First chapter.

How the hell did this happen? Honestly. Sakura sat alone on the hard cold asphalt in the alley behind an abandoned bar. Pink hair cut short and dressed all in black, she had adapted to the times. She had too. Soot blackened her pale skin and her emerald eyes had a fevered look. It had been...what...6 months since this shit began?

"Damn." Sakura hissed as she wrapped her bleeding arm with a dirty strip of linen. There was nothing else but she was reluctant to use her short supply of water to clean in better so it had to do. She tied off the makeshift tourniquet and sighed resting her head back against the crumbling brick sweat thick on her skin. Her hoodie protected her from the cold dry weather that had over taken the world since this disaster began.

"I can't believe this all started with a tainted hamburger. I knew McDonald's would destroy humanity but who could have imagined it would be like this?" Sakura grumbled. Her stomach ached with hunger, food was scarce here. No matter if you were dead or alive.

Sakura heard a sound. A shuffling gait that had her hackles up. Silently she stood and picked up her father's rifle she had converted to semi automatic. Thank you internet. She edged to the corner, facing the open, empty, trashed streets of Tokyo. She held her rifle ready and closed her eyes listening hard. She thanked her stars everyday her father had taught her how to hunt and handle a gun. It saved her life. Even if it didn't save his.

She was very quiet. Any sound she made could attract its attention. She heard a wet ripping sound and the splash blood hitting the ground. Seems like someone found something to eat. A low guttural growl met Sakura's ears and she knew exactly where it was in relation to her. She swung around the corner, levelled the barrel and shot the rotting corpse in the head. The bullet punched a fist size whole in the skull and splattered grey brain matter on the walk. The festering, sore covered body dropped. Sakura glanced at its contorted face, checking if it was anyone she had known and shrugged when she saw it wasn't.

That's right. Zombies. It was the Zombie Apocalypse and she was the only person alive. Or at least she thought she was. She hadn't seen another living human being in about four months. And that last lady Sakura had seen? She had been bitten and on the verge of the change. Sakura spared her that pain.

Sakura looked at what the dead thing had been eating. It was a rabbit.

"Aw man, I could have eaten that. Shit, just five feet away." She whined and walked over to the dismembered animal. "Damn." Then she saw it was female...a female rabbit was never far from a male...excellent. Sakura smirked and took the large ammunition from the rifle and replaced it with smaller, lighter weight ammunition. She waited and looked.

There, 50 feet away, a rabbit stood on its hind legs looking the other way, sniffing the air. Sakuras' smirk turned into a full out grin as she once more raised her rifle and took aim, this time using the scope and crosshairs. The damn thing was so small! She pulled the trigger and felt something slam into her arm. Her shot went wide and the rabbit took off. But that was the least of her worries. Another Zombie that looked to be the brother of the one she just killed grinned at her, his tongue lolling out and a hiss escaped its lungs. Sakura was lucky it had only hit her and had not bitten her. She didn't know if she was immune or not. And she wasn't about to test it and find out. With a yell she dodged the next swipe at her and she rolled, switching her grip on the rifle to hold it by the barrel. The great thing about that they were rotting corpses. That made their bones really easy to break. She swung the rifle and clubbed the things legs with the butt of the gun. She heard bone crack and the thing went down with the scream of a drowning man. She jumped up and swung the rifle again, this time smashing it down on its head, smashing its skull and brain completely. Panting she looked around and saw that her dinner had taken off.

"Ah fuck it all!" She yelled stomping her foot in frustration. She was hungry damn it. Sighing again she slung the rifle over her shoulder and quickly began running away from the scene. With all that noise...the undead would be swarming the area in a matter of minutes.


She had lived a very nice life. Loving parents, a daddy's girl with a kick ass older brother. But that was all torn to pieces that day six months ago. She had been walking home from a friend's house happy and naive. Her father had asked her to go hunting with him the day before but she had declined. She was almost 18, she wanted a boyfriend and have fun, no guy wanted a girl who could kill a ten point buck and skin it in less than an hour. So over the summer she had packed away all her tomboy clothes and bought new, more feminine clothing and makeup, growing her hair out long and luxurious.

Oh, who she would kill a second time to get those days back.

Sakura scowled and pulled herself back the present. Those days were gone. She was alone now. Sakura stared into the new flames of the small fire she built on the third floor of a gutted building, sheltered in a corner formed by two remaining walls. The dead couldn't climb well so she was relatively safe here and they couldn't smell or see so her fire wouldn't give her away to anyone but the living. She pocketed the magnifying lens she kept for setting things on fire into its pocket in her shoulder bag. Unzipping the bigger pocket she pulled out a slightly worn blanket and wrapped it around her. As the sun went down so did the temperature. She built the fire up and set up a camping pot hung on a hook over the fire. She had found a well where the water was still clean and refilled her numerous water bottles and water skins. She was careful to always have water because there would be times she would go days even a week or two without seeing a fresh water source. She had taken some extra in the pot and placed it over the fire to boil. She then shrugged her sweater and began to unwind the dirty bandage on her arm. She hissed as the caked on dirt and dried blood pulled her skin. She tossed the bandage down and took out a face towel; dipping it into the boiling water she began to bathe her wound. It was a nasty scratch she had gotten from an especially quick zombie she hadn't seemed to get along with terribly well. Three long tears in her skin were red with the early signs of infection and inflamed.

"Damn it." She dabbed the cloth against the wound gritting her teeth against the pain as she cleaned it. Tying it to her arm to let the wound soak he tossed the dirty bandage into the boiling water to clean it as well. She got to work pulling out her precious needle and thread and began sewing the ripped cloth of her sweater. She only had this and another change of pants and shirt. She had to take care of them. Over the six months Sakura had seen her skills in cooking and sewing grow exponentially. Speaking of food… she placed the sweater down and dug through her back pack. She had come across an abandoned superstore. The generators they had were phenomenal since they still worked. Sakura had taken a few more bottles of water and the backpack she had now before raiding the food. A second shoulder bag that went across her chest was packed with non-perishables which were all that was left after six months. She chose one of many packets of dried soup and ripped open the top she took the water off the fire and took out the bandage, which was significantly cleaner now, and laid it on the backpack to dry. She dumped the water over the side of the building three stories down and refilled it setting it over the fire once more and adding the soup mix. She settled down and prepared to wait the night out once more.

"When is this going to end?" she whispered.


"What the hell?" Sakura came to a stop a few days later. She had walked steadily through the city. It was taking longer than it would have seemed. All forms of transportation were either non functional or had been taken by other survivors to whatever safety they could find. The scene in front of her now was…what? A hoard of Zombies was in front of her. Oh, they were dead…again. Each one of them was definitely dead what with the bullet holes in their foreheads, heads lying a few feet away from their bodies. She walked into the scene and began prodding a decapitated corpse who was also missing an arm with the barrel of her rifle. Impressive.

"So," she said with a smirk, "I guess I'm not alone out here."

End of chapter

NG: Haha welcome to my new fanfic. Why did I start this? No idea. I read an awesome zombie fanfic recently and I was inspired. But I would like to point out this is NOT A COPY. I don't plagiarize hmph. In fact here's the story that inspired me and you can see I did not copy XP.