this. Maybe Oscar would teach him to cook…

"What." Shinon didn't ask many questions. In fact, most of his questions were statements. The man almost looked like he was in a good mood—at least from where Rolf sat.

"We're having tea!" Mist said cheerfully. She held up a sandwich. "And food!"

If the archer wanted to turn and run the other way, he didn't. In fact, his expression appeared thoughtful. "Food."

"Cheese sandwiches," Mist said. "But it's fresh, at least." She took a huge mouthful, and then spoke around the food. "And good."

"That's unladylike." And then, a moment later, "Give me a sandwich."

Mist tilted her head at him.

"Just give him the sandwich, Mist," Rolf said.

Mist ignored him.

Shinon stared her down.

Two minutes later, Shinon caved. "I would like a sandwich."

Rolf sighed.

Much better. Mist beamed. "Enjoy your food!" she said, and held up her teapot. "Would you like a refreshing drink to go with your sandwich?"

"Mist, he doesn't want any tea!"

"Shut up and drink your damned tea," Shinon snapped before he crammed his newly acquired sandwich down his throat and held out his cup for some refreshment.

Rolf noticed that the man's pinky finger was extended. He wondered at it. It was probably a cool trick of a master archer, and he would not miss out.

Maybe, he thought, only real men drank tea. (It would take a manly man to drink tea and still look manly while doing it.) He downed his drink and held out his cup for more, to Mist's absolute delight, making certain his pinky was extended, too.

"More tea, please!" he said cheerfully, reaching for another sandwich.


Author Notes:

Unwarranted FF7 reference? Check. Prompt filled for FE Fest? Check. Mist's got the power.