Two months (Pandora months. Are they different than earth months?) had passed since the humans that had invaded the Na'vi inhabited world.

The Na'vi tribe that had inhabited the now destroyed Hometree had went off to live near the seas of Pandora (that's what some guy told me will happen in the sequel).

Also Jake, the now permanent Na'vi body, and Hometree tribe leaders love for his mate Neytiri, had only grown more over these two months.

Sometimes at night the pair of tall, blue, catlike aliens would go off to a small island that was a short swim away from shore and enjoy the wondrous view of the planet when it lit itself up at night, or just gaze at the stars. Either way, every moment Jake and Neytiri were with eachother was a wonderous and magical moment for both of them.

They'd even "ponytail" on that little island sometimes

Yet we all know where...In this case "ponytailing" leads to.

Are favorite hott, sexy, ten foot tall, blue, catlike alien, was about to have a couple alien kittens inside her body

Ya, I'm going to try this again.

And before you ask, yes she'll be pregnant with twins.

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