Welcome to Hell


My life was destroyed that day when the world went to hell. I lost everything and everyone I loved. I killed them with my own hands. Then I fled, I hid, terrified in the forests of my childhood. I was haunted those long months, by memories and screams of the dead and dying. I came across humans in those woods now and then. Some of them could have even been friends in another life if my selfish self of the days of old put down her pride long enough to talk to them. In the end I had to kill them when they didn't survive the bites or died of other wounds or exposure.

I lived off the skills taught to me by my father, both my fathers since Kakashi became one of sorts. When I went into that city after all that time being alone, I was really just running away. Away from the memories that hurt me and ghosts of those I couldn't save.

That's why, when I met them. I was saved. I would have died by my self; I would have given in to the temptation. They gave me something to live for. Something to die for.

Traveling with Naruto, Kakashi and Sasuke, I found myself again. I found him. It wasn't until the three had been released from isolation I knew how much I saved them in turn. I brought new light to the bleak world we found ourselves trapped in. Kakashi told me one night by the fire in his house, after the others fell asleep by their beers and Kakashi and I were finishing up a card game. I wasn't going to lose for nothing, not to that old geezer. I told him so too.

Kakashi laughed at that, laughed in a way that I had never heard from him before. Free and without care. This is probably how he sounded before the Disaster, before he lost it all, before the fear and anxiety that came with survival.

I lost the game, spectacularly to. But I went to sleep with Sasuke by my side that night with a sense of what I had gained from that tragedy. I gained friends who would stay by my side no matter what the world threw at us. And when the happy times came, like the birth of my daughter, they were there too with smiles on their faces and laughs hugs and tears. We were a family, albeit a strange one, but a true one.

That family got bigger when Naruto announced he and Hinata were going to get married. Neji's spit take was a moment to remember and Ino howled in laughter. I don't regret anything any more. But I know Sasuke still does. That's the person he is. He regrets his mother; father and brother weren't around to meet me and our children. He regretted not protecting me in that warehouse, he regretted giving up. I forgave him for that, as he forgave me for leaving them behind.

That day when they were released from the isolation rooms, Naruto's cry woke me up from where I had camped out in the lobby and Kakashi had to pry him of me before he tussled my hair with a tear in his eye. I never cried so hard. I didn't know I had seen him as a father figure until I thought he had left me for good. Ino was there with me the entire time, she didn't leave my side. I didn't have to tell her I forgave her for what she had said, and she knew I didn't have to say anything to understand me. I gained a sister that day and I asked no one else to be my maid of honor.

When I saw Sasuke again, after he came out. It was like time stopped for the both of us. We just looked at each other, I was barley aware of Ino and Kakashi discretely dragging Naruto away with their hands over his mouth.

'Hola' I said and he grinned and that was all it took. I was in his arms kissing him and he was holding me tight and I knew I was home.

It's ironic don't you think? Losing everything and surviving hell, only to find salvation at the other end of a gun, pointed directly at my head.

Welcome to Hell everybody. Please don't die. Because you never know what you'll find.

The End



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