uSay Good Night
By: Manna


Prompt: "Say good night, not goodbye."

Her face was illuminated only by the dim glow of a candle. Eliwood paused for a moment as he watched her sleep, thankful that she found peace in those moments, those snatches of time that passed by when pain did not hinder her.

The soft, lined skin of her face was pale, and he took a moment to brush her bangs aside before pressing a soft kiss against her forehead.

He had known when he married her that her life would not be a long one, and yet…he felt that eternity itself would be far too short if he spent it with her.

"Eliwood," she murmured. She touched his hand carefully, brought it to her lips and kissed his knuckles.

"I just wanted to bid you good night," he told her, petting her hair and tucking the blankets around her small shoulders. "Are you warm enough? Comfortable enough?"

"I am." Her smile was wobbly, but Ninian never lied, and so he forced himself to return her smile tenfold.

"Okay." His voice was nothing more than a murmur. He pressed his lips against her cheek, and lingered for a moment, his thumb brushing against her jaw. "Good night, Ninian," he said, and he meant a thousand other things, like I love you, and Don't leave me, but not Goodbye. Never Goodbye.

There was a sudden spark in her eyes that faded almost as quickly as it had come when she sighed and settled down, but she gave his hand a gentle squeeze, and her lips curled into a small smile, "I shan't leave you yet," she whispered as he leaned over her to blow out the stub that remained of their candle, and as the candle's flame faded into nothingness, so too did Ninian's voice. "Good night, my Eliwood…"


Okay, this was pretty fun to write. For FE Fest over at LJ.